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Boy from Oz [A Decca Broadway Original Cast Musical]

The Boy from Oz [A Decca Broadway Original Cast Musical]

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Australia’s favorite son, the flamboyant performer Peter Allen, may have had his highest profile in the late '70s, but his legacy lives on in the many quality songs his name is attached to as composer, including “ I Honestly Love You,” “I Go to Rio,” “Everything Old Is New Again,” “Don’t Cry Out Loud,” and “I’d Rather Leave when I’m in Love.” Each of those songs, plus


Australia’s favorite son, the flamboyant performer Peter Allen, may have had his highest profile in the late '70s, but his legacy lives on in the many quality songs his name is attached to as composer, including “ I Honestly Love You,” “I Go to Rio,” “Everything Old Is New Again,” “Don’t Cry Out Loud,” and “I’d Rather Leave when I’m in Love.” Each of those songs, plus plenty of other Allen gems, is heard on the highly entertaining cast album of The Boy from Oz, featuring Hugh Jackman as Allen. The show’s featured songs echo Allen’s career and personal life, including a short-lived marriage to Liza Minnelli, presenting a modern showbiz tale of the mercurial nature of fame and romance. With the legendary producer Phil Ramone behind the boards, this cast album has a snap, as well as a poignancy, that should resonate with listeners who remember Allen, as well as those who are coming to his music for the first time.

Editorial Reviews

All Music Guide - William Ruhlmann
It was entirely appropriate that, on October 16, 2003, The Boy from Oz became the first Australian musical to reach Broadway. The show, which played for two years in Sydney after opening there in 1998, tells the life story of Peter Allen, the Australian-born singer/songwriter who achieved his greatest fame in New York, even starring in his own Broadway musical, Legs Diamond, in 1988. That show opened to disastrous reviews, but the notices for The Boy from Oz were more favorable, particularly with regard to the star, Hugh Jackman, the Australian film actor who had also previously performed musicals in Australia and London. Critics had less use for the rest of the show, however. Allen's biography has certain advantages and disadvantages as a stage vehicle. It is certainly full of dramatic event, as the singer rises from humble beginnings to television success in Australia, then is taken under the wing of Judy Garland and marries her daughter, Liza Minnelli, later developing a cabaret career in the U.S. that culminates in performances at Radio City Music Hall, before dying of AIDS. But for a general audience likely to know Allen, if at all, only through the songs he wrote, among them the Olivia Newton-John hit "I Honestly Love You," he is in danger of being overshadowed by his better-known mother-in-law and wife. And that's where the charismatic Jackman comes in, balancing out that equation with his performing verve. On record, of course, one gets only the songs, not the story. So, the original Broadway cast album of The Boy from Oz is essentially a Peter Allen greatest-hits collection, as sung by Jackman, with appearances by Isabel Keating as Garland, and Stephanie J. Block as Minnelli. Thankfully, Allen's music, which has been shoe-horned into the plot in the same way that ABBA's was in Mamma Mia!, works much better than ABBA's does; some of it was actually written as Broadway show music, and most of the rest might as well have been. It's better just to forget that Judy Garland died before the songs Keating is given to sing were even written, and that Minnelli never sang her songs here, either. Both Keating and Block do credible jobs without resorting to parody. But it's Jackman who is the real focus, and he performs well. Ironically, some of Allen's best-known songs have been given to others: Jarrod Emick, as Allen's boyfriend, sings "I Honestly Love You" (from beyond the grave, as it happens, but let's just forget that, too), and Beth Fowler, as his mother, sings "Don't Cry Out Loud." But Jackman is equally convincing on the up-tempo songs such as "I Go to Rio," and the ballads he does get to perform. The album deletes one song heard on-stage, "Sure Thing Baby," and adds a "bonus track" not actually performed in the show: the autobiographical "Tenterfield Saddler." Since the latter is one of Allen's best songs, and certainly his most personal, it's hard to complain about that. It's only too bad no place was found for the song in the production.

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Decca Broadway


Album Credits

Performance Credits

Todd Anderson   Vocals,cast
Randy Andos   Trombone
Brian Brake   Drums
Beth Fowler   Vocals,cast
Earl Gardner   Trumpet
Daniel Miller   Cello
Clinton Sharman   Trombone
Roger Squitero   Percussion
Vivian Israel   Cello
Jeff Kievit   Trumpet,Lead
Sylvia Davanzo   Concert Master
Fritz Krakowski   Violin
Don McGeen   Reeds
Brad Anderson   Vocals,cast,Announcer
Hugh Jackman   Vocals,cast
Michael Mulheren   Vocals,cast
Dan McMillan   Percussion
Pamela Jordan   cast
Tino Gagliardi   Trumpet
Kenny Dybisz   Reeds
Mark Berman   Keyboards
Ben Kono   Reeds
Natalie Cenovia Cummins   Violin
Patrick Vaccariello   Conductor,Background Music
Victor Heifets   Violin
Stephanie J. Block   cast
Naleah Dey   Vocals,cast
Nicolas Dromard   Vocals,cast
Tyler Hanes   Vocals,cast
Jessica Hartman   Vocals,cast
Colleen Hawks   Vocals,cast
Jim Laev   Keyboards
Isabel Keating   Vocals,cast
Tari Kelly   Vocals,cast
Brian J. Marcum   Vocals,cast
Leslie Alexander   Vocals,cast
Matthew Stocke   Vocals,cast
J.J. McGeehan   Guitar
Jarrod Emick   Vocals,cast
Peter Prosser   Cello
Stephanie Kurtzuba   Vocals
Nina Evthuhov   Violin
Mitchel David Federan   Vocals
Stephanie Block   Vocals
Boy from Oz Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Cecilia Hobbs Gardner   Violin
Heather Laws   Vocals
Pamela Jordan   Vocals
Sylvia D'Avanzo   Concert Master
Timothy A. Fitz-Gerald   Vocals
Christopher Freeman   Vocals
Kelly Crandall   Vocals
Jennifer Savelli   Vocals
John Hill   Vocals

Technical Credits

Michael Callen   Composer
Christopher Cross   Composer
Peter Allen   Composer,Lyricist
Burt Bacharach   Composer
Carole Bayer Sager   Composer
Mark Hummel   Dance Arrangement
Adrienne Anderson   Composer
Jeff Barry   Composer
Frank Filipetti   Engineer,Engineering
Dean Pitchford   Composer
Phil Ramone   Producer
D. Foster   Composer
Joan Marcus   Production Photography
Carla Leighton   Art Direction
Paul Huntley   Wig Designer
Joey McKneely   Choreographer
Robin Wagner   Scenic Design
Marsha Malamet   Composer
William Ivey Long   Costume Design
Tom Keane   Composer
Joe McConnell   Casting
Patrick Vaccariello   Vocal Arrangements,Music Direction
Lane Marsh   Company Manager
Stephen Maclean   Liner Notes
Chris Roberts   Executive Producer

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The Boy from Oz [A Decca Broadway Original Cast Musical] 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
Broadwaylove More than 1 year ago
I'll be honest and say that I mostly got this cd because I'm a huge fan of Stephanie J Block's. I've never seen the show, but there's a good description of the storyline in the liner notes which helps you figure out what's going on. I like knowing that most (if not all) of the music was written by Peter Allen himself. Hugh Jackman does a very good job. SJB as Liza is fantastic. If you already like the show, you'll love the soundtrack. If you aren't familiar with the show, the soundtrack is still very good, it just feels a little distant since I'm not always sure what's going on in the plot with each song.
Tommy4u More than 1 year ago
Who would have thought that Woverine could sing liie this. Hugh Jackman's voice is wonderful. He does credit to the fantastic Peter Allen music. If you want to make the experience even better, go to YouTube and watch some of the performances heard on this CD. Mr Jackman fully understands that you can act with the voice as much as the physical. Wonderful Album.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I went and saw The Boy From Oz in Brisbane, Australia. I was captivated from the moment Hugh Jackman started descending from the celing atop a white grand piano. I must admit I have not been to many stage productions but if this is the only one I ever see in my life I will be more than happy. The show was a fantastic portrayl of Peter Allen's life including all of his fabulous show stopping songs. Hugh Jackman was magnificent as Peter Allen, owning the stage every time he stepped foot on it. We must not however leave out the other cast members who all did an amazing job as well. As one girl put it so elequently as Hugh came out to sing his last song 'Once before I go' Hugh Jackman you can not only sing, dance, and act "You're Hot!"
Guest More than 1 year ago
Just got back from Broadway and saw the show--Hugh Jackman is INCREDIBLE. If your only experience with Jackman is from X-Men, you are in for a startling surprise. The man can SING!...and ACT...and DANCE! I hope the CD has more than just the 10songs listed--ther are a LOT more in the musical. At the performance I attended we gave Jackman a 5 minute standing ovation BEFORE the show was even over! Unlike 'Wicked', I dont know what kind of life this show will have when Jackman leaves--it is a one-man powerhouse, though the other performers are tremendous, especially those playing Judy Garland (incredible), the young Peter (he's only 11!), George, his lover, and Peter's mother. You'll remember so many of these songs written by the talented Peter Allen, and all are sung well. In my book, the Tony for Best Actor has alredy been won. Go see 'The Boy From Oz' with Jackman in it if you are anywhere near Broadway (if you can get a ticket). Wonderful!
kmjr More than 1 year ago
A great recording of an amazing Broadway show. Hugh Jackman's delivery of Peter Allen's songs is wonderful. He too is the showman that Peter Allen was. Isabel Keating's vocals as Judy Garland seem to channel the legend. A grand way to find that "Everything Old is New Again!"
Guest More than 1 year ago
I just saw "The Boy from Oz" for the second time. I loved it and Hugh Jackman so much , I had to see it again. Hugh Jackman can sing and dance, and has such stage presence. I thought the entire cast was talented and it ended much too soon. We were on on feet before the show was over!!!! It is closing in a month. If you haven't seen it , you will miss one of the entertainment opportunities of a life time
Guest More than 1 year ago
Hugh Jackman is amazing and I love Young Peter but most of the cast isn't very talented. The songs were great but it didn't have much fire. Isabel Keating was terrible and Stephanie Block was just mediocre.