The Book of Light: 365 Ways to Bring Light into Your Life

The Book of Light: 365 Ways to Bring Light into Your Life

by Mikaela Katherine Jones


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Stressed out by life? Need a little extra comfort, inspiration, and love?

Whether you've lost your way or are just having a bad day, The Book of Light is the ideal pick-me-up, reminding you that you are a magnificent, powerful being of light. You are here to make a positive contribution to the world, and you are deserving of love, joy, and fulfillment.

The Book of Light will help you tune in to and connect with your inner light for direction. The thoughtful passages will help you create more emotional, spiritual, and physical light in your life each day of the year. When read with intention, the affirmations, meditations, visualizations, and practical tips will help you awaken to and stay connected to your true self.

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ISBN-13: 9781573247306
Publisher: Red Wheel/Weiser
Publication date: 03/01/2018
Pages: 256
Sales rank: 294,043
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 5.90(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Mikaela Katherine Jones is an intuitive and a sound healer. She has been studying, practicing, and teaching meditation, hypnotherapy, spiritual empowerment, and New Thought disciplines for over 20 years. Visit her at

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365 Ways to Bring Light into Your Life


Listen to the calm, peaceful voice inside you. It's the voice of your heart, which is the most illuminated voice in your life. Close your eyes, take a few slow, deep breaths, and place your hands on your heart. Ask if it has a message for you in this moment. It may be as simple as a word or a feeling. Surrender and trust it.


Step into yourself. Become the YOU, you always intended to be. You have a beautiful gift to give. What excites you? What lights you up? Follow your joy, and your presence will be a gift to the world.


Call on the angels. Ask for their love and guidance. They are always available to help you. If you ask, you will receive their love and wisdom in their unique, joyful, and often humorous ways.


Take time to relax every day. Honor it as you would an appointment. Listen to some music. Take a walk. Do some deep breathing or roll around on the floor and stretch.


Send love to as many people as you can today. It's easy. Simply think, "I send you love" to everyone you see. Or if you don't physically see them, picture them in your mind's eye and send them a loving thought.


Commit to an art form. Your art may be dancing, singing, or writing. Or it may be raising healthy children with strong self-esteem. It could be saving Mother Earth or helping the homeless. And it may change over time. Whatever it is, commit, and your fulfillment in life will blossom.


Quantum physics shows us that at the deepest level, we are all connected. By choosing to live by your powerful loving light, you bring light to the whole world. Thank you.


Bring natural elements into your home. Plants and flowers will help clean the air and nourish your soul. Save the pinecones, rocks, and shells you find. Add them to your altar or mantel. Adding nature to your surroundings will anchor you with feelings of peace and well-being.


Give up your need to be perfect. As long as you're in your body, you still have things to learn and experience. The goal is not to be perfect, it's to express your light.


Eat dark chocolate. Every day. Yes! Just a square or two. Preferably raw. Chocolate is chock-full of phytonutrients, powerful plant nutrients that improve your mood and boost your energy.


Visualize what you'd like to create in your life. Be specific. Try to feel how it would feel to have it or be it. The energy of exhilaration you conjure through this practice will bring it into reality.


Practice grounding. Place your bare feet upon the grass, dirt, sand, or concrete for some time every day. Whether you walk, sit, or lie upon the earth, you will receive her energy, stabilize your nervous system, and boost your immunity.


The universe will support you in achieving your highest potential. Sometimes it might feel like a hug or look like a high five, sometimes it might feel like a sidestep or look like a scowl. Trust that all the signs are pointing you further down the path of your deepest fulfillment.


Hang a wind chime outside of the room where you spend the most time. The sound of the chime can have a powerful effect on your nervous system. It can help you to think creatively and clearly and soothe and uplift you.


Before you make any important actions or decisions, check in with your higher self, your inner light. Play out the different scenarios in your mind and see which one feels best to you. It may not make the most sense, but if it feels right, trust it.


Make compassion your intention for the day, your intention for your life, your intention for eternity.


Practice toning, the vocalization of a single tone or vowel sound. Toning is an ancient sacred practice for health and awakening. Take a deep breath and on the exhale, sound the vowel "Ah. ..." Hold the tone until you've fully exhaled, then repeat. Try this exercise with all of the vowel sounds to align with the deep vibrations of your soul and spirit.


Practice gratitude. Appreciate all that you've had, all that you have now, all that you are, all that you are becoming, and all that will come to you. Be grateful for all of it. Even the challenges. Something good comes from them, too.


Allow others to have their feelings of anger or pain. Be a witness by creating space for their feelings, but stay centered in your own light without taking on their emotions. Offer a shoulder, a hand, a smile, a hug. Give support, that's usually all that people want.


Have faith that God's future plans for you far exceed your present circumstances. Take comfort in the idea that you are exactly where you need to be at this moment in time.


Expand your vision. When you're working on fulfilling a goal, imagine what it would look like on a larger scale. Do you want to help the homeless in your community? Imagine your organization spreading nationwide. Your vision will help propel you forward. Imagine the possibilities.


Clean house. Commit to taking some time to make your home clean and tidy. Pick up, sweep, or vacuum. Clean the bathroom. Do the dishes. Put fresh sheets on your bed. Cleaning your home will clear the clutter from your mind and make room for inspiration.


Smile as big and as often as you are moved to! You are a beacon of light for others to remember their own capacity for joy. Be a lighthouse.


Honor the Divine Feminine within by embracing your capacity for compassion and deep intuition. Honor this sacred energy, and you will cultivate more creativity, connection, and community in your life.


When you need clarity, take a step back and seek a larger perspective. Take a walk. Go for a hike. Stand on a mountaintop.


Call your loved ones, especially your romantic partner, by their given name at least once a day. Research shows that couples and families who address their loved ones by their name at least once a day have longer-lasting and more fulfilling relationships.


Consume lots of fresh green leafy vegetables. Remember learning about photosynthesis? Or, as I used to think of it, how plants eat light? Dark greens, like kale, spinach, collards, and broccoli are powerhouses of light energy for your body.


Speak up for yourself — even in the smallest of ways. When you speak up for yourself in small ways, you'll find it easier to speak up for yourself in big ways too.


Connect with nature through your sense of touch. Feel the velvet texture of a flower's petals against your cheek. The warm beach sand between your toes. The rough bark of a tree. Physical connection with nature can restore your connection to and strengthen your inner light.


Your time is precious; make it your own. Be intentional with how you spend your days, especially your free time. Don't dwindle it away. Be mindful and focus your time on fulfilling your purpose, expressing your creativity, and nourishing your body and relationships.


You don't need anyone's approval to follow your vision. You are an expression of Divine Light. Your vision is worthy and holy. When you stay focused on this, the naysayers of the world can't keep you from manifesting your dream.


Create a little altar in your home. Place a candle, pictures, or statues of your spiritual teachers or finds from nature upon it. An altar is a reminder of the sacredness and beauty of life. Light the candle and express reverence daily.


Think before you act. We often jump to conclusions or ride on a runaway train of thought. Before you begin something new, take a moment to tune inside. Take a deep breath. Be still. Begin with thoughtful intention.


Let go of regrets. Reframe them as valuable lessons, lessons that have built your character and increased your capacity for compassion with others.


Tell your friends how much you love and appreciate them. Don't text them, tell them.


We all have angel guides. Call upon them. They may appear to you as spheres of light or winged beings that radiate light. Ask them if they'd like to be addressed by a certain name. Your angels are always available to help you fulfill your highest potential.


There is great manifestation power in your spoken word. More power than your thoughts. Spend the day speaking only positive, encouraging words to yourself and others. Repeat this tomorrow.


Break free and let go of how you should act. Lead with your heart and don't worry about what others may think. With your heart as your guide, trust that your actions serve the higher good.


Engage in a repetitive activity. Walk, weed your garden, chop vegetables, paint, or dance. Keeping your body busy will quiet your mind and connect you to your light. Your intuition will shine through.


Get a pet. Even if it's a little fish. Taking care of another living being adds radiance to your life.


Ask your inner light, "What would you have me do today?" Follow the winding path of your divine inspiration. You might find flowers where you thought there were only weeds and windows where you thought there were only walls.


Place sacred symbols in places where you can see them often. The symbol for peace, Om, the Lotus — whatever feels sacred to you. Symbols are powerful representations of meaning and viewing them often will have a positive effect on your wellbeing.


Take a digital detox. Take breaks every day from your phone, your computer, and your television. Go analog. Read a book. Write in a journal. Meet with a friend face to face.


Release your expectations. Set your intention and give gratitude in advance. Do your best, but be unattached to the results. Trust in the universe.


Drink lots of pure water. Water is a carrier of light. Water also flushes the toxins and waste out of your body, promotes clear thinking, and gives you energy. Refreshment and rejuvenation are just a tall, cool glass of water away.


You don't need to learn anything more or become anything more than you already are to make a difference in the world. Your energy, your light and your love are enough.


Consider supporting your health with a probiotic. A probiotic populates your gut with healthy, helpful bacteria that help keep your immune system strong, which keeps you feeling powerful.


Use your creativity to make tasks more enjoyable. Dishes need washing? Imagine you're washing them for the Dalai Lama. You'll be awash with feelings of reverence and honor. Stuck in traffic? Be grateful for having a car that takes you to your loved ones and to all of your favorite places. Change gears and change your mind.


Emotions are energy in motion. Step into the emotion of what you'd like to experience. Feel the freedom of making enough income. Feel the fulfillment in sharing your gifts. Feel the gratitude of living in a world of peace.


Discover your purpose. What are your gifts? What do you love? How can you make a positive contribution to the world? Listen to your light, declare it, and take action.


Embrace your inherent playful nature. Go to the park. Roll in the grass. Make a daisy chain and give it to a stranger.


Expand your root (1st) chakra. Visualize a beautiful vortex of deep rose red light at the base of your spine. Take a few deep breaths and imagine the vortex getting bigger and brighter with each breath. The root chakra governs your physical health as well as your sense of being grounded and safe.


When you are feeling low, one of the quickest ways to raise your vibration is to help someone else. Get out and interact with others. Offer a helping hand, a kind word, or a hug.


Send yourself love every day. Look in the mirror and say, "I respect you and I love you. By the way, you're pretty awesome too."


Connect with your inner stillness. It's always there. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Release all thought as you exhale. As thoughts arise, release them by focusing on your breath. Practice this at least once a day.


Get involved. Volunteer at your local hospital, animal shelter, or food bank. Those who take action in their community feel more optimistic and fulfilled.


Dance. Let go and be free. There is great magic in surrendering to your body's movement. Spontaneous, improvisational movement silences the left brain, the logical, factual part of our brain, and gives acceptance, wisdom, and love a chance to shine through.


You are so much more than your body and your personality. You are more than all of your wildest hopes and dreams. You are Infinite. Magnificent. Complete.


Grow a garden. Or tend to a few potted plants. Talk or sing to them so they feel your presence and care. This small act can lift your mood lift and help you grow!


Celebrate a member of your family today. What are your favorite qualities about this person? What are some of your favorite memories with them? Write them a note of appreciation, call them and tell them, or give them a small gift.


Life is not a collection of things. Life is a stream of experiences, of moments. You are free to choose how you will experience and respond to each moment. Tune into the light in your heart and you'll always choose wisely.


Shake it out. Whenever you feel anxious or nervous, shake out your arms and legs. Bounce up and down on your toes. Move the energy out of your body. Take a few deep breaths and return to your center.


Surrender to your life as it is. This does not mean you give up on your hopes and dreams, but stop focusing on how you think life should look. Through acceptance, your heart will open, and you will connect with your Higher Self. You will be empowered to take a step toward fulfilling your dreams.


Perspective reigns supreme. If you're feeling bad, shift your perspective. You have the freedom to choose how you look at life. "I didn't get the job," or "I'm never good enough," can become "I did my best. I'll do better next time," or "I know the best position for me is on its way."


Practice chanting the ancient Sanskrit mantra: "Om" (AUM). Chanting helps ground and center you. Chanting "Om" is believed to connect you with the wisdom of the Universe.


Try a fast. Drink as much water and nourishing herbal tea as you can to keep your hunger at bay. Giving your digestive system a break enables your body to repair and replenish and can even help you look and feel brighter.


Learn to be present with others. Really listen. Don't just think about what you're going to say next. People know when they've been truly heard. It's a beautiful gift to give.


Tone the vowel sound "UUH" to balance your root chakra. Take a deep breath and vocalize "UUH" on the exhale. Do this at least three times, getting louder with each tone. This exercise is perfect to do in the morning upon waking to ground and center you.


Create a morning ritual. It will consciously connect you with your inner light. Face the sun and bring your hands together in prayer position. Call on the Infinite Light of the Universe to infuse your thoughts, words, and actions. Think about your day and set an Intention for it. Consider adding prayer, toning, or meditation. Begin the day in a beautiful way.


Let love be your guide. Not fear. Live with heart, and life will surprise you with possibilities for growth and expansion. Living with heart is the only life worth living.


Embrace your inner Kali. Kali is the ancient Hindu Goddess of destruction of the ego. Call upon her when you need to clear yourself of pent-up anger or frustration. Ask her to help you shake, move, or dance it out. Kali can help clear the way, making room for your light to shine.


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