The Book of Herb Spells

The Book of Herb Spells

by Cheralyn Darcey

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Herbs can heal, comfort and nourish and they hold ancient energies that people have used throughout time to create magick spells. This same magickal power in nature is yours to explore with everyday sacred herbs so that you may also facilitate change and find the support and inspiration you are seeking. Along with 60 sacred herb spells from Cheralyn Darcey's personal nature grimoire, The Book of Herb Spells features spellcasting and spellcrafting basics, magickal gardening, supply sourcing and dedicated lessons on how to write and cast your own spells. To complete your treasury of herb nature magick, a beautifully illustrated personal grimoire journal section is provided to keep your own bespoke herbs spells.

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Publication date: 03/16/2018
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About the Author

Cheralyn Darcey is a botanical alchemist, organic gardener, independent natural history scholar, artist, educator and the author of several books and oracle decks of nature magick, folklore, witchcraft and ethnobotanical traditions. Inspired by her pagan family upbringing and her passion for nature and magick, her work focuses on the spiritual, cultural, therapeutic and physical connections between humans and plants.Her publications include three flower reading oracle decks which bring the Language of Flowers through the Doctrine of Signatures alive: ‘The Australian Wildflower Reading Cards’, ‘Flower Reading Cards’, ‘Flowers of the Night Oracle’. A flower affirmation deck for daily guidance: ‘Flower Petals’. Two Australian Wildflower mandala style colouring books: Florasphere Calm and ‘Florasphere Inspire’. Her book ‘Flowerpaedia, 1,000 flowers and their meanings’ presents a language translator for the Language of Flowers complete with correspondence lists to find flowers to match sentiments, ritual use and occasions.

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What Is a Spell and How Does It Work?

A spell is a combination of ingredients, tools, actions and focus, which come together energetically to create change. Timings (when you cast your spell) can also be observed to ensure added power. These timings can be Moon or astrological phases, seasonal times and also correspondences that connect with days of the week or hours of the day or night.


I have included simple and broad timings in this book, which include Moon Phase, Day of the Week and Time of the Day. You can observe these to give your spell work a boost because working in line with the time of Nature is working in synchronicity with what is going on around you and provides stronger focus for your intentions.

Moon Phases

» Waxing: new projects, beginnings, growth » Full: empowerment, healing, attainment » Waning: banishing, cleansing, letting go » New: divination, revelations

Day of the Week

» Monday: home, family, dreams, emotions, female energies, gardens, medicine, psychic development, travel

» Tuesday: courage, strength, politics, conflict, lust, endurance, competition, surgical procedures, sports, masculine energies

» Wednesday: communication, divination, self-improvement, teaching, inspiration, study, learning

» Thursday: luck, finances, legal matters, desires, honour, accomplishments, prosperity, material gain

» Friday: friendship, pleasure, art, music, social activities, comfort, sensuality, romance

» Saturday: life, protection, self-discipline, freedom, wisdom, goals, reincarnation

» Sunday: spirituality, power, healing, individuality, hope, healing, professional success, business

Time of the Day

» Dawn: beginnings, awakening, cleansing, new ideas, change, love

» Morning: growth, home, gardening, finances, harmony, generosity

» Midday: health, willpower physical energy, intellect

» Afternoon: communication, business, clarity

» Dusk/Twilight: reduction, change, receptiveness

» Night: pleasure, joy, socialising, gatherings, play

» Midnight: endings, release, recuperation


The ingredients you gather to create the spell will have correspondences to your intention. In a way, they illustrate what it is that you want to happen. They will support the things you wish to happen because they have similar meanings and energies. These meanings and energies may also assist you in removing something. These correspondences are important because they also help us find substitute ingredients for our spells when what is prescribed is not available. I will give you my suggestions with each spell.


Tools are additional items that you can use to help you create your spell. These are just a few examples of tools used in spellcrafting and casting:

» cloths to set your spell up on (usually in colours which align with the energy of the spell)

» wands and staffs to direct and enhance energies

» divination tools such as tarot and oracle cards, crystal balls, pendulums and runes to provide clarity

» drums and bells (musical instruments and music express your intentions)

» practical items such as glasses, cups, vases, bowls and cutting tools.

The way you put a spell together, the words you may recite, the things you actually do to cast your spell, are the actions that bring it all together. These focus your intention, put you squarely in the path of the outcome and strengthen the relationship between the energies of the ingredients and the tools you are using. The combination of all these things raises the energy for magick to happen.


Not many things in life work all the time. External factors influence them; maybe they are not put together properly; sometimes it is just not meant to be. I'm sitting here writing my book for you on my laptop. I love my little computer, but it's rather clunky at times and has had its moments. It closes down for no apparent reason, loses files, can't be bothered accepting my Airdrops and decides I need to look at all the files with a certain keyword except the one I want. It appears to have a mind of its own.

You cannot change another person's free will and this is also why spells do not work at times. Perhaps the consequence of the spell will adversely affect another or counter their stronger will, which you might not even be aware of. Another reason a spell may not work is because other energies have greater strength at that moment or they may in fact be leading you to a better eventual outcome.

Spells work because the person creating and casting them fully believes in what they are doing and has a strong, focussed intention with a good connection to the energies of their spell and the outcome. While perhaps changing things for personal benefit, the outcome is still generally in keeping with a good outcome for all involved without forcibly changing anyone's free will.


When you are using the spells in this book, please ensure you do so safely – and by this I don't just mean keeping burning candles attended to. Working with energies to create magick requires you to take responsibility for what you are doing, for yourself and the world you live in. There are many ways you can do this, just as there are many ways of life and beliefs with their own rituals, which ensure safety and power in spellcasting.

Most safety measures include a way to protect yourself and those around you. A way to mark the beginning of the spell or opening the space comes next. There will be words, meditation, music, chants or actions, which will help you focus on the task at hand, and then there will be a way to release the energy, perhaps give thanks and to close the space.

This is a simple and safe way to cast a spell.

Protect and Open

Before you can begin it's important to establish protection from negative energies. There are various ways you can achieve this, but whatever way you use make sure you always protect yourself before casting. You may wish to use a smudging method, by burning sage or other plants, or by spraying the room with a smudging mist. You can also visualise or draw a circle around you and your spell with your finger in the air, then fill your circle with white light.

If you are aligned with certain deities, elementals or guides, you may wish to ask for their assistance in providing protections. A very simple and effective protection method is to light a white candle while visualising the light cleansing, clearing and protecting you.

Focus Intention

Sit or stand still for a long moment and imagine your outcome. Really see it in your mind and complete your picture with exact times, places and events. You may like, at this time before you cast your spell, to write down your intention and say it out loud to get yourself fully focussed and your energy aligned with what it is you are about to create.

Cast Spell

In each of the flower spells I have shared with you, I have set out very specific steps to create your spell and I have explained why I've used these steps. In the final section, I've provided instruction on creating your own spells. Casting your spell is simply what you do to make the spell happen. While casting your spell, you must maintain your focus on your intention.

Release, Close and Ground

Once you have completed your spell, you will need to release the power you have raised in creating it. I will provide a way to release the spell, for each spell I share with you, but you can also simply say: 'I release the power I have raised' or 'It is done' or by putting out your white candle if lit.

Grounding is the way you bring yourself back from your spellcasting time. Clapping your hands, ringing a bell or placing your bare feet or hands on the earth, are all ways to ground yourself.


You may wish to create a bath, an essence, a tea, a mandala, in fact anything at all which will be in itself an action related to the energy of the spell. Items required for this should be aligned with your outcome. These are usually called Correspondences or Magickal Correspondences. I would suggest that to expand your knowledge in areas that you do not have experience with, you seek out resources that specialise in the item you are wishing to include such as Astrological, Crystal, Colour and so on. Following is a beginning list of such correspondences to get you started:


You can use colour in cloth, candles, flowers, additional ingredients and other tools, to set your spell upon.

» Red: passion, power, strength, courage, renewal, health, motivation, self-esteem, confrontation, ambition, challenge, purchases

» Pink: healing, calming, emotions, harmony, compassion, self-love, romance, relaxation, new beginnings, partnerships

» Orange: opportunities, legal matters, obstacles, abundance, gain, power, happiness

» Yellow: friendship, returns, productivity, creativity, education, healing

» Green: wellness, new beginnings, marriage, home, planning, peace, harmony, birth, rebirth, fertility, affection, luck, change, creativity, socialising

» Blue: self-improvement, opportunity, charity, study, growth, travel, insight, patience, meditation, sports, religion, social standing, expansion, higher education, wisdom

» Brown: focus, lost items, grounding, harvest, security, generosity, endurance

» Violet: psychic growth, divination, spiritual development, self-improvement

» Purple: spirit, ambition, protection, healing, intuition, business, occultism

» White: protection, safety, transformation, enlightenment, connection to higher self, becoming more outgoing, relieving shyness, the cycle of life, freedom, health, initiation

» Black: divination, rebirth, material gain, discoveries, truth, sacrifice, protection, creation, death, karma, absorbing energies, binding, neutralisng, debts, separation.


The addition of whole pieces of crystal, tumble stones, balls and jewellery can add specific energies to your spells. Not all crystals are suitable for all types of spells – some are not safe when they come in contact with items you use for consumption, or topically.

You will need to check the properties of the crystals before you create your spells. A reliable, specialised crystal-usage resource is advisable. Below is a basic summary of crystals and their properties:

» Agate: courage, longevity, love, protection, healing, self-confidence

» Agate, Black: success, courage

» Agate, Black and White: physical protection

» Agate, Blue Lace: peace, consciousness, trust, self-expression

» Agate, Green Moss: healing, longevity, gardening, harmony, abundance

» Amazonite: creativity, unity, success, thought process

» Amber: protection, luck, health, calming, humour, spell breaker, manifestation

» Amethyst: peace, love, protection, courage, happiness, psychic protection

» Apache Tear: protection from negative energies, grief, danger, forgiveness

» Apatite: control, communication, coordination

» Aquamarine: calm, strength, control, fears, tension relief, thought processes

» Aventurine: independence, money, career, sight, intellect, sport, leadership

» Azurite: divination, healing, illusions, communication, psychic development

» Bloodstone: healing, business, strength, power, legal matters, obstacles

» Calcite: purification, money, energy, spirituality, happiness

» Carnelian: courage, sexual energy, fear, sorrow release, action, motivation

» Chalcedony: emotions, honesty, optimism

» Chrysocolla: creativity, female energies, communication, wisdom

» Citrine: detox, abundance, regeneration, cleansing, clarity, initiative

» Dioptase: love attracter, prosperity, health, relaxation

» Emerald: wealth, protection, intellect, artistic talent, tranquility, memory

» Epidote: emotional healing, spirituality

» Fluorite: study, intellect, comprehension, balance, concentration

» Garnet: protection, strength, movement, confidence, devotion

» Gold: power, success, healing, purification, honour, masculine energy

» Hematite: divination, common sense, grounding, reasoning, relationships

» Herkimer Diamond: tension-soothing, sleep, rest, power-booster

» Iolite: soul connection, visions, discord release

» Jade: justice, wisdom, courage, modesty, charity, dreams, harmony

» Jasper: healing, health, beauty, nurturing, travel

» Jet: finances, anti-nightmares, divination, health, luck, calms fears

» Kunzite: addiction, maturity, security, divinity

» Kyanite: dreams, creativity, vocalisation, clarity, serenity, channelling

» Labradorite: destiny, elements

» Lapis Lazuli: love, fidelity, joy, healing, psychic development, inner truth

» Larimar: confidence, depression, serenity, energy balance

» Malachite: money, sleep, travel, protection, business

» Moldavite: changes, transformation, life purpose

» Moonstone: youth, habits, divination, love, protection, friends

» Obsidian: grounding, production, peace, divination

» Onyx: stress, grief, marriage, anti-nightmares, self-control

» Opal: beauty, luck, power, money, astral projection

» Pearl: faith, integrity, innocence, sincerity, luck, money, love

» Peridot: wealth, stress, fear, guilt, personal growth, health

» Prehnite: chakras, relationships

» Pyrite: memory, focus, divination, luck

» Quartz, Clear: protection, healing, power, psychic power

» Quartz, Rose: love, peace, happiness, companionship

» Quartz, Smokey: depression, negativity, tension, purification

» Rhodochrosite: new love, peace, energy, mental powers, trauma-healing

» Ruby: wealth, mental balance, joy, power, contentment, intuition

» Sapphire: meditation, protection, power, love, money, wisdom, hope

» Sardonyx: progression, finances, self-protection

» Selenite: decisions, reconciliation, flexibility, clarity

» Silver: stress, travel, invocation, dreams, peace, protection, energy

» Sodalite: wisdom, prophetic dreams, dissipates confusion

» Sugilite: physical healing, heart, wisdom, spirituality

» Sunstone: sexual healing, energy, protection, health

» Tanzanite: magick, insight, awareness

» Tiger's Eye: courage, money, protection, divination, energy, luck

» Topaz: love, money, sleep, prosperity, commitment, calm

» Tourmaline: friendship, business, health, astral projection

» Tourmaline, Black: grounding, protection,

» Tourmaline, Blue: peace, stress relief, clear speech

» Tourmaline, Green: success, creativity, goals, connection with nature

» Tourmaline, Pink: friendship, love, creativity

» Tourmaline, Red: projection, courage, energy

» Turquoise: protection, communication, socialising, health, creative solutions


Your own herb spells can be incredibly powerful because they are so personal. Creating spells from herbs that have special meanings and memories to you, and ones which you feel strong affinity for, can enhance their energy incredibly.

After experiencing and practising some of the Herb Spells from my collection you may like to create your own based on the ways I have shown you, or to explore other practices. Just remember to be respectful, safe and focussed.

At the back of the book I have provided some completely blank journal pages so you can fill them in as you wish.


Tools and magickal ingredients can be obtained from bricks-and-mortar stores and online, but always be guided by your feelings when making purchases from these sellers. Make sure you feel comfortable and positive about these businesses because their energies will transfer. Be aware that anything that comes into your space to use for spell work has no doubt passed through various other hands and should be magickally cleansed. I would do this by placing the items under running water, smudging with smoke or placing them underground in suitable wrapping or a container for a night.

As this is a book of herb spells, you will need to find a way to obtain the herbs. Of course the very best way would be to grow them. In the following chapter I will share some ideas and tips on how to do this, but I know it is not possible for everyone to garden, nor is it possible to grow everything in every place all the time.

I will indicate in which state (fresh or dried) the herbs can be used, but most spells I share in this book use dried herbs. Selecting fresh or dried herbs bound for magickal work should be done with as much care as you give to preparing the food you eat, if not more. Select herbs that look and feel energetically positive and make sure you take fresh herbs home swiftly and look after them. Remove excess foliage that may turn water brown. Use the excess immediately, or dry for later use. Snip stems at an angle to remove any dried ends and immediately place in water to enable them to take a good long fresh drink. Change water completely every two to three days and snip stems if the herbs appear to be drying or collapsing.

You can easily dry most herbs by tying in loose bundles and hanging in a cool, dry space. Single stems can also be dried on racks or pressed, and for those particularly dedicated there are various food dehydrators on the market that work very well. Another popular herb-drying method is the use of silica gel. Herbs are placed in containers layered with the gel in bead form and this dries out flowers over a number of weeks.

Once dry, keep your herbs in a cool, dry place, out of direct sunlight in airtight jars. Label by herb type. You may also like to add place, time or season in which the herb was harvested. Ensure that your herbs are completely dry before bottling or they will grow mold.


Excerpted from "The Book of Herb Spells"
by .
Copyright © 2018 Cheralyn Darcey.
Excerpted by permission of Rockpool Publishing Pty Ltd.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents

How to Use This Book,
SECTION ONE: What Is a Spell and How Does It Work?,
SECTION TWO: A Collection of Herb Spells,
Love, Relationships and Friendship,
Home, Family and Pets,
Study, Career and Money,
Protection, Clearing and Banishment,
Health, Self-Care and Happiness,
Spirituality, Faith and Divination,
SECTION THREE: How to Create Your Own Spells,
Your Herb Spell Journal,
Botanical Meanings,
Image Credits,

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