The Brain Box: Cerebral Sounds of Brain Records 1972-1979

The Brain Box: Cerebral Sounds of Brain Records 1972-1979


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Release Date: 04/21/2017
Label: Ume
UPC: 0600753695647
catalogNumber: 5369564
Rank: 37612


Disc 1

  1. Leave Me
  2. I Turned to See Whose Voice It Was
  3. I Turned to See Whose Voice It Was
  4. Daytime
  5. Daytime
  6. Kamasutram
  7. Kamasutram
  8. Plas
  9. Plas
  10. Oxymoron
  11. Oxymoron
  12. Wonderful Music
  13. Wonderful Music
  14. A Question of Decision
  15. A Question of Decision
  16. Natron
  17. Natron
  18. A Young Man's Gash, Pt. 2
  19. A Young Man's Gash, Pt. 2
  20. Get Up Don't Sleep So Long
  21. Get Up Don't Sleep So Long
  22. Morning Sun
  23. Morning Sun
  24. I Know What's Wrong
  25. I Know What's Wrong
  26. Samantha's Rabbit
  27. Samantha's Rabbit

Disc 2

  1. China
  2. Radio Marrakesch/Orient Express
  3. Radio Marrakesch/Orient Express
  4. Tears Are Goin' Home
  5. Tears Are Goin' Home
  6. Circulation of Events
  7. Circulation of Events
  8. Big City
  9. Big City
  10. The Story of Life
  11. The Story of Life
  12. No Freak Out
  13. No Freak Out
  14. Laughing
  15. Laughing
  16. Shitkicker
  17. Shitkicker
  18. Watussi
  19. Watussi
  20. A Place to Go
  21. A Place to Go

Disc 3

  1. Rambo Zambo
  2. You'll Never Come Back
  3. You'll Never Come Back
  4. A Meditation Mass, Pt. 3
  5. A Meditation Mass, Pt. 3
  6. Desert Places
  7. Desert Places
  8. Ways of Changes
  9. Ways of Changes
  10. Slapstick
  11. Slapstick
  12. Waiting for the Sunshine
  13. Waiting for the Sunshine
  14. Dronsz
  15. Dronsz

Disc 4

  1. Solar-Music, Pt. 1
  2. Caramba
  3. Caramba
  4. Mindphaser
  5. Mindphaser
  6. Des Zauberers Traum
  7. Des Zauberers Traum
  8. Walky Talky
  9. Explorer
  10. No Compromise
  11. No Compromise
  12. [Untitled]

Disc 5

  1. Windows
  2. Vielharmonie
  3. Vielharmonie
  4. Frankfurt
  5. Frankfurt
  6. Engel Der Gegenwart
  7. Engel Der Gegenwart
  8. Ammerland
  9. Ammerland
  10. Titanic
  11. Titanic
  12. Adonis, Pt. 1: Come Away
  13. Adonis, Pt. 2: The Disguise
  14. Adonis, Pt. 2: The Disguise
  15. Adonis, Pt. 3: Adonis
  16. Adonis, Pt. 3: Adonis
  17. Adonis, Pt. 4: Epitaph
  18. Adonis, Pt. 4: Epitaph

Disc 6

  1. For Against
  2. Lounge
  3. Lounge
  4. The Water
  5. The Water
  6. You Got the Power (To Turn Me On)
  7. You Got the Power (To Turn Me On)
  8. Time Take My Life
  9. Time Take My Life
  10. Island
  11. Second Spasm
  12. Wanderland
  13. Milky Way Moses
  14. Intuition
  15. Intuition

Disc 7

  1. Friedrichstr. 18
  2. Wer Schmetterlinge Lachen Hört
  3. Wer Schmetterlinge Lachen Hört
  4. Rico
  5. Expectations
  6. Out in the Rain
  7. River Field
  8. River Field
  9. I'm Really Into Rock'n'roll, Man
  10. I'm Really Into Rock'n'roll, Man
  11. All We Need
  12. All We Need
  13. Second Corner
  14. Second Corner
  15. No Deal
  16. Heart
  17. Herrenwies
  18. Every Land Tells a Story

Disc 8

  1. World Keeps On Turning
  2. New Day/Meadow
  3. New Day/Meadow
  4. Astralis
  5. Astralis
  6. Drei in Drei
  7. Drei in Drei
  8. Samba Für Heino Reher
  9. Samba Für Heino Reher
  10. Explorer/Wizzard
  11. Explorer/Wizzard
  12. Mädchen
  13. Mädchen
  14. Irgendwie
  15. Irgendwie
  16. Joy
  17. Joy
  18. Inner Voice
  19. Inner Voice

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Mark Powell   Idee

Technical Credits

Michael Rother   Composer
Klaus Schulze   Composer
Michael Schenker   Composer
Wolfgang Dauner   Composer
Jukka Tolonen   Composer
Roman Bunka   Composer
Gate   Composer
Ax Genrich   Composer
Gomorrha   Composer
Hakon Graf   Composer
Wolfgang Lindner   Composer
Veit Marvos   Composer
Dieter Moebius   Composer
Jim Pembroke   Composer
Asmus Tietchens   Composer
Uli Trepte   Composer
Udo Arndt   Composer
Harald Bareth   Composer
Okko Bekker   Composer
Hanus Berka   Composer
Thomas Bruck   Composer
Hanno Bruhn   Composer
Christian Burchard   Composer
Louis Cennamo   Composer
Willie Chambers   Composer
Vincent Crane   Composer
Klaus Dapper   Composer
Jurgen Drogies   Composer
Wolfgang Dziony   Composer
Edgar Froese   Composer
Joachim H. Ehrig   Composer
Rainer Erbel   Composer
Wolf Fabian   Composer
Klaus Fichter   Composer
Rolf Fichter   Composer
Peter Franken   Composer
Bruno Frenzel   Composer
Florian Fricke   Composer
Heinz Frohling   Composer
Gerhard Fuhrs   Composer
Dieter Geike   Composer
Brian Gulland   Composer
Christoph Hardwig   Composer
Lothar Heimberg   Composer
Kurt Herkenberg   Composer
Klaus Hess   Composer
Mats Hulden   Composer
Norbert Jacobsen   Composer
Richard Palmer-James   Composer
Uwe Karpa   Composer
Jurgen Karpenkiel   Composer
Waldo Karpenkiel   Composer
Thomas Karrenbach   Composer
Chris Axel Klober   Composer
Martin Knaden   Composer
Gunther Konopik   Composer
Wolfgang Krantz   Composer
Helmut Krieg   Composer
Jozsef Laux   Composer
Tom McGuigan   Composer
Klaus Meine   Composer
Fred Muhlbock   Composer
Allan Murdoch   Composer
Werner Nadolny   Composer
Mani Neumeier   Composer
Bernd Nossi Noske   Composer
Jorg Ohlert   Composer
Stefan Ostertag   Composer
Peter Panka   Composer
Jochen Peters   Composer
Konrad Plank   Composer
Martin Pugh   Composer
Lutz Rahn   Composer
Hans-Joachim Roedelius   Composer
Manfred Rurup   Composer
Bruno Schaab   Composer
Roland Schaeffer   Composer
Jan Simonsen   Composer
Matthias Ulmer   Composer
Hans Wallbaum   Composer
Klaus Weber   Composer
Peter Weihe   Composer
Jurgen Wenzel   Composer
Manfred Wieczorke   Composer
Michael Bradley   Composer
Martin Cockerham   Composer
Mark Powell   Concept,Track Compilation
Elias Grobschnitt   Composer
Marianne Rebesky   Composer
Michael Maas   Composer
Adrie Vergeer   Composer
Tom Klinck   Graphic Design
Christoph Franke   Composer
Friedrich von Hardenberg   Composer
Rudolf Schenker   Composer
Johannes Pappert   Composer
Klaus Lormann   Composer
Peter Baumann   Composer
Christian Thiele   Composer
Kjell Larsen   Composer
Sylvi Lillegaard   Composer
Will Luikinga   Composer
Johann Christoph Busse   Composer
Gabor Presser   Composer
Hans Martin Hesse   Composer
Charlie Prince   Composer
Jürgen Havix   Composer
Mäx' Dewald   Liner Notes
Angela Teistler   translation
Nicolas Stallard Diederichsen   Composer
Manfred Feuerhak   Composer
Konrad Becker   Composer
Henk Van Rookhuyzen   Composer

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