The Boys' House: New and Selected Stories

The Boys' House: New and Selected Stories


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The Boys' House: New and Selected Stories by Jim Heynen

Chosen as an "Editors' Favorite Books of 2001" by The Bloomsbury Review

These sixty-four sharply honed stories, selected by the author from more than twenty years of work, showcase Jim Heynen's equal mastery of terse, elegant prose and old-style country wit and wisdom. Every tale is an unerring slice from the lives of a group of farm boys, each full of mischief and witness to the world's tiny miracles. They make coat sails to carry them down a frozen road, teach a three-legged dog to shake hands, build a house from the junk grown-ups throw away, but they also rescue pigs from an unexpected blizzard, feed apples to a blind pony, and learn the songs of different birds. Along the way, they encounter an unforgettable cast of characters: the goose lady, the girl at school with six toes, the man who kept cigars in his cap, Spitting Sally, their crazy Uncle Jack, and dozens more. Heynen's stories, as uniquely American as those of Mark Twain or Sherwood Anderson, are ribald fun, but, like all good country tales, they are also filled with surprises and unexpected, deeper implications.

For this book Heynen has written twenty new stories and revised many of those tales originally published in his first two collections, both now unavailable. This retrospective volume serves as a wonderful companion to his much-praised collection, The One-Room Schoolhouse: Stories About the Boys.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780873514385
Publisher: Minnesota Historical Society Press
Publication date: 07/01/2002
Edition description: 1
Pages: 208
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 6.90(h) x 0.70(d)

Table of Contents

That Could Have Been You5
The Hornets' Nest8
Garden Rabbits10
The Stray Cat in the Garden14
Who Had Six Toes18
The Corn Bin24
The Boys Go to Ask a Neighbor for Some Apples28
An Alligator in the Sandpit30
Who Are Those People Anyhow?32
The Pet Squirrel36
In Which the Librarian Writes a Letter to the Editor39
The Man Who Raised Turkeys42
If the Weather Stayed Nice49
Is Uncle Jack Crazy?51
The Rich Man53
An Unexpected Blizzard55
The Albino Fox58
A New Year's Story61
Boy's Work66
Who Were Poor and Crazy69
Potato Soup71
Winter Chores73
Coat Sails76
The Boys Learn to Use Wire78
Big Boots80
Chicken Pox85
The Robin's Nest87
Who Had Good Ears90
The Parrot95
Have You Ever Seen a Sad Sparrow98
Uncle Jack and the Ducks101
What the Boys Did about the Lightning104
The Boys Learn about Water106
Spitting Sally108
The Rooster and Hen Secret110
The Man Who Sharpened Saws112
The Great Strength114
Who Stole Things116
Buttermilk Pop118
Uncle Jack and the Compass121
Go to the Ant, Thou Sluggard124
Fewer Cats Now127
Sunday School129
The Bad Day133
The Goose Lady136
The Man Who Kept Cigars in His Cap139
Who Made Her Husband Do All the Work142
Strange Smells in the Night145
Ducks and Bacon Rind147
Uncle Jack's Riddle152
The Blind Pony156
The Old Turtle158
The Big Push160
The Injured Fawn162
The Flamethrower164
Ground Squirrels166
The Old Policeman170
The Boys Learn by Watching173
The Old Boar and the Pigs176
Death Death Death178
Uncle Jack and the Beautiful Schoolteacher180
The Boys' House183

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