The Book of Mark

The Book of Mark


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Mark told it like it was so you could see Jesus as He is. Each Gospel, or biography of Jesus, is unique. The bold Book of Mark was written to the ruling Romans. This fast-paced narrative is the shortest Gospel. Likely penned first, Mark takes you into the action and gets to the point. Now, with the verse-by-verse insights of The Smart Guide to the BibleTM: The Book of Mark you'll experience the unparalleled power of Jesus and be inspired to live with greater authenticity and purpose.

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ISBN-13: 9781418509941
Publisher: Nelson, Thomas, Inc.
Publication date: 03/20/2007
Series: Smart Guide to the Bible Series
Pages: 352
Sales rank: 708,778
Product dimensions: 7.56(w) x 9.25(h) x 0.75(d)

About the Author

Lawrence O. Richards has written over 200 Christian books, including commentaries on every book of the Bible and Zondervan bestselling Adventure Bible and Teen Study Bible, which he did with his wife, Sue.

Table of Contents

Introduction     iii
Celebrity Jesus
Mark 1:1-13 What If God Was One of Us?     11
Now You See Me, Now You Don't     12
If God Came, He'd Have to Get Ready     22
Mark 1:14-45 Action-Figure Jesus     27
What Is "the Day of the Lord"?     28
Five Snapshots of Power     31
Outside in Lonely Places     41
Mark 2:1-3:12 Antiestablishment Jesus     45
Mark's Cavalcade of Conflict     45
The Beach Gets Crowded     57
Baffling Jesus
Mark 3:13-35 Shocking Words of Jesus, Part 1     63
Twelve "To Be with Him"     64
Mark's Sandwiching Technique     68
Mark 4:1-34 Shocking Words of Jesus, Part 2     77
Storyteller Jesus     78
All-Access Backstage Pass     86
Mark 4:35-5:20 Reverse-Logic Jesus     89
Acts of an Exhausted God     91
Jesus Invents Deviled Ham     94
Mark 5:21-6:6 Amazing Jesus     99
Sneaky Healing     100
Miracle-Making Faith     103
Why the Prophetic Looked Pathetic     108
Who Is Jesus?
Mark 6:6-56 More Clues About Jesus' Secret Identity     117
Your Missionary Manual     118
A Brief Debriefing     124
This Walk Is Absolutely Divine     127
Off Course, But On Point     130
Mark 7:1-8:21 Out-of-Bounds Jesus     135
Unclean?     136
Jesus Among the Gentiles     142
Meaning in the Feedings     148
Road Scholar Jesus
Mark 8:22-9:29 Glow-in-the-Dark Jesus     157
Three Startling Demands     161
The Original Mountaintop Experience     163
The Non-Exorcists     169
The Non-Ministers     170
Mark 9:30-10:52 Optometrist Jesus     175
What Jesus Wants His Disciples to Be     176
God: The Inventor of Marriage     182
A Cup for the Cross-Eyed     191
"Temple Tantrum" Jesus
Mark 11:1-25 Conqueror Jesus     203
When Jesus Acted Like Judas     207
The Fig Tree and the Temple     209
Mark 11:27-12:44 Offensive Jesus     219
Two Sides of the Same Coin     225
Where Error Comes From     227
The Mega-Command     229
The Widow's Might     233
Mark 13:1-37 Future Jesus     237
When Will the Temple Be Destroyed?     238
A Sacrilege in the Temple      243
Forewarned Is Forearmed     246
Constant Vigilance!     249
Passionate Jesus
Mark 14:1-42 Boy Scout Jesus     255
The Poor Versus the Beautiful     257
A Promise Sealed with Blood     263
You're Weaker Than You Think     267
Mark 14:43-15:15 Prisoner Jesus     271
The Most Infamous Kiss in History     271
Kangaroo Court     275
Peter Peters Out     277
"Son of the Father" or Son of God?     282
Mark 15:16-41 Scapegoat Jesus     285
No-Brow Political Humor, Circa AD 30     285
More Mockerty     289
The Day God Died     293
Mark 15:42-16:20 The Real Jesus     299
Jesus' Borrowed Grave     299
Young Man + White Robe = ?     302
Mark's Mysterious Ending     305
The Bottom Line     309
The Answers     313
Endnotes     319
Index     323

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