The Boss

The Boss

by Sexxi Lexxi

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The Boss by Sexxi Lexxi

The Boss is a carnal tale of survival and BDSM. Candice Swan wakes up in a dark office with no memory of how she got there. But the eighteen-year-old virgin quickly discovers the past matters not. Only the future. And in order to ensure her survival, she will have to obey her captor’s perverse commands. The man in question is Frank Mazolla, the most notorious crime boss the city has ever known.

Excerpt from The Boss:
He tugged on the leash. I followed, almost stumbling forward in the process. I quickly regained my balance and let the boss reel me in. He kept pulling until only a foot of leash remained.

“Get on all fours.” He said it as if it were the most normal thing in the world. The thought of debasing myself to such an extent repulsed me, but my dignity had already been shattered when I had agreed to wear the collar. I grit my teeth and did as told.

My captor said nothing for the longest time. He just held the leash tight and stared straight ahead like we was observing something of indescribable beauty. Only there was nothing there.

I stood there, wondering how long I would be asked to remain on all fours. Within minutes, my knees had begun to throb. The floor was made of hardwood and the blood was pooling in my legs, making them go numb. My elbows soon began to shake, though I could not tell if it was from exhaustion or fear. All I knew for sure was that I could not hold this position for much longer. Just when I was about to crumble to the floor, the boss finally gave me permission to stand.

“Sit,” was all he said. His chair swiveled toward me and he gently patted his lap. My heart began to race at the thought of sitting in the lap of the most feared man in the city, but I knew refusing to do so would be far more dangerous.

As soon as I was seated on the man’s thighs, he began petting me. Only he didn’t pet my hair. He pet my back, as it I were some sort of an animal. Given the collar I was wearing, the man’s demands were beginning to make sense. He wanted me to pretend to be an animal. His skin was ice cold and made my hair stand on end, but I resisted the urge to shy away from his touch. The safest thing to do was play along and hope he allowed me to live.

He pet me for a while, his gaze focused on nothing in particular. It was an odd feeling to be treated like a pet, but I preferred it to the pain that would undoubtedly have followed a refusal to play along.

“Get off,” he finally said. I instantly hopped off, all too happy to put an end to the weird animal roleplaying.

My relief was short-lived.

“Sit on the desk.”

The massive hardwood desk stood behind me, so all I had to do was lean back, place my hands atop it and lift myself onto it. A shiver ran through me as the cold surface made contact with my body. The boss and I now stood across from each other.

“Spread your legs.”

My heart skipped a beat. There could only be one reason why he would ask me to do this. Unfortunately, there was nothing I could do to stop it. I slowly spread my legs, revealing what lay between…

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BN ID: 2940152551907
Publisher: Sexxi Lexxi
Publication date: 01/01/2016
Sold by: Smashwords
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 79,549
File size: 283 KB
Age Range: 18 Years

About the Author

I never pictured myself writing erotica, yet here I am, writing my biography. Up until quite recently, I was content keeping my vivid imagination buried deep within me. That all changed the day I decided to join the twenty-first century and bought an e-reader. Shortly after, I uncovered a deep-rooted love of erotica. Unfortunately, almost every single erotic novel I read left me with a bitter taste in my mouth. "Why do most authors think it's all right to ignore the laws of good storytelling when sex is involved?" I asked myself. When no answer came to mind, I was left with a choice: Keep on sifting through the mountain of refuse that is erotica as we know it in search of those few hidden pearls or give up on it altogether. I was about to pick the latter when my friend introduced me to the joys of writing erotica. I instantly fell in love. I just hope my tantalizing tales of seduction can transform me into the author I only recently discovered I wanted to be. *Join the Newsletter at to get 3 FREE stories from my friends and me. You will also receive updates on new releases, as well as exclusive coupons and deals.

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