The Book Without A Title: Reflections of Personal Experience and Discovery in Life and Business

The Book Without A Title: Reflections of Personal Experience and Discovery in Life and Business

by Ms Natasha Davies


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When I started my journey of entrepreneurship and self discovery at first I hit the ground running.

I experimented by throwing myself outside of comfort and into growth, expansion. I learned everything I had to learn about coaching and entrepreneurship. I was like a sponge soaking up all the information, learning and experience that I could, following everyone that I could learn something from. There were more than a few times it got overwhelming and difficult but I stepped up and overcame the obstacles. There were more than a few times where I wished someone would come along and save me. I am grateful for the fact that I learnt to save myself.

I stopped following and started to lead more and to step into visibility and leadership. I reduced the amount of people I followed and started to follow only the best and the people that fitted with me. I learnt to find ways to do things with ease and to create leverage. I learnt more about myself and I learnt easier ways and the importance of following my soul and aligning with my mission. I learnt that I resisted a lot of things and started to lean into those in order to grow and expand again in different ways. I learnt to let go and to slow down and to expand into that and to sink into the presence in my own life. Striving became overwhelming and I needed to stop and slow down.

Then I found the peace that I was looking for all along. Then I found myself and I realised that this was home.

From this place I now create with ease.

What a journey, what a ride!

The peace I feel and the journey I have travelled has been the best time of my life and totally worth all the work, now I am in such a fantastic place. I am completely aligned, completely me, completely present.

I can create magnificent things. I'm here to tell you that you can too. We overcomplicate life and business. We think way too much and the answers are always simple when we finally get to them.

How I created this book

I wrote this book as part of a 1000 words a day writing challenge. I wanted to create an easier way to write a book and it was. 31 days of writing, several days of editing and the book you now hold in your hands was created.

It doesn't take long to create something wonderful. It takes commitment, determination and not believing your story of can't. It takes using the pain of failure and creating the vision of the end result then taking the steps you need to take.

Even after I had written this book, I had no title. A friend read it and said 'Wow, you nearly had me in tears in places, so vulnerable'. Also that 'What is crystal clear is your own personal experience and not some American style you can do it ra ra offering, much deeper, thoughtful and thought provoking, from the heart.'Then another coach who's name is also Natasha said 'I would read your book without a title' I am blessed to be surrounded by people like these. My heart is touched everyday by the beautiful people who are in my life. But it wasn't always this way.

You are the hero of this book. By reading it and implementing, experimenting and being curious you can create your own adventure and find your own miracles. We all perceive things differently. We look at photographs, works of art and each see something different, we describe events differently which is why there are so many discrepancies in witness accounts. So I will leave it up to you, the reader to name this book. After all it is not my judgement to make whether it is of use or not, it is yours. Once you have read the book I would love for you to email me your thoughts on what the title would be for you. You will find details of how to do this at the end of the book.

Who is this book for?

What I have learnt will be useful to you if you are a coach, and entrepreneur or a business owner. Maybe you have just had enough of striving, have lost focus, are in self doubt or are searching for inner peace.

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Publication date: 04/09/2016
Pages: 202
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About the Author

Natasha Davies is an Entrepreneur Mindset Coach, Thought Leader, Author and Womenspire Leader. She is founder of Because U Can where she helps individuals and groups to expand into the possibilities, move beyond perceived truths and discover the magic within so that they create freedom in their lives and businesses. She is also the creator of The Womenspire Leaders Network where she creates spaces for women business leaders to come together. An idea which began with a question when she asked "Who would it really excite me to work with and where can I create the most impact?" Womenspire Leaders was born. She received over 170 contact requests from her first 2 social media posts from women across the globe who were drawn to the concept. From there it has evolved into creative spaces online and offline for Womenspire Leaders to come together connect, create and collaborate as well as an amazing network of high level leaders who are in contribution to each other. Natasha is also an Author of 2 books, her first of which was written in 31 days.

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