The Book of Dog

The Book of Dog

by Lark Benobi


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It’s the night of the Yellow Puff-Ball Mushroom Cloud and a mysterious yellow fog is making its way across the world, sowing chaos in its path. Mt. Fuji has erupted. The Euphrates has run dry. In America the White House is under attack by giant bears, the President is missing, and the Vice President has turned into a Bichon Frise. It’s Apocalypse Time, my friends. Soon the Beast will rise. And six unlikely women must make the perilous journey to the Pit of Nethalem, where they will stop the Beast from fulfilling its evil purpose, or die trying.

Lark Benobi’s The Book of Dog is a tale of politics, religion, demon possession, motherhood, love, betrayal, and easy-going bestiality. It’s a contemporary Candide with a dollop of Animal Farm and a dash of Metamorphosis thrown in. A ridiculously plausible story set in one possible near-future, it wryly explores how even the most insignificant of people, when working together, can change the world.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780999654613
Publisher: Vegetablian Press
Publication date: 09/06/2018
Pages: 236
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.54(d)

About the Author

Lark Benobi is also author of the novel After by Claire Tristram (Farrar, Straus & Giroux). She lives in Santa Cruz, California.

Table of Contents


Prologue: The Ballad at the End of Time

Book One: The Night of the Yellow Puff-Ball Mushroom Cloud

In the Beginning 5

Mary Mbwembwe Says Good-Bye to a Very Old Friend 7

Josefina Guzman Meets a Suspicious Fox 11

Stella Steals Some Kitchen Shears 15

Margie Peach Follows a Giddy, Blood-Lust Scent 19

Major Eureka Yamanaka Does Her Duty 25

Wanda Lubiejewski Learns the True Meaning of the Word “Homewrecker” 29

Book Two: Therianthropy

Margie Peach Learns All About “Agent-T” 37

Josefina Guzman Disturbs a Perfectly Round White Stone 47

Stella Buys a Pack of Hostess Donettes 51

Wanda Lubiejewski’s Daughter Grows Up 59

A Prayer of Thanksgiving 63

Book Three: Signals & Signs

Major Eureka Yamanaka Ponders Acts of God 75

Mary Mbwembwe Meets Margie Peach and Does Not Know Her 79

A Cry of Triumph 83

Josefina Guzman Watches ‘Noticiero Telemundo’ 91

Book Four: Collapse & Confusion

Stella Acquires a Pocket-Sized Pink Bible, and a Cat 99

Margie Peach Gets to Know Her Pack 105

Making Friends in Time of Turmoil 111

Major Eureka Yamanaka Catches a Glimpse of Josefina Guzman 113

Mary Mbwembwe and Stella are Attacked by a Bird, or Maybe a Celestial Being 119

Book Five: To the Abyss

Mary Mbwembwe Draws on the Lessons of Her Past 125

Wanda Lubiejewski Witnesses the Apocalypse from a Bear’s Perspective 127

Fight Every Which Way You Can 131

The Chocolate-Colored Lab Makes a Surprising First Impression 139

Stella Meets and Old Friend in Unexpected Circumstances 145

People Carrying Flashlights 149

Book Six: The Land of Nethalem

The Second Coming of Mary Mbwembwe 157

A Procession of Beasts 159

A Crow Comes to Josefina Guzman 165

Josefina Guzman Rescues Wanda Lubiejewski from Her Wandering 167

Why the Condor was Late 175

Take Away the Stone 181

The Coming of the Beast 187

Kitchen Shears 191

The End of the World 201

Book Seven: Beginnings

Parthenogenesis, Perhaps 207

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