Bound Heart (the Everstone Chronicles V2)

Bound Heart (the Everstone Chronicles V2)

by Dawn Crandall


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One accidental kiss from Lawry Hampton. That was all it took to throw Meredyth Summercourt’s world upside down.
Determined to marry the ever-elusive Vance Everstone, she simply doesn’t have the time or desire to fall for her best friend Lawry Hampton. But with Vance out of the country, and with Lawry at her side nearly every day, teaching her what the world is like through the eyes of a little orphan girl named Wynn. Now Meredyth can’t deny that what’s holding her to Vance is nothing more than a desire to redeem herself from her past.
Will she marry Vance once he returns from Europe? Or will she be strong enough to break free from the tangled web she’s convinced she deserves, and accept that God’s plan for her life includes redemption…and, quite possibly, Lawry Hampton?

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ISBN-13: 9781629116594
Publisher: Whitaker House
Publication date: 10/06/2015
Pages: 320
Sales rank: 1,066,060
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x (d)

About the Author

Dawn Crandall’s debut Gilded Age Victorian romance, The Hesitant Heiress, was a 2015 ACFW Carol award finalist in the debut category and received the 2015 Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence, the 2015 Write Touch Reader's Choice Award, and the 2015 Romancing the Novel Reader’s Choice Award. Her follow-up novel, The Bound Heart, received the 2016 Laurel Award from Clash of the Titles. Dawn is a graduate of Taylor University with a B.A. in Christian education. She’s been balancing books and babies lately as her two sons were both born as the first four books of her popular Everstone Chronicles series were being released from Whitaker House starting in 2014. Dawn lives with her husband and two young sons on a hobby farm in her hometown in northeast Indiana.


Kendallville, IN 46755

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The Bound Heart 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 28 reviews.
lilacqueen75 More than 1 year ago
Dawn Crandall has a way of completely immersing the reader into the world of her characters. I feel like I know each one of them and I don't want to leave the story. In this installment, Meredyth is the focus. I was very curious about her past after reading the first book and was thrilled to learn more about her. She has an invisible thread binding her to Vance, the elusive Everstone brother who is living in Europe. Fighting her growing feelings for family friend, Lawry, prove to be difficult, if impossible, but this "thread" won't let her move forward--unless she can find a way to break it. My emotions were definitely played upon throughout this book. At times, I felt hopelessness for Meredyth's situation and her battle is implied from the very first chapter. My romantic heartstrings were twanged as I felt the chemistry leap off of the pages with the tension and sweet moments that ensued. My feelings of hope surfaced when Lawry and Meredyth rescue an orphan girl and help her--that sweet little Wynn almost stole the show! There are moments of joy, sorrow, despair, shock, and more as the story progresses and I loved every single minute of it all. I felt like I arose from a daze when I finished the last word, only to realize that I wasn't in 1890 New England. The themes subtly woven through the book of forgiveness and unconditional love, especially of oneself, are what really touched my heart. I loved watching the journey these characters took to figure that out. These are strong people and I really want to be a part of their social circle. Content: mild romance (kissing, implied forced intimacies); mild religious themes (not preachy); mild violence (shootings, death, nothing graphic). Clean! *I received this book from the publisher for free. A review was not required and all views expressed are my own.*
hjsnyder28 More than 1 year ago
Dawn Crandall's book The Bound Heart is the second novel in The Everstone Chronicles. This book continues with characters who were introduced in The Hesitant Heiress, yet follows a different love triangle and setting from the first. The challenges these individuals encounter will test their faith, strength, and endurance in ways they never thought possible, and it is interesting to see how a person will choose the wrong path based on his or her own inner turmoil. Meredyth Summercourt appears to be a happy girl, but deep down the guilt and shame she feels for a past mistake overcomes her daily. She can never seem to move past what she has done, and she punishes herself for it. Meredyth believes she is tied to one man she must wait for; however, another man decides to willingly give his heart to her, which leaves Meredyth greatly confused. She does not want to listen to her heart, since she thinks God would not want her to be happy. She firmly believes God will chastise her the rest of her days because of this one deed that was committed years ago. Will she ever feel free? Could she ever even entertain the idea of happiness on earth? As Meredyth helps those around her through selfless charity, her heart begins to open to various possibilities that could change her life. Lawry Hampton has loved Meredyth for most of his days, but she does not seem to want more from him than friendship. His best friend, Meredyth Summercourt, cannot seem to understand how much he loves her, because she continues to follow after someone else. Will she ever stop to look his way? Oddly, Lawry notices a change in Meredyth one day and wonders what could have occurred to alter her disposition. If only he could protect her and make her feel safe--he would take care of her the rest of his life--if only she would let him. Meredyth cannot move past her love for Vance Everstone. At one point in her life, he was all she dreamed of, and she even begged him to marry her. As Meredyth will soon discover--all too late--the one event we desire the most may not be the best for us. God wants more for Meredyth, but will she ever be able to forgive herself in order to find it? Will she ever take the time to seek God and ask for His forgiveness and help? This is an excellent book and another story I could not put down. I cannot wait to read the third book, The Captive Imposter, in this series. This text covers so much about life--joys, struggles, forgiveness, mistakes, death, life, and love. If you enjoyed the first book in The Everstone Chronicles, you have to read the second. I love how Crandall's style of writing has the ability to connect her readers with her characters--you really feel like you know these individuals, because some of their adventures may mirror your own. And it is lovely to see how she intertwines the beauty of the Gospel within her stories, because it shows how various characters come to the place where they find redemption and hope, which in turn shows how the reader can achieve the same deliverance.
Becky6 More than 1 year ago
The Bound Heart is a beautiful historical fiction novel that takes place in 1891 New England, ranging from Boston’s Back Bay to Maine’s beautiful Bar Harbor. With characters seeking forgiveness and redemption, a complex story-line, a beautiful romance blossoming, and rich in historical detail that keep readers captivated. I absolutely loved this one. Dawn Crandall paints a beautiful story that makes the reader feel as if they are actually there alongside the characters. I loved visiting all of the characters again and learning about Meredyth and Lawry’s story. It’s compelling and I couldn’t put it down. The books in this series can easily be read as a stand-alone because each book features a different character and story. I, personally, think it’s more fun to read them in order because there’s so much back story from the other characters that help explain what is going on and who the characters are. Plus, all of the characters make appearances throughout the books. Meredyth Summercourt is a strong female lead that I think many girls would relate to. She is raised in a wealthy and respected Boston family who knows that financial aid is not enough and finds herself serving the orphans. Everything looks perfect on the outside, but inside she was fighting that bounded by chains effect of sin. She finds herself willing to marry a man whom she does not love because she thinks it’s the only way she will truly be free and not fail God. Lawry Hampton is one of my favorite male leads that I have ever read in fiction. He is swoon-worthy. I mean he loves God with his whole heart and wants to serve His life by honoring and glorifying Him. He genuinely cares about others, especially little Wynn whom he jumped out of a moving carriage to rescue off the streets! Even though Meredyth breaks his heart repeatedly, he still loves her with unconditional and passionate love. And then there’s cute little Wynn. I fell in love with her immediately. I loved the way that she bounded with Meredyth and Lawry. I highly recommend this one! It’s truly remarkable! Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from the publisher for my honest review, which I have given. I was not required to write a positive review and have not been compensated for it in any way. All opinions expressed are my own.
BethErin More than 1 year ago
Meredyth is unwilling to forgive herself and clinging to the burden of guilt and shame. Lawry is the best kind of friend, patient, loving, generous, and prayerful. Meredyth has convinced herself that marrying Vance must be God’s will for her life. Lawry is determined to woo her and fight for her heart. Dawn again kept me on the edge of my seat with heart pounding attraction and clever plot twists! I’m eagerly anticipating reading the next title in the Everstone Chronicles! I received an ebook copy of this title from the author in exchange for an honest review. The opinions expressed are my own.
LoraineN More than 1 year ago
This was an interesting story. Meredyth has her mind set on marrying one man and Lawry makes her want to throw all of her good intentions right out the window. With the position that she had set herself in, I wondered how things between her and Lawry could ever turn out good. (Full review at my website)
lolly-pops More than 1 year ago
THE BOUND HEART is book two in the Everstone Chronicles series, but it easily stands alone Fans will want to go back and read the first book, The Hesitant Heiress, if they are interested in knowing the story behind Nathan and Amaryllis. and their romance. I absolutely loved the premise of THE BOUND HEART--an accidental kiss--and I wondered how a kiss could be accidental. I won't tell you the details because, of course, everyone likely loves a kiss and I adore how the sexual tension between Meredyth and Lawry came to life. Oh, and Lawry? Ahhh, definitely swoon-worthy. The language of THE BOUND HEART was much more relaxed than in The Hesitant Heiress, and I enjoyed it. Also the scene breaks flowed ever so much smoother. I also enjoyed that this book is also first person (I mentioned in the review for The Hesitant Heiress that I enjoy first person point of view) and it is such a nice change of pace for a historical. Fans of Laurie Alice Eakes' Regencies will enjoy Ms. Crandall's books. These are set in Boston. I did get a little confused with the identity of some of the characters with A names - in fact I went back to look to see what Lawry's sister's name was because another character with a similar name was introduced as a very good friend (when you have time to kill at the pool while watching your daughter swim you notice stuff like that) and I did get a bit frustrated with her obsession over someone when Lawry was so swoon-worthy, but all in all I enjoyed THE BOUND HEART.
CarolJo More than 1 year ago
The Bound Heart continues with characters from The Everstone Chronicles. I did not have much patience with Meredyth Summercourt, the female protaganist. I admired Lawry Hampton, the main male character. This book shows what life was like for the wealthy Bostonians. The main concept was forgiving ourselves and accepting God's forgiveness for our mistakes. I liked the book but not as well as book 1, The Hesitant Heiress. I do look forward to the next book in the series. I received my free e-book of The Bound Heart from the author, Dawn Crandall, in exchange for my honest opinion.
BookwormMama2014 More than 1 year ago
Bound to her past, will Meredyth be chained to a man she doesn't love and forever barred from the one her heart desires above all others? The Bound Heart captured my attention from the start. The setting is beautiful, the people engaging, and the story very real. Throughout the book there are great examples of spiritual and natural bonds we make with people. How many times have we made a mistake, big or small, and carried the guilt around with us for far too long? My heart broke for Meredyth, when every decision she makes, is based upon being bound to her past. Unable to live with the knowledge that she can not fix her own life she dives headlong into trying to fix everyone else's. And like Meredyth, even in our desperation to break those bonds tying us down, we can not do it on our own. However, if we allow our Heavenly Father to break those chains, to free us, to cleanse us and make us whole...We can become a new person. "All you have to do is claim your freedom." (Location 4042) Why is it so hard for us to reach out for our freedom? If only we would listen to the sweetness of His voice. First person books can be slightly maddening because there were many times that I wanted to crawl into Lawry's head and find out what was going on behind those big gorgeous eyes of his. And can I just say, "Can we have a novella of Claudine please???" She is an incredible woman and I would love to learn more about her. I laughed out loud, literally, and cried while reading this book. Very well written and I am so excited to start the next book, The Captive Imposter. While these technically could stand alone, I recommend reading through the series from the beginning. I received a free copy of The Bound Heart from the author in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed are mine alone.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
When I first started reading The Bound Heart by Dawn Crandall, I thought it was just going to be an enjoyable christian romance. But it was sooooo much more. Meredyth Summercourt lives in a self- inflicted prison of shame. As she slowly starts to fall in love with her best friend, she feels unworthy of his love. Meredyth is slowly pulled from her somewhat shallow existence to one of purpose and fulfillment. This is a story of redemption and true unfailing love. Dawn Crandall skillfully writes a story with unexpected plot twists, great character development and some of the most romantic and emotional scenes I have read in a while. I had a difficult time putting this book down during the last 100 pages or so. I can't wait to read the next book in the series!
DKStevens119 More than 1 year ago
I loved this book, it was like sitting down and reading Meredyth's diary. One kiss from Vance was all it took to turn Meredyth Summercourt's world upside-down. Meredyth vows to wait for Vance until he returns from Europe. When Lawry starts courting her she pushes him away until a shared kiss steals her heart. When she learns Vance has married Meredyth feels she is free to love Lawry. When Vance's bride dies suddenly he returns home for his brothers wedding and reminds Meredyth of her vow to wait for him. Before the wedding Vance and Lawry have a confrontation leaving Meredyth with conflicting emotions! After the wedding shots ring out! Two men are shot and one man dies! Who has been killed? Will Meredyth end up with Vance the one she has loved for years or Lawry the one she loves?
RachsRamblings More than 1 year ago
The Bound Heart by Dawn Crandall was very aptly named. Meredyth Summercourt feels she and Vance Everstone have a strong understanding so she plans on waiting for him to return to Europe so they can plan a wedding. With her wonderful friend,Lawry Hampton, being much present, Meredyth begins to wonder if perhaps he isn't just a friend after all. Meredyth has a burden from her past that she cannot get off her mind and heart. She has a plan so she can redeem the sin of her past. However, she can't redeem herself at all, and her heart and mind weigh heavy as she works her way through the emotional turmoil. This book very much reminds me of the allegory in Pilgrims Progress. Christian could not get out from under the weight of the burden until he met Christ at the cross. The same is true for Meredyth. Her journey of coming to that place of freedom and redemption is a wonderful read...and at times an incredibly powerful one. The characters are very well conceived in this book, and the storyline and message is a beautiful one. One's emotions are greatly stirred as we take the journey with her...tears of sorrow and tears of joy. Ultimately, we all must realize that God has a plan and purpose for each one of us, and his arms are always open. Meredyth went through some hard trials to come to that truth. All of these things apply in our own life as well so it is very easy to empathize with Meredyth. Lawry is an amazing character and very well written. His attitudes and love reminded me very much of one of my brothers! This is truly a wonderful book of unconditional love and forgiveness. Dawn Crandall has crafted another stunning novel in the first person, yet it is nothing like the first! Don't miss this wonderful read!
MrsTina42MR More than 1 year ago
The Hesitant Heiress: The Everstone Chronicles**** e-book by Dawn Crandall Amaryllis Brigham is a student at the Boston Conservatory of Music, something she has dreamed of for many years. She dreams of founding a music academy in her hometown Whidbey Island near Seattle, Washington. However, her dreams are shattered when she is told that she has been expelled from the conservatory because they received a slanderous letter regarding her from a Bram Everstone. Devastated, she has no choice but to leave and live with her Great-Aunt Claudine and cousin Lawry in Boston. At her Aunt's home she finds love and acceptance. Her Aunt informs her that Amaryllis' estranged grandmother has left her with a fortune. However, in order to receive this fortune she must marry within an allotted time. Amaryllis has no desire to marry, she mistrusts men due to past heartaches. Bram's son Nathan Everstone shows up at her Aunt's home. What is the son of that hated man, Barm Eversone doing here? Bram has ruined her life more than once, first with her mother and then at the Conservatory. Now she has to deal with his son. Bram could have his choice of many of the young women in his social circle but he has his heart set on Amaryllis. How is he to get close to her when she avoids him at every turn. Amaryllis doesn't believe anything he says to her. There are other men who vie for her hand in marriage, seeking her fortune. How will Amaryllis know if her suitors are trustworthy? Can she believe her heart when she falls in love with one of the suitors? As Amaryllis and Nathan struggle to find their way, Amaryllis' life is threatened and she is kidnapped. The kidnapper wants her fortune. Her kidnapper informs her that it was he, not Bram, who sent that slanderous letter to the conservatory and is he who marry her and her money. Can Nathan find her before it is too late? I had a hard time getting into the beginning of the story, but as I read on I was caught up in Amaryllis and Nathan's story. Mystery, murder, misunderstandings, intrigue, suspense, lies and deceit are woven throughout the story line. It was good to see the growth of the characters as well as their faith and spiritual growth woven in the story. ~~I won an e-book copy from the author on Amanda Geaney's review site for my review~~
TS1 More than 1 year ago
With this story, Ms. Crandall has cemented herself as the Queen of historical romance (imo). The Bound Heart was so phenomenal I don't even know where to begin for my review. Meredyth Summercourt is on a path set for redemption. She feels she has to marry Vance Everstone for absolution of her sins. Enter Lawry Hampton. He's been her best friend since she could remember and he's set on courting Meredyth. Lawry loves Meredyth with a steadfast love that never wavers. He IS the good guy and I rooted for him the whole way through. This was an excellent page turner that got better with each page. Read it and ENJOY!!
RyebrynnLylaShveer More than 1 year ago
This book drew me in with a refreshing, new plot, a familiar character, and new love, and is by far my favorite of the Everstone Chronicles! THE GOOD 1. Lawry!!! He's so great. 2. The plot of this book is just really great. Well paced and suspenseful! 3. Vance! I loved how rude he was and how he changed from a rude guy to someone special. I can't wait for his story! 4. Meredith! She was loyal and torn and really quite a good character. 5. I loved the love in this story. It was unexpected and sweet. 6. I was glued to this book! I couldn't leave it alone until I finished it. 7. I love the cover on this book! It is really beautiful. 8. Wynn! She was sweet and lovely and a great addition to the book. 9. Garrett and Ainsley! I loved how their story developed within Meredyth and Lawry's. 10. The loved the romance! Carrying on with the things I loved with the last book. 11. The emotion! The emotional stakes are definitely raised in this book. 12. Again, the first person. I just love that Dawn wrote her books in first person. THE BAD 1. The book was confusing while I figured out a few things. FOR THE PARENTS INTIMACY/KISSING - Meredyth gave her virtue to Vance, which was important for the plot. It's implied, but not shown. Also some mild kissing and innuendos. CUSSING - Nothing to report! VIOLENCE - This book is a bit more violent. People are shot. Someone dies.
BeckBeckBG More than 1 year ago
I just finished The Bound Heart. I loved Lawry and Meredyth even though I wanted to strangle her sometimes! I also loved her, Wynn and Lawry together! I loved the use of Christianity throughout the book. The first night, I read to 2 am!!!! And each day since I've been reading the book or thinking about it!
Charity_Andrews More than 1 year ago
I am not really sure where to begin! For once, I am at a loss for words. Yes, I know! I agree! That is unbelievable!! The Bound Heartis the second book in The Everstone Chronicles series. The story is about a girl that has lost her way. She has a deep secret that nobody can ever find out and that she can only “fix” by marrying a certain Vance Everstone. With her heart set on that, she has hardened it to God and any other man that may show interest. She doesn’t believe her worth and the value she has in God’s Eyes. This book had me in tears. It was such a powerful, deep and emotional book. It dealt with real life issues. Problems that we face, or I should say, don’t face. Problems we run away from. The hero in this book is unlike any other. He represents God’s love and forgiveness. He is Jesus to her. For a first time author, I am blow away by the depth of this series. It is so full of life, rich with plot lines, characters that are unforgettable and relatable. The first book was great, this second book was unbelievable. I don’t know how she’s going to outdo this with the third, and final, book in this series! I’m excited to find out (: Thanks, Dawn, for a copy of this book! As always, this is my honest opinion!! Here’s to many more!! (PLEASE!)
TrishPT More than 1 year ago
So Excited! I had the privilege of previewing Dawn Crandall's second book from "The Everstone Chronicles" series, "The Bound Heart". Though she is a new author to me, it didn't take me long to fall in love with her characters. I was right there with them, in no time. I always advocate reading series in order, so I am looking for "The Hesitant Heiress", the first book in the series. Dawn reaches back in time to the late 1800's for these books. I loved imagining myself in the settings she portrayed. She is definitely an author that will be on my "BE SURE TO READ" list. "THE BOUND HEART" comes out the first part of November. Be sure to check it out. You won't be disappointed.
Rebecca1_29 More than 1 year ago
Dawn Crandall has done it again, a beautiful job communicating truths encased in a breathless romance. Set in the highbrow world of late 19th century New England and filled with characters I could relate to, The Bound Heart kept me turning pages. The twists and turns were well-crafted, filled with curiosity-inducing hints at the revelations to come. The historical setting made me feel like I was in a different world, a world of ballrooms and carriages and calling cards. But most of all I felt for the heroine, Meredyth Summercourt, hindered by a past she struggled to overcome. I really liked how that aspect of the story unfolded, and how it was resolved. The spiritual truths were told in a natural way through the heroine’s eyes. In short, The Bound Heart has it all—intriguing characters, mystery, adventure, and a love story that made the book difficult to put down.
Susan21 More than 1 year ago
'll admit to this one being my favorite of the bunch. There was just something so sweet about Meredith and Lawry's relationship. Add to it the redemption of Meredith as she realizes God's forgiveness and grace in the middle of her was a beautiful story! I love stories that give hope, that show that no one is perfect and then use that backdrop to bring in God's all-consuming love, removing chains and setting captives free. That's exactly what The Bound Heart does. It's also an amazing romance between two characters you root for from their first kiss in chapter one. One kiss truly did throw both their worlds upside down, and the rest of the book is them tilting back to exactly where they belong. 
BrittanyMc More than 1 year ago
The Bound Heart is the second book in the Everstone Chronicles. I loved the first book, The Hesitant Heiress, and wondered if this second one could possibly be as good. Well, it definitely is and I love it even more than the first! These characters are wonderfully deep and complex and the themes of redemption, God’s cleansing grace, and forgiveness are beautifully wrapped up in a story that I did not want to set down. Meredyth feels bound by obligation to marry a man she does not love. Having convinced herself that it is the right thing to do, she has trouble keeping her growing and changing feelings toward her best friend, Lawry, under control. Lawry is one of the best heroes I have ever read about. I liked him right from the start, but my admiration for him grew with every chapter I read, and then grew even more toward the end of the book as I realized just what an honorable man he truly was. These two best friends are so right for each other. You can see it all through the book. And although Meredyth is determined to wed another, for all the wrong reasons, I could understand why she had this misguided notion. I loved the twists and turns in this story. It kept me on my toes right till the very end. I enjoyed getting to catch up with the characters that I had grown close to in the first book of the series, and also to get to know a few new ones as well. A sweet child named Wynn enabled an even closer bond to grow between Meredyth and Lawry, while a rogue named Vance sought to undermine all that was good between them. Even so, Vance was a character that I would like to see redeemed in a future story! What an interesting tale that would be. My thanks to the author for the complimentary copy of The Bound Heart. All thoughts and opinions expressed in this review are my own.
SavannaKaiser More than 1 year ago
Sometimes I come across a book that’s hard to review for all the best reasons. I hardly know where to begin with everything I loved about The Bound Heart. I read the book in the space of a couple days, stealing moments for reading wherever – and whenever – I could. It was a hard story for me to put down. Each chapter breathes so naturally into the next. And honestly, as anxious as I was to know how it ended, I was sad to turn the last page and say goodbye. Meredyth and Lawry became my friends. And I have a feeling they’ll become yours too. I couldn’t help but love spending 300+ pages with them. With a flair that reminded me of Julie Lessman’s stories, these two are passionate about many things – their friendship, regrets, dreams, and their feelings for each other. And those kisses? Wow! ;) My heart thudded along with theirs at many surprising turning points throughout the story. In first person POV, with all the angst and emotion of Jane Eyre, The Bound Heart is all about unconditional love, forgiveness, faithfulness, and friends. I loved the opening quote to every chapter. So fitting and poetic for the various themes. While this comes second in the Everstone Chronicles, it can be read on its own. Of course, I encourage you to read them all. I’m already counting down to the next release. ;) The Bound Heart was one of the most romantic and intriguing stories I’ve read this year. I loved Meredyth and Lawry. I love the author. I love the series. This gripping tale is one I’ll be reading again. This review is my honest opinion. Thanks to the author and publisher for my copy.
eLynda More than 1 year ago
My Favorite Fictional Hero of the Year! The Bound Heart is the second book in The Everstone Chronicles by Dawn Crandall, though this book primarily tells the story of Meredyth Summercourt.  She is a young woman of wealth and privilege who hides a secret from almost everyone who knows her.  Waiting for the man she believes she will marry, Vance Everstone, to return from an extended stay in Europe, she suddenly begins seeing her best friend, Lawry Hampton, in a new light.  But she finds her heart bound, almost against her will, to Vance; how will she ever decide who to choose, and can she find forgiveness for her past to move on to the future she so desperately wants? I loved the characters in this novel, mostly because they were fleshed out and human.   Meredyth was very stubborn at times, and yet so very vulnerable, too.  She has a depth of integrity about her that isn't often portrayed so poignantly in a female character, struggling to let go of the guilt binding her to the man she thought she loved in order to take hold of a far better gift from God.  But the pull of remorse is strong, and she feels that God requires some kind of penance to have his disappointment in her satisfied.  She tries hard to resist the attraction to her dearest friend, Lawry, even more so once she realizes the feelings are mutual; he is too good for her, and Meredyth is sure that if he knew her secret, he’d want nothing to do with her.  She would rather keep him as a friend than lose him by revealing the truth. Lawry had my heart from the first use of his nickname.  Just as I'd always loved Laurie in Little Women, I felt this character would be special as well.  His caring, loving and forgiving spirit joined with his protective nature makes him a stand out hero.  Without revealing one of the most beautiful plot twists I’ve ever experienced in a novel, I can say I was brought to tears by a late revelation that made me love this character even more—he is easily my favorite hero out of the books I have read this year!  Yes, he’s that special! The contrast between the social classes is very stark; the Everstones, Summercourts and the Hamptons have money and time to spare, but there are “acceptable” ways to spend both.  The orphans that Meredyth and Lawry secretly teach and support have next to nothing; they are grateful for the roof over their heads, plain clothing, and the attention they receive.  It is the classic picture of the “haves” and the “have-nots.”  But deep within, both desire to make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate, even willing to give up some of their own comforts to do so. This is a very difficult book to write a review for, not because I didn’t like the book, but because so many of the things I absolutely loved about it are involved in the various plot twists and I don’t want to include spoilers.  I’ll have to be content with highly recommending this book.  The writing is excellent, the story is fascinating, and I can’t say enough good things about it.  Pick up this book—it is time well spent.  I know I will be anxiously awaiting the third book in this series! I received a complimentary advance copy of this book from the author in exchange for this honest review.
BookReviewerNicole More than 1 year ago
*Description* Meredyth Summercourt's life seems to have come to a halt...ever since that dreadful day in the cave with Vance Everstone...and in the days, months, and years since he left for another country. Now here she is...five years later and she's still waiting...alone and confused by the friendship of her good friend Lawry. He's always been like another older brother to her. The question he just a friend? Or could he be more? And does she even want him to be? When Lawry and Meredyth find a little boy desperate for their help, will he draw them together? Or do his secrets change everything for them? Lawry Hampton seems to have made a mess of his life and his friendship and is at his wit's end when he saves little Wynn. The little boy reminds him of why he started an orphanage and is a reminder that everyone has secrets and problems of their own. When he gets frustrated and can't seem to get through to Meredyth, he knows he can't give up...but how does he continue on with the discouraging turn of their friendship? And why can't she understand he's always hoped to be more then her honorary "big brother" and best friend? Will she ever? And if she does realize how much he cares, will she return his feelings or will he be once again rejected? *Why I liked it* The Bound Heart is a great book. It has a different storyline then most books...I can imagine being a writer it is both very hard and stressful to come up with something different then the hundreds of other books already written...Dawn once again pulls it off phenomenally. The words she uses are awesome for young and old alike because (and I'll use an Anne of Green Gables quote here) she doesn't use all the "highfalutin mumbo-jumbo" some historical romances use. :) It also teaches us that people aren't always as they seem...and that they can change, giving us hope and excitement for us and the characters. What didn't I like: Is there a bad part in the book?! What page was that? Oh yeah...I don't think there WAS a bad part. You may think that is impossible but this author has got it long as she keeps writing, I'll keep reading!! The only thing that younger readers may not like is the prologue and a brief act of shooting towards the end. *My Rating* I give The Bound Heart... 4 1/2 stars out of five for teen approved and an excellent an unique romance novel. It's a curl up by the fire read! *Why my rating is what it is* 4 1/2 stars out of five for teen approved because of the insinuation on what happened in the cave (very few younger readers will and should understand what is implied) and for the act of violence at the very end. One thing I will say is this: This is a FIVE star book for me... the only thing that made it 4 1/2 is for younger readers. Readers should generally be at least 14 to read this book...unless you are overly mature like I was at that age. (Not always a good thing! ;) *I received an advanced copy of this book for my honest review. I was not compensated in any other way and all thoughts are my own
Lane_Hill_House More than 1 year ago
Sunday, November 9, 2014 The Bound Heart by Dawn Crandall, © 2014 The Everstone Chronicles ~ Book Two “God loves you, Meredyth, and wants to use your abilities to bless others as well as yourself. Even if you don't feel useful, you can be.” ¿ Dawn Crandall, The Bound Heart Only Christ can rectify our past; we cannot ~ no matter how strenuously we might try. Circumvented by unforgotten events, we chide ourselves, never able to get out from underneath it on our own. Visualizing how we think it should turn out, our future is not entirely our own to decide. When others are involved, they too have free will to choose their own outcome ~ rather certain or retrospective in hidden thought. Meredyth is longing to find fulfillment, her purpose, as she awaits her long-sought future unfolding. Dawn Crandall is an author to watch. I love her stories! I began reading this second installment yesterday morning, interspersed until the wee hours. It was difficult to leave Meredyth in her quandary. What an intriguing family the Everstones are. Some not so close, but yet when it comes down to it, they are very much aligned together. Meredyth Summercourt's family has a summer cottage on Mount Desert Island in Bar Harbor, Maine. Sailing from Boston every summer to cooler weather, families shared the summer months up and down the beach. Nearby, growing up, were Meredyth and her three older brothers, Lawry Hampton and his younger sister, Ainsley, and three Everstone brothers and their younger sister, Estella. Determined to wait for one Everstone brother to return from years exploring Europe, Meredyth's story unfolds. Her heart is bound to him to right a wrong. I am waiting for her to find that is not who her alliance is to be with. Her struggles surface when she finds Lawry has interests that include her. Young Wynn Rosselet is rescued from a bully on the streets. Wynn is very vital in the story, as Meredyth begins to see what love looks like. Calling her an endearing "Mere'dy" is just the melody of her beginning to open her heart to hope. Each chapter heading is followed by a quote that encloses the content perfectly. So rich in pursuit and received for who she is, Meredyth is lovingly drawn to forgiveness and freedom far greater than the self-loathing and unworthiness she has lived with for many years. For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end. Then shall ye call upon me, and ye shall go and pray unto me, and I will hearken unto you. And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart. And I will be found of you, saith the LORD: and I will turn away your captivity... --Jeremiah 29:11-14a Love and acceptance available to reach out and have, to be alive and live. Safety in the one who waits for her. Written in first person from Meredyth's point of view, she seeks amid struggles to find where she rightfully belongs. Well-written, with the lives of those around her, the ending offers forgiveness and release looking to the welfare of others. ***Thank you to author Dawn Crandall and Whitaker House for this copy of Book Two in The Everstone Chronicles ~ The Bound Heart. This review was written in my own words. No other compensation was received.***
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Can love survive the ramifications of a horrible event from long ago? Lawry Hampton certainly hopes so, but convincing Meredyth Summercourt won't be easy. Filled with the emotional twists and turns I came to love in the first Everstone Chronicles book, The Bound Heart held my attention from page one all the way to the end. This book will sweep you away to another place and time, and the prose gives you the sense that each heart-wrenching moment matters. There were so many tender moments to savor in this story -- the sweet relationship between Lawry and six-year-old Wynn. And the kisses...Let's just say Dawn Crandall is a pro at creating swoon-worthy romantic tension. At times, I struggled to understand Meredyth's dogged loyalty to righting her wrong with Vance Everstone. I knew the deeper reason at play, but her choices confused me at times, especially as his lack of character became abundantly clear. That said, I was still glued to the story, hoping Meredyth would find the freedom she needed in order to follow her heart with no guilt attached. And at the end, I was really moved by her redemptive scene. I love how the author portrayed her redemption not just through finding acceptance in the eyes of a man, but that her true, lasting peace had to come from God's love alone. And of course, a romance isn't complete without a happily-ever-after ending, which this novel definitely delivers. All in all, I'd give The Bound Heart a solid 4-1/2 stars. I'm anxiously awaiting Book 3!