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The Book of Sacred Baths: 52 Bathing Rituals to Revitalize Your Spirit

The Book of Sacred Baths: 52 Bathing Rituals to Revitalize Your Spirit

by Paulette Kouffman Sherman PsyD
The Book of Sacred Baths: 52 Bathing Rituals to Revitalize Your Spirit

The Book of Sacred Baths: 52 Bathing Rituals to Revitalize Your Spirit

by Paulette Kouffman Sherman PsyD


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"Sacred bathing brings the ancient tradition of meditation and prayer into the modern day ritual practice of a home bath, so that you can connect to Spirit daily and purify your energy."—Dr. Larry Dossey, author of One Mind and The Science of Premonitions

Immerse Yourself in Healing Waters for Relaxation, Clarity, and Wholeness

Gain inspiration and rejuvenation through the sacred act of bathing. With fifty-two bath recipes, one for every week of the year, The Book of Sacred Baths shows you how to use this relaxing practice to improve your love life, succeed in your career, strengthen your health, and transform your spirit.

Each recipe is tailored to a specific emotional or spiritual need, from stress relief to divine assistance to self-connection for overall well-being. Using essential oils, candles, and color therapy along with visualization and ritual practice, you'll raise your vibration and release negative energy down the drain.


"Fans of Sherman are in for an impressive treat with her collection of 52 fun and sacred baths to improve every aspect of your physical and spiritual life."—Publishers Weekly

"A sacred bathing of the body ultimately becomes a sacred bathing of the mind, spirit, and soul, which unearths a mindfulness of self-nourishment that we might then gift as kindness to others as we go about our day."—Cathie Borrie, author of The Long Hello

"I highly recommend this beautiful book of spiritual bathing for inner joy and healing."—Raven Keyes, author of The Healing Power of Reiki and The Healing Light of Angels

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780738746029
Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide, LTD.
Publication date: 08/08/2016
Pages: 288
Sales rank: 483,437
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.80(d)

About the Author

Paulette Kouffman Sherman, PsyD (Brooklyn, NY) is a licensed psychologist with a doctorate degree in clinical psychology and is the author of more than twenty books. She is a certified life coach, author, teacher, relationship expert, and speaker. Paulette is a Reiki Master, attuned by Raven Keyes, and has studied shamanic journeying, angel intuition, chakra balancing, and spiritual practices with top experts in the field.

Table of Contents

Introduction 1

How This Book Came About 2

About the Ritual of Sacred Bathing 5

What Is a Sacred Bath and How Does It Work? 6

How to Use This Book 9

Making the Time 9

Gathering Materials 10

A Note on Safety 11

Getting Started and Finding Resources 11

1 Bathing Practices 13

The History of Spiritual Bathing 15

Bathing Symbolism 17

Dreams, Wishes, and Visions 17

God, the Great Mother, and Divine Connection 17

Healing and Connection 18

How the Sacred Bath Components Work 19

The Law of Attraction 19

Essential Oils 21

Crystals 22

Candles and Color 23

Meditation 25

Intention, Visualization, and Prayer 28

Ritual and the Five Elements 31

Tips to Prepare Your Bath 35

The 5 Step Set- Up Process 36

Creating Sacred Space 36

Journaling for Connection 39

Your Shopping List 39

Essential Oils 39

Crystals 41

Candles 42

Herbal Teas 43

Other 44

2 Baths for Your Foundation 45

Baths for Self-Connection 47

Bath Recipe 1 The Love Yourself Madly Bath 47

Bath Recipe 2 The Bath of Self-Care 50

Bath Recipe 3 Your Inner Child Cleanse 52

3 Baths for Your Love Life 57

Attunement 60

Dating Baths 61

Bath Recipe 4 The Release Dating Anxiety Bath 62

Bath Recipe 5 The Unpack Relationship Baggage Bath 64

Bath Recipe 6 The Detox from Bad Dates Bath 66

Long-Term Relationship Baths 68

The 5 Step Set-Up Process for Couples 69

Massage Oils 70

Bath Recipe 7 The Clear Negative Thinking Bath 71

Bath Recipe 8 The Open Your Heart to Love Bath 73

Bath Recipe 9 The Release Anger & Resentment Bath (two possible baths) 76

Bath Recipe 10 The Sacred Trust Bath 81

Marital Baths 83

Bath Recipe 11 The Increase Your Passion Bath 84

Bath Recipe 12 The Calm Your Nerves Bath 87

Bath Recipe 13 The Improve Communication Bath 89

Bath Recipe 14 The Re-engage Your Marriage Commitment Bath 93

4 Baths for Your Career 99

Baths for Your Emotions 102

Bath Recipe 15 The Return to Peace Bath 102

Bath Recipe 16 The Appreciation Extravaganza Bath 105

Bath Recipe 17 The Away, Bad Day at Work Bath 107

Baths to Empower Your Dreams 110

Bath Recipe 18 The Assertiveness Training Bath 110

Bath Recipe 19 The Bath to Success 113

Bath Recipe 20 The Dialogue with Your Higher Self Bath 116

Bath Recipe 21 A Dream Catcher Bath 118

Bathe Your Spirit 120

Bath Recipe 22 The Vitalize Your Feminine Power Bath 121

Bath Recipe 23 The Bath of Least Resistance 123

Bath Recipe 24 The Balance, Center & Create on Purpose Bath 125

5 Baths for Your Health 131

Health Baths 135

Bath Recipe 25 The Treat Your Body like Your Temple Bath 135

Bath Recipe 26 The Great Body-Image Bath 137

Bath Recipe 27 Your Body Is Your Oracle Bath 140

Bath Recipe 28 The Deep Breathing, Deep Water Bath 142

Bath Recipe 29 The Life Habit Bath with Archangel Sandalphson 145

Bath Recipe 30 The Archangel Raphael's Healing Waters Bath 147

Bath Recipe 31 The Commitment Bath 149

Bath Recipe 32 The Chakra Balance Bath 150

Bath Recipe 33 The Releasing Addictions Bath 155

Bath Recipe 34 The Drink More Water Bath 158

6 Baths for Guidance with Spirit 163

Angelic Baths 168

Bath Recipe 35 The Archangel Michael's Magical Protection Bath 168

Bath Recipe 36 The Archangel Gabriel's Creative Life Purpose Bath 170

Bath Recipe 37 The Archangel Ariel's Joyful Wonder Bath 172

Bath Recipe 38 Shekhinah's Compassionate Presence Bath 175

Bath Recipe 39 The Bath of Redemption with the Angel of Forgiveness 177

Bath Recipe 40 Bath Bonding with Your Guardian Angel 180

Bath Recipe 41 The Archangel Metatron's Karmic Cleanse Bath 182

Bath Recipe 42 The Archangel Raguel's Harmonic Bath 186

Baths for Further Connection with Spirit 188

Bath Recipe 43 Bath of the Palace of the Queen 191

Bath Recipe 44 Bath of the Siren 193

Bath Recipe 45 The Bounteous Harvest Bath 195

Bath Recipe 46 The Lift the Veil Between Worlds Bath 198

Bath Recipe 47 The Acceptance Bath 202

Bath Recipe 48 The Crone's Radical Honesty Bath 204

Bath Recipe 49 The Golden Laurel Bath 207

Bath Recipe 50 The Independence Day Bath 209

Bath Recipe 51 The Power Animal Rendezvous Bath 212

Bath Recipe 52 The Ascended Master Enlightenment Bath 215

Conclusion 221

Recommended Resources 225

Further Resources on Water and Baths 229

Glossary 235

Bibliography 243

Index 247

Acknowledgments 253

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