The Boys Body Book: Fifth Edition

The Boys Body Book: Fifth Edition

by Kelli Dunham RN, BSN

Paperback(5th ed.)

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The updated fifth edition of the #1 bestselling Boy’s Body Book includes everything you need to know about growing up, even the embarrassing stuff.

Things can get rocky during puberty. That’s why we made the Boy’s Body Book. The updated fifth edition of this #1 bestselling book made just for boys contains everything you need to know about growing up, even the embarrassing stuff; it also includes topical issues like school safety and consent. Author and nurse Kelli Dunham covers everything from body changes to planning for college, giving pre-teen boys the answers they need to prepare for puberty and beyond.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781604338324
Publisher: Applesauce Press
Publication date: 05/07/2019
Edition description: 5th ed.
Pages: 148
Sales rank: 109,629
Product dimensions: 6.90(w) x 10.20(h) x 0.40(d)
Age Range: 9 - 12 Years

About the Author

Kelli Dunham, RN, BSN, is a nurse, stand-up comic, and author of How to Survive and Maybe Even Love Nursing School, How to Survive and Maybe Even Love Your Life as a Nurse, and The Boy’s Body Book: Everything You Need to Know for Growing Up You, also published by Applesauce Press. She has worked as a primary care and home visiting nurse with first-time new moms. She has lived in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Ohio, Oklahoma, Florida, Portland, Oregon, New York, and on a houseboat in Philadelphia. In her spare time she likes to read, skateboard, and she would really, really like to learn to play the banjo.

Table of Contents

Foreword Destiny is a Matter of Choice 6

Introduction What's Changing? 8

Chapter 1 What on Earth Is Going on Around Here? 14

All About This Thing Called Puberty 14

Growth Spurts 16

Whoa, What's Going on Down There? 18

Morning Surprises 19

Am I Turning into a Werewolf? 20

What's That Smell?: Changes in Your Skin 21

Emotional Changes 21

Hey, Am I Getting Breasts? 23

What's That Cracking Sound?: Vocal Changes 24

A Quick Review of What's Normal 26

Chapter 2 The Care and Feeding of Your Changing Body 28

Hit the Showers 30

Wash Those Hands 30

Lotion: It's Good for Every Body 32

Heading Out: Hair 33

The Ear from Which You Hear 34

Oh, Eye See 35

Putting Your Best Face Forward 36

Keeping Your Awesome Smile Looking Awesome 38

Do I Have to Go?: Boys and the Dentist 39

Tiny Little Train Tracks: The Drama of Braces 40

Shaving 41

Arming Your Underarms! 41

Your First Shave 42

Meet Your Feet 44

Get Dressed 45

Am I Normal? 46

Eating Healthy for Growing Boys 47

Fast Food Tips 49

Healthy Eating on the Move 50

Sports: One Way to Work Your Muscles 51

Sports Safety 53

Keep It Moving: Beyond Team Sports 56

Performance Enhancements: Don't Risk It 58

Yawn: Boys and Sleep 58

Wetting the Bed 59

More Tips for Sleeping Well 60

Chapter 3 Friends and Feelings 62

I'm Driving Myself Crazy: Dealing with Out of Control Feelings 64

Making Friends 68

Friendship Skills 70

A Few More Tips About Body Language and Listening 72

Is a Crush a Must? 74

Personal Empowerment 74

Consent and Boundaries 78

Chapter 4 What Do These People Want from Me?: Changes at Home 80

Responsibility and You 82

Curfews and Other Rules 83

Chores 84

Oh Brother (Or Sister): The Art of Being Friends with Siblings 86

The Care and Feeding of Parents: How to Talk so They Will Listen 89

Chapter 5 Your Changing Body in the Outside World and at School 90

Studying: Yes, It's a Skill 92

A Quiz: What Do You Know About Grades? 94

Getting the Help You Need: Learning Disabilities 96

Getting Along with Teachers 99

It's Not Just About the Books: Extracurricular Activities and You 100

Non-Sports Activities 101

Dress for Success 104

Chapter 6 Staying Safe IRL and Beyond 106

Interactions with Adults 106

Peer Pressure 109

Bullying and Teasing: How to Protect Yourself 111

Being Brave Without Becoming a Bully 113

Personal Safety: Maintaining Those Boundaries 115

Building a Great Reputation and Staying Safe 117

Staying Safe in Electronic and Virtual Worlds 118

Cyberbullying 120

Give Yourself a Break 122

Chapter 7 The Mess That Is Stress 124

All Different Bodies, All Different Brains 124

Moving 127

Divorce 129

Drugs, Alcohol, and Other Unhealthy Stuff 131

Super-Stressed Families 132

Chapter 8 To Your Future and Beyond! 134

Saving, Spending, and Other Hard Decisions 135

Exploring Career Options 137

College, Here I Come (Well, In A Few Years) 138

Conclusion 140

Resources And Further Reading

Books 141

Websites 142

Meet the Contributors 143

Index 144

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