The Book of Wands VOLUME 4 and The Adventures of Niles Abercrumby

The Book of Wands VOLUME 4 and The Adventures of Niles Abercrumby

by Neil Slade

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The Book of Wands VOLUME 4 and The Adventures of Niles Abercrumby by Neil Slade, Brian Gies

THE BOOK OF WANDS VOLUME 4- This is the CONTINUING (mostly) TRUE STORY of Neil Slade at the Dormant Brain Research Lab with "D.A.T. Stingo, and then the next 30 years teaching his own students Brain Radar and how to use "Unusual Tools", ie. "Wands". Incredibly presented as a colorful and humorous novel. Based on the real and TRUE EVENTS, only the names have been changed in this otherwise fantastic and wholly unique tale. The incredible story begins with Niles Abercrumby, a quirky young music teacher who quickly finds distaste for the world of convention, and so sets off on his own to create The Niles Abercrumby School of Music, Arts, and Other Stuff. He soon hooks up with a crazy renegade scientist who runs a remote wilderness brain laboratory, the legendary D.A.T. Stingo. Together, they open up a doorway into Otherworldly Travel, Brain Paranormal Experience, and The World of Unusual Tools. And that's just for starters! FOR ALL AGES- ADULTS & SMART KIDS For the first time, reformatted and newly revised for this 2013 release in four volumes.

REAL REVIEWS: "I just finished reading the eBook of The Book of Wands. Dude, it totally rocked! Let me say a little more about how good it was: it's one of the best books I ever read. It's not just a book, but a Tool to help change your consciousness. It sets a new standard for what books are capable of doing, and for what I personally aspire to write someday. My deepest thanks for the book. Sent from my iPod -Best Wishes, Manu (from Seattle)" --- "It would be my pleasure to have my letter on your site, as your material has done so much for me, in such short time. The Book Of Wands is so Refreshing so Creative so Magicial, SO Mind Expanding and that you have been putting more of your energy into it, for the last year. I really don't know what to say, its gonna be better and more Powerful than it already is, WOW. Thank you so much for doing what you do :-) James."---"5.0 out of 5 stars Time well spent. By Howard H Byfield "I think its a wonderful book :) I found it to be imaginative and funny. It's very personal. I feel like the book was a labor of love and Neil really put his heart and soul into writing it. It's his life story, his memoirs. I loved it. I've read it twice now. And let me tell you, that is no small feat! :| This book is super long. But its not boring-long. Its the kind of book that I wanted to read cover to cover in one sitting. But that isn't possible because there's just so much of it. Now one thing that should be noted about the book is that it is NOT a step by step wand construction manual. It's much more subtle than that. You'll be able to glean that information as you go through the book. I had questions about some things after reading it though. :) Fortunately Neil is a good dude and responded to most of the emails I sent him. Another thing to note is that if you really enjoy the book and take it to heart you'll never look at jars, canes, or walking sticks the same way again :P
Neil is a regular guest on Coast to Coast AM, so you can find and listen to the interviews he's done with them. They're really fun to listen to. "--- "5.0 out of 5 stars A Brilliant Read!
By Inner Alchemy Center
"The Book of Wands is a brilliant read, both as a humorous story, and as a guide for awakening what we may call the "magical" side of life. Being an experienced practitioner already, I still found this book refreshing and rewarding to read. Neil presents valuable information on a subject little understood in our culture, and his presentation is very fresh and original, using his own life story as a teaching tool for others to understand. I loved going back to the brain lab in greater detail (was already there from reading Frontal Lobes Supercharge and related readings) and from there, I really enjoyed traveling through Neil's life to learn about his particular application of various magical skills. Feeling like a "lone ranger" at times, it is always refreshing to read of others who have certain skills to into deeper reality."

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Publisher: Neil Slade
Publication date: 03/06/2013
Series: The Book of Wands - The Adventures of Niles Abercrumby , #4
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