The Book of James (William James, That Is): Conversations from Beyond

The Book of James (William James, That Is): Conversations from Beyond

by Susy Smith


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Author's description. During her 45 years of research in the psychic field, Susy Smith, founder of the Survival Research Foundation and the Susy Smith Project at the University of Arizona, eventually became convinced she was able to communicate with certain spirits of the dead. The inspiring and informative material in this book about life here and hereafter was received from an entity who told her he was the late Dr. William James, a Harvard professor of psychology and philosophy and first president of the American Society for Psychical Research. Whoever furnished this challenging and exciting information, Miss Smith insists it could not have originated within her own subconscious mind because it includes so much about which she could not have had any knowledge.As an example, James says, "There is no way you can achieve true happiness and peace of mind until you once again return to the old concept of man as a spirit inhabiting a body. Then you can allow yourself to conjecture about the ultimate destiny of this sprit and its reason for existing. When you become aware that the plan of the universe is a perfect plan, and that you are a fundamental aspect of it, you will recognize your worth and that of all others."

Susy Smith is well known as the author of 29 books about the world of the unknown. Beginning 30 years ago as an agnostic newspaper reporter investigating a new and curious field, she has since developed her own psychic abilities to the point that she is now convinced her last two books were channeled through her from wise sources in the spirit world.

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