The Brainless Beauty

The Brainless Beauty

by Emmanuel Kelechi Egbugara


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ISBN-13: 9781490729312
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
Publication date: 03/05/2014
Pages: 148
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.32(d)

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By Emmanuel Kelechi Egbugara

Trafford Publishing

Copyright © 2014 Emmanuel Kelechi Egbugara
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4907-2931-2


To the star fields and the sea of diamonds, to the gold fields of sky horizons, and the beautiful setting sun, even the rumbling nimbus of the blue sky, the reapers are imaginations.

As the stretched hand of the breeze caresses and the whirlwind blows her whistles, these we appreciate by feelings but better enhanced by imagination, only when we stand with nature, belonged.

The afternoon was very hot as expected at this time of the year in the tropical region of Africa. The rainy season was gradually eroding away the dry season at this time of October, in particular in Lagos, where the weather condition was different from other parts of Nigeria, may be because of its geographical location of being close to the Atlantic Ocean. Hence, even if the sun was right up there at the equator, the breeze from the sea intermittently cruised in the atmosphere, soothing the inhabitants. And Victoria Island was the right place to be at this particular moment. Ugomma's parents lived in this locality.

'Ugomma, what time is your flight? I suppose it's by 2 p.m.'

'No, Mum, it's at exactly 3.30 p.m. The ADC (Aviation Development Company) airline will be departing Ikeja local airport for Calabar, the capital city of Cross River State.'

'Ah, your father phoned from his office about twenty minutes ago that he has fixed other necessary documents for the journey. However, he will be home soon for the family's get-together before seeing you off to the airport. I hope you have readily packed your luggage, and ensure not to forget any important thing behind, especially, your personal effects, okay?'

'Yes, Mum! You know, I started arranging and packing my belongings these past two days, invariably. There is no reason why I should forget anything behind.'

'Who is there?' Mrs Uboma asked. 'Maarako, can't you hear the horn of your father's car? Go quickly and open the gate for him. Yeah, that reminds me, where has the security man gone to?'

Ugomma answered, 'Mum, Sule took his child who suddenly took ill to the hospital.'

'That is all right,' she responded to her daughter.

A few minutes later, Mr Fredrick entered the house. 'Welcome, darling, how was your day at work?' Mrs Uboma enquired.

'Oh fine, Lolo. You smell nice. I like the fragrance of your perfume,' he complimented her. 'You know, because of Ugomma's journey to Calabar this afternoon, I had to conclude every other engagement that demanded my urgent attention because I have decided taking our daughter there, personally.' As he told his wife the latest plan, he called their youngest son, 'Uchendu!'

'Yes, Daddy?' he answered.

'Go to the driver and inform him to drive out the Toyota land cruiser jeep from the garage, which is the car we will use to go to the airport in the next hour, okay?'

'Yes, Daddy,' he responded and hastened to the driver's quarter.


'Yes, Daddy,' she responded.

'I hope everything is actually in order?' he enquired. And she answered in the affirmative while welcoming her father. 'I contacted my friend, Mr Benjamin Ekong, that we are arriving in Uyo this evening, about 5.30 p.m., since the ADC Airline has got provision for an air-conditioned bus that conveys passengers straight to Uyo from Calabar airport. Even then, the distance from Calabar to Uyo could be covered within one hour, forty-five minutes. Mr Ekong will be waiting there to drive us to his home at Ewet Housing Estate. And of course, his family will be waiting to receive us too.'

'O, darling, that's a good arrangement. I do remember Benjamin, your friend and fellow alumni at the University of Lagos, in those good old days,' his wife interjected.

'Yea, you know, after returning from Germany, Benjamin established an engineering firm down home which handles lots of contracting jobs for Mobil Producing Unlimited at Eket and ASCON (Aluminium Smelting Company of Nigeria) at Ikot Abasi, all in Akwa Ibom, his home state. In fact the old boy is doing marvellously well now.'

Then entered Uchendu, and his father enquired whether he had informed the driver. 'Yes, Daddy, Uncle Ephraim is taking his bath and will get the car ready at the soonest.'

'That's all right,' responded lgwe Uboma.

'Lunch is ready,' announced Mrs Uboma. 'Felicia, take some food to Ephraim, the driver, and join us at the table.'

'Yes, ma,' responded the house girl.

'Em! Beloved, the aroma of this egusi soup and pounded yam has aroused my appetite. This delicacy must have been prepared especially to celebrate your daughter becoming a university undergraduate.'

'Yes, O Igwe, my only daughter is going away, so I have to give her a "treat", jare.'

'Thanks, Mum, for caring,' Ugomma said.

'You are welcome, darling,' replied her mother. Igwe opened a bottle of wine, and they all toasted to the good health and God's guidance for Ugomma; clinking their glasses while saying 'cheers, cheers', they all celebrated.

After the meal, when it was time to go, Ugomma called together her younger brothers—Maraako and Uchendu. 'You guys should not fight O. Study hard and don't stress Mum. Be good boys, okay?'

'Okay, Sister,' they chorused.

Maraako reminded her, 'Ugo, what about that thing you promised me?'

'Yes, Maraako, I kept them on my dressing table. Give the other package to Uchendu, okay?'

'Thank you, Sister Ugo,' said the duo joyfully.

'You are both welcome,' she responded.

'Felicia, who is at the gate?' lgwe enquired.

'It's Sule, sir. He's just returned from the hospital,' she responded.

'Hospital? Why?'

Lolo answered, 'Darling, his child took ill around noon and was rushed to the hospital. Meanwhile, I phoned Dr Michael to take good care of the child.'

'Oh sure, Mike knows his way with children, no problem,' lgwe added.

Instantaneously, Sule entered the house and greeted his employer. 'Good afternoon, sir.'

'Yes, Sule, I learnt you took your child to the hospital. How is he?'

'He is well now. Thank you, sir and ma.'

Sule went to Ugomma. 'I hope you are ready. Honestly, we will miss you O!'

'Haba, Mr Sule, that will not be for too long. I will be around for the Christmas holidays. Take good care of your family. Please give this toy to lbrahim, my little friend.'

'Ah! Thank you and goodbye.'

'Darling, it's about time you people should get going in order to meet the flight schedule,' suggested Mrs Uboma.

'That's right, Mum,' responded Ugomma as she called her younger brother to help carry her luggage into the car.

After stacking the luggage into the car, lgwe informed his wife that he would be back in Lagos on Monday. 'Goodbye, darling, and take care of the family.'

Ugomma popping her face out from the car cheered her brothers and said, 'Mummy, I will phone you after registering my courses, though I heard it is a tedious exercise.'

'Don't worry, you will accomplish that as well, but be very prayerful.'

Hajiya, Sule's wife, waved to Ugomma and said, 'I wish you safe journey O!'

'Thank you, Hajiya. Take care of your children.'

Ephraim informed Sule as the latter opened the gate. 'I will be back soon depending on the traffic.'

'Okay, Ephraim, no problem, bye-bye.'

On their way to the airport, lgwe and his daughter engaged into a discussion. 'Daddy, how developed is Calabar?'

'The town was the first capital city of Nigeria during the colonial era before the capital was relocated to Lagos and now Abuja. In fact, the metamorphosis of Nigeria's capital city is just like the United States of America, from Philadelphia to New York and now Washington DC. The contemporary Calabar town is developing fast because of the Export Processing Zone project which the Federal Government of Nigeria sited there. The project will primarily handle the processing and export activities of raw materials abroad and also help decongest the ports in Lagos Apapa and Tin-Can seaports as well as Port Harcourt port. So there are a lot of business activities going on at Calabar right now.'

Looking at the clock, lgwe said to his driver, 'Ephraim, you should accelerate the car if we must catch that flight.'

'Okay, sir,' he replied and sped off.


'Yes, Daddy.'

Igwe advised his daughter, 'You know, from now you have become an independent adult. That means you will be deciding on vital issues of your life, whether to achieve academic excellence and propagate the good name of the family or join the bad and unserious friends and jeopardise your future career and destiny. I remember in those years in University of Lagos, as an undergraduate, some girls from rich homes were carried away by the euphoria of being in the university. Before you knew it, they were embarrassed with failures and "carry over".'

'Daddy, what is carry over?' Ugomma asked.

'This is failed course(s) that a student must repeat and pass before he is allowed to register and study subsequent course(s). This is because the school curriculum is planned sequentially from the known to the unknown. The number of courses and credit units of study increases every semester. So long as the student cannot pass those courses, it poses academic danger or threat for the student. Where adequate care is not taken through hard work, the studentship of the person will be withdrawn by the university authority and he will be advised to withdraw in his own interest. This is referred to as rustication.'

'Eh-eh!' Ugomma exclaimed.

'You see, my daughter, your primary objective of going to the University of Uyo is to achieve academic prowess, qualify as a graduate, and proceed further to the Nigeria Law School, after which you will be called to bar. Then as a qualified legal practitioner, you can effectively take care of my business empire.'

'Ah, Daddy, that will be very great,' Ugomma added.

'Yes, my dear, that's why you must not lose focus, okay?'

'Yes, Daddy,' she responded.

Reaching the airport, lgwe spoke further; Ephraim had parked the car somewhere out there. 'Thank God there was no traffic jam this afternoon. My fear was that Maryland and Onigbogbo junction.'

'Oga, at this time of the day, traffic is usually light, especially coming through the third mainland bridge via Oworonshoki and Oshodi-oke axis, straight to the airport,' his driver added.

'That is true, Ephraim, but one cannot predict the traffic in Lagos, considering the bad roads full of potholes and gullies and the menace of tankers/trailers.

'One wonders if the officials of FERMA, Ministry of Works, and other related authorities are lying in oblivious doldrums or they do not use these roads. Well, that is Nigeria for you,' concluded lgwe.

As they were taking out their luggage from the car, an old friend of lgwe accosted them. 'Ah, lgwe! What brought you to the airport? Are you travelling home again so soon?'

'O mine, Nze Duru, good seeing you again. I and my daughter are travelling to Uyo through Calabar airport. She has been offered a provisional admission at the University of Uyo to study law.'

'That is beautiful,' commended Nze Duru, stretching out his hands to congratulate Ugomma. 'She has also blossomed into a more beautiful young woman than her mother,' reiterated Nze. Ugomma greeted him, blushing and thanking him for the remarks.

'Well, lgwe, when are you expected back at Lagos? There were salient issues raised at the last meeting that I would want to discuss about.'

'Em! Hopefully by Monday evening I should be back at Lagos,' responded lgwe.

'Then I will see you in the office on Tuesday afternoon. Do have a safe journey,' Nze wished them, stepping aside.

'Okay, see you then, thanks.'

As they entered the departure hall, an announcement came through the speaker: 'All passengers travelling to Calabar with the ADC Airline are requested to check in and board the aircraft which will be taking off for destination in the next five minutes, thank you.'

Igwe and Ugomma joined the other boarding passengers who climbed on to the plane. They sat in a twin seater. Ugomma sat next to the window from where she could have a clear view of the landscape. Then the speaker buzzed. 'Ladies and gentlemen, you are all welcome on board. This is ADC, your friendly and reliable airline. Please put on your safety belt and study the safety guidelines in front of you, in case of an emergency. However, we expect to have a smooth flight to Calabar in the next couple of hours. Relax and enjoy the flight, thank you.' The plane's engine then roared, taxied along the tarmac, and gathered momentum before heaving up into the clouds.

Once airborne, Ugomma, who was travelling by air for the first time, was captivated by the sight of the beautiful horizons and layers of purified nimbus of the clouds. She commented the same to her father, 'Daddy, the horizon looks white and pure, so beautiful, it captivates my soul.'

'Yes, my daughter, nature is so gorgeously beautiful. On one of my various trips to Port Harcourt, I saw a similar sight which kept me wondering. I marvelled at Providence. The wonderful handiwork of God cannot be comprehended by any mortal soul. Nobody can fathom the in-depth beauty that nature has bestowed on human environment. The problem with man is that we are so mundane, entrenched in pursuit of earthly vain glories, forgetting the very essence of our beings and purpose of living. That's why most people cannot achieve and maintain peace within and without no matter the situation they may find themselves because they have refused to learn, practice, and use the efficient control of the mind.

'We as human beings created in the image and likeness of God have spiritual capacity to know and understand God's voice, movement, and his presence in our lives. We also have the ability to renew our souls with the Word of God so as to be intuitive, imagine, reason, to remember and assert our individuality which is the richest natural gift of Providence to man. This transcends the frontiers of spiritual and physical dimension which grow in various proportions to the individual's level of awareness, aspirations, visions, and conformity to the natural laws and norms. The more attention we tenaciously give to the natural dimension, pursuing mundane things and vain glories, we really dwarf and becloud the spiritual man, our real selves. Relationship with God and man leads to the actualisation of man's very essence of existence and, hereafter, the ultimate goal.'

'Dad, you sound so philosophical and distinctively poetic,' observed Ugomma.

'Yes, my beloved daughter, over time, I have tried to discover myself so that I may know my ways, for this is important for any earth-ferrying man. In my solitude which I love dearly, I meditate on the working of nature so as to appreciate my environment the more, both spiritually and otherwise. There is a great challenge that puzzles my mind.'

'Yes, Dad, what is it?'

'It is the unpredictable disposition of man's characteristics behaviour. No wonder psychologists and social scientists affirm that you cannot claim to know any man so well. Because he is susceptible to change, man influences his environment and vice versa. Human beings are easily influenced by external factors because of lack of internal stability which only the Holy Spirit of God can activate. You see, the power of creation is nestled in man by God. Right from creation when God created man in the spiritual realm, he gave man an earthly form to live here on earth and God blessed man and said, "Go into the world and multiply, have dominion over all things, subdue and replenish the earth." But due to lack of God's knowledge, greed, and selfishness, man today are subduing by plundering and squandering our national wealth without replenishing and investing in the system. Rather, they cart away our God-given resources in Nigeria and stack them away in foreign lands and banks. Thereby, they are fugitives and vagabonds. Well, the judge will judge us some day.'

'Dad, I love the way you sing. The other night I heard you sing melodiously to Mum. That sounded purely from a beloved soul. Can I ever sing like you?'

'You can, Ugo, only if you can search deep into your soul. This talent runs in the family. The gene is nestled in you. You cannot discover it on the surface. Ask God to help you discover yourself through constant meditation on the Word, fasting, and fervent prayers. The source is the supreme God, the giver of every good thing. Always remember the golden motivator and facilitator of all times. Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, knock and the door shall be opened unto you.'


Excerpted from THE BRAINLESS Beauty by Emmanuel Kelechi Egbugara. Copyright © 2014 Emmanuel Kelechi Egbugara. Excerpted by permission of Trafford Publishing.
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