The Boy From The Woods

The Boy From The Woods

by Jen Minkman

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Julia has been in love with Michael for years. He’s the hottest guy in school, and she can’t believe her luck when they finally hit it off during Senior Prom. Her dream doesn’t last, though: after a few dates, he callously dumps her out of the blue. Summer vacation starts with Julia feeling heart-broken and miserable.

But then she rescues Michael in the woods when he has a motorcycle accident in a heavy thunderstorm. From that point onward, her life is turned upside down. Michael has changed completely after the blow to the head that nearly killed him... and he wants her back. But why is he so different? And will she be able to trust him this time around?

Can the boy who broke your heart ever win it back again..?

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Publisher: Jen Minkman
Publication date: 11/28/2013
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The Boy From The Woods 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
BuckeyeAngel More than 1 year ago
**I received an ARC of this story in exchange for an honest review** Julia's best friends are Gabby and her cousin Axle. Julia has had a thing for Michael for 2 years but she's also very shy around him. Julia loved going out in the woods. A spot under an ancient oak tree was her solitary hangout. She writes poems and song lyrics while there. At the masked ball graduation party, Michael asked Julia to dance. He kissed her, she went to his house and they had sex. Then Michael more or less forgot her. One rainy, stormy day, Julia found Michael unconscious in the forest from an accident with his motorbike. He was near death. When he miraculously healed, he was a lot different. Julia was a dreamer. She was artistic, loving, loyal and true. She had a big heart. She loved her family, friends and Michael. Michael, at first, you don't like him at all and in his own thinking, he is careless and cruel. After the accident, he was loving, friendly, loyal and very sweet and kind. I so enjoyed this book, even at the end with tears sliding down my cheeks. I know I'll return to read this book again. Great plot, great writing. I highly recommend it.
DiiMI More than 1 year ago
When Julia falls for the wrong boy, who uses her, then tosses her aside, she seeks solace in the woods, by the special tree that has become like a friend and confidant to her. Michael has avoided her after that one night she gave him everything. Was she just a joke to him? Did she mean so little? Only her tree heard her deepest thoughts. One day, she finds Michael, lying on the ground after an accident, bleeding, possibly dying at the foot of her tree. Healing rapidly, Michael is not the selfish boy he had once been, he is all Julia dreamed he could be, her fantasies come true. Had something magical happened? Was it the accident? Has her toad turned into her Prince Charming? When her sister begins to act strangely, and disappears into the woods, tales of the boy from the woods brings chills to everyone’s hearts. Will they find her in time? Is Michael somehow connected or is it the boy next door who has his eyes on Julia? The Boy from the Woods by Jen Minkman is a delightful tale blending the circle of life, nature and mankind’s connections with young love and heartache. Adding a touch of mystery and danger, this story unfolds at a gentle pace, that, in many ways mirrors the confusion and unexplainable feelings of youth with the magic of fairytales and spiritualism. Another refreshingly deep tale form a very talented author who has shared the life of a teen in a foreign land.
Blendyreadit More than 1 year ago
Have you ever met someone for the first time and in the beginning when you are first introduced, you think they are pretty cool and someone you could really like, then they start talking and you find that your nerves become a little irritated, then they have mannerisms that just get under your skin and by the end of the night, you notice every little thing that is wrong with them and the spittle that flies out of their mouth every time they speak is the last straw and if you don’t get out of their company soon, you’re bound to do them bodily harm and probably spend the night in jail? Yeah, that can pretty much sum up my encounter with The Boy from the Woods and it’s painfully obvious, we just weren’t meant to be friends. The blurb sounded so promising and I was looking forward to reading this, but after a few chapters, I wanted to be put out of my misery and by the end, I was mentally unfriending and blocking this book from my friend book list. I have this memory of when I went to the theater to see the movie, The Village by M. Night Shyamalan and about midway into the movie, I remember leaning over and whispering to my friend, “this movie would be so dumb if it’s all actually taking place in the present time, but for some reason, they are living like the Amish in some middle of the woods compound and don’t even know it!” (note: I have nothing against the Amish) So, you can imagine my reaction when the great reveal happened at the end of that movie, I was so astonished at the sheer ridiculousness of it all and the fact that I had been pretty spot on with my earlier prediction, that I was actually offended. Well, something like that kind of happened again while I was reading this. I had a moment where I thought, “I really hope that THIS is not where Ms. Minkman is taking this story!” and I’ll be damned if that isn’t EXACTLY where she went. If you decide to read this book, you need to also be aware of a few cultural differences, because one thing I know for sure is that beer and wine were NOT on the menu at my school prom, so it’s pretty obvious that the legal age limit for drinking is a bit younger there than it is here in the states. It’s not a big deal and I wouldn’t have minded having beer and wine at my prom (legally), but just fair warning to some readers who might find stuff like that hard to grasp. Overall, this was not a book I enjoyed and I really wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. It was not just one big thing that turned me off of this book, but also several little things that all culminated together to make this a bad experience for me. The concept was there, but everything else failed in my opinion. Happy reading, until next time… I would like to thank NetGalley and Storm Publishers for the ARC of this title in exchange for an honest review.
Snoopyvet More than 1 year ago
I loved this book from start to finish it is an amazing story. I felt like I was there and part of what was going on. I must visit Salzburg now.   
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Michelle Randall for Readers' Favorite For the last couple of years Julia has dreamed of the high school golden boy, Michael. She has used him to inspire her poetry and music and she has thought herself in love with him. At the graduation ball, he finally asks her to dance and kisses her, leading to a "date," then nothing. He never calls or texts her back, and when she runs into him on the street, he acts like she should be grateful he gave her the time. She is devastated. Now Michael has been in a motorcycle accident and is acting different. Should she give him a second chance? The Boy From the Woods takes us to Austria, to follow Julia and her group of close friends in the summer after high school. Jen Minkman weaves in the local life of Austria with Celtic folklore and traditions to create a story of young love and broken hearts. The Boy From the Woods is set in Austria, and when you start reading this is the first thing you need to know because if not you will be confused as to why they are drinking beer at a high school graduation party. That is part of the beauty of this story; no one gets drunk, they never drink that much, it is one or two and that is it. I think it sends a wonderful message to American youth that not all people look at drinking as something to do only to get drunk. Also with the story being set in Austria, Jen Minkman uses typical German phrases and greetings frequently, which lends to the authenticity of the story. It also makes you want to live in a place with so much history that certain things are continued through the generations. Add to that the forest and Celtic folklore, and you have a full and wonderful romance and coming of age story that is wonderfully written and great for any age reader.
WordVagabondReviews More than 1 year ago
The Boy from the Woods starts off seeming as though it might be just an ordinary YA romance, but ultimately becomes something stranger, more interesting and more complex.  In her second full-length English language novel, Minkman combines folklore and fantasy with surprising elements of mystery and suspense.  Every time I thought I knew what kind of book I was reading and how it would turn out, the story took another twist. Minkman’s writing style is evocative; her scene setting is haunting and immersive.  It was easy to slip into Julia’s world and to fall in love with her and the other characters.  Julia has more depth than is sadly typical for YA heroines, and Michael is an interesting puzzle.  The snippets of poetry throughout the book were beautiful, too. The Boy from the Woods is a wonderful addition to Minkman’s English language titles, and highly recommended for readers of YA romance.
Mommasez More than 1 year ago
I don't often cry while reading books--I may laugh or frown or get exasperated with the characters but I have only cried over a couple of books (yes, Harry Potter was one of these books!). I have to admit that I cried at the end of The Boy From The Woods WHILE I WAS AT WORK. The reason that this new adult book made me so emotional is that Jen Minkman really gets the younger generation and creates characters who act accordingly. The protagonist and her group of friends are good kids who don't hesitate to go out drinking every night. They complain about having to work and eagerly plan holiday trips. They obsess about boys and sex and going away to college. I have two teenagers so I know that this is basically the way kids think. Aside from the authenticity of her characters, Minkman also has a wonderful voice when writing. The story flows smoothly with many moments of teen jocularity and familial affection. When drama arises, the reader can feel tension or despair or anguish rolling off the page and THAT is what got me in trouble. The action rises in a crescendo, bringing the reader to the edge of her seat and heightening emotions. Like listening to opera, I had to release the feelings through tears. And of course, it was a really sad scene, lol. Through symbolism, Minkman views the circle of life--birth, death, and rebirth--continuously in the woods near Julia's home. The oak tree nurtures Julia as she grows from child to woman. The roots of a tree cause a near-tragic accident but then the trees give life back. The forest hides and protects Anne while also being the factor that brings her into danger. And while the forest isn't the main setting, it's always in the back of the characters' minds. Very romantic, mystical and tragic love story.
donniedarkogirl More than 1 year ago
The Boy From the Woods is so much more than a romance - it's a mysterious puzzle waiting to be solved. I love it when I'm reading a book, start developing my own theories as to what's going on, and new ideas start coming to me. It was really cool to enjoy the story while I was taking pieces of the puzzle and working on how everything fit together.  I thought the dialogue was witty and well written. I loved the dynamics of Julia's group of friends but didn't fully love Julia herself because she needed more respect for herself. Michael was not worthy of her feelings - they basically had a one night stand because after that night, he stopped talking to her. That's pretty crappy, and that alone would make me want to stay away from him forever. Of course I didn't blame her for saving his life when she found him in the woods - no matter what he had done, I would've helped him, too. She did the right thing, and I respected her for it.  I think at first she became intrigued with Michael again because she knew something was different about him. It was so strange that he was released so soon from the hospital after the horrific accident he was in, not to mention his amnesia seemed to have disappeared overnight. Suddenly, he's everywhere Julia is, and it became annoying to be honest. He remembered how he had treated her before the accident, yet it seemed because of his miraculous personality change, he expected her to embrace the new him and forget about the recent past.  While I wanted to find out what had happened to him, I can honestly say I didn't want Julia to end up with him. I rooted for Thorsten, her new neighbor. It was kind of odd to me that Julia met Thorsten not long after Michael's accident. I started wondering if they were the same person or something, lol. Thorsten was incredibly understanding though Julia was sending out mixed signals. At least she was honest with him when she told him how confused she felt and wasn't quite over Michael. I wasn't expecting the ending at all and was really happy with the unexpectedness of it. I liked the way the author integrated Celtic beliefs into the story, and I'm looking forward to the next book. This was definitely a different and absorbing story! I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. 
Charlie-Bennett More than 1 year ago
This book had me crying in certain parts. I love it when a book can touch me enough to make me emotional. It is a beautifully written story and the characters are so well written. I loved Julia and her crew. They are all really down to earth and Julia is this amazingly centred and lovely girl. You can't help but just want the best for her right from the start of the book. I like the way the storyline develops and the ending is just perfect, I won't give it away but it just seems right the way everything pans out but it had me in tears!