The Bride Who Got Lucky: The Cavensham Heiresses

The Bride Who Got Lucky: The Cavensham Heiresses

by Janna MacGregor

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He would do anything to protect her. Even marry her…

The son of a cold-hearted duke, Nicholas St. Mauer isn’t one to involve himself in society…or open his own heart to anyone. But driven by honor, the reclusive Earl of Somerton feels obliged to keep a watchful eye on Lady Emma Cavensham. She possesses a penchant for passions unbecoming a woman that finds Nick in constant peril of losing his well-structured solitude. She even dared kiss Nick once—an utterly unladylike, and delightful, lapse…

Emma can’t deny the appeal of the earl’s attention, and occasional affection, but she has no need for a man. There are worse fates than spinsterhood, as Emma knows too well. She still mourns the loss of her dear friend Lena, and is determined to prove Lena’s husband responsible for her death before he lures another innocent woman into a brutal marriage. But as Emma pursues her prey, a compromising moment upends all her plans. Now, with gossip swirling and her reputation in tatters, Nick may be the only man brave enough to join in Emma’s cause. . .and fight for her heart.

The Bride Who Got Lucky is a sweeping Regency romance from Janna MacGregor in her Cavensham Heiresses series.

Praise for Janna MacGregor’s THE BAD LUCK BRIDE

“Full-bodied romance…with intelligence and heart.”—Cathy Maxwell

“Sparkling.” —Publishers Weekly

“Will leave you swooning.”—Sabrina Jeffries

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781250116147
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Publication date: 10/31/2017
Series: Cavensham Heiresses Series , #2
Pages: 368
Sales rank: 181,633
Product dimensions: 4.10(w) x 6.60(h) x 1.10(d)

About the Author

Janna MacGregor was born and raised in the bootheel of Missouri. She credits her darling mom for introducing her to the happily-ever-after world of romance novels. Janna writes stories where compelling and powerful heroines meet and fall in love with their equally matched heroes. She is the mother of triplets and lives in Kansas City with her very own dashing rogue, and two smug, but not surprisingly, perfect pugs. She loves to hear from readers. Janna is the author of The Cavensham Heiresses books (The Bad Luck Bride, The Bride Who Got Lucky).

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Fourteen years later London

Lady Emma Cavensham opened her beaded reticule and checked it twice. The fifty pounds she'd saved from her pin money lay folded neatly inside. As the carriage accelerated through Mayfair, she exhaled the tension that had been building all night. In its place, pure unencumbered joy burst free like fireworks in the night sky over Vauxhall.

It had taken meticulous planning, but her efforts would pay off. Tonight, she'd purchase the rare first edition of Bentham's Essays at the Black Falstaff Inn. She'd arrive within forty-five minutes, make the purchase, and return to Lady Dalton's ball all within two hours. Moreover, she'd celebrate with a defiant glass of ale in the public taproom like any other person. Well, more specifically, like a man.

Why should it make any difference she was young, unmarried, and a female? Why should it make any difference she was a duke's daughter? Even if society thought such action ruinous, she didn't see the harm. Society's strictures for appropriate behavior wouldn't keep her from attaining her goal tonight.

No one, not even her cousin Claire, who had escorted her to Lady Dalton's ball, had an inkling that she was on her way to meet Lord Paul Barstowe at an inn outside of London. After discovering he owned a rare copy of the coveted book, Emma had sent him a note earlier in the evening inviting him to the inn so she could make the acquisition. It was the perfect place to meet, as no one would recognize her.

Every piece of Emma's brilliant plan fit perfectly together. She'd pat herself on the back if she could reach it. She'd have the adventure under her proverbial belt along with Bentham's Essays and be back at the ball hopefully before Claire or anyone else knew she was missing. The groomsmen and driver who had picked her up from Lady Dalton's would keep her secrets.

"Whoa!" The loud command came from the driving box. The sudden stop practically threw Emma to the floor as the ducal carriage with its team of four came to an abrupt halt.

Quickly, she peeked outside the window. At the intersection of the street perpendicular to their route, a carriage similar to hers had stopped. Odd place to leave a vehicle, and there was no one milling around it. Not a single groomsman or coachman to be found. It was as if someone had abandoned it.

"What is it, Russell?" she called to one of the Duke of Langham's groomsmen.

Russell leaned down from the driving box. "I'm not certain, Lady Emma."

"Can we go around it?"

"No, my lady," he answered.

A man with a deep voice, one she didn't recognize, started to speak. Russell turned his attention to the stranger. Disaster loomed if she stuck her head out the carriage window and someone discovered her alone. Tamping down the urge to peek, she strained to hear the conversation. The even cadence and the rhythm of the stranger's words thrummed like a drumbeat, one that suddenly caused goose bumps to skate down her arms. Precious time was slipping through her fingers, and she couldn't afford any delays.

"Russell —" Before she could say more, the carriage door sprang open and a tall man dressed in black entered. When he closed the door, the carriage lurched forward, continuing the path they'd taken earlier.

"Who are you?" Her heart beat so hard she feared it'd explode from her chest.

With his back to her, the stranger blew out the sole carriage lantern that lit the interior. Then with a stealthy grace, he sat on the bench opposite of her.

Trouble had found her.

"Why did you extinguish the light?" Her voice quavered, betraying her unease.

Hidden in the shadows, he resembled some type of phantom, one who had settled into position ready to attack. He didn't waste a glance as he removed his hat and threw it on the bench next to him.

"Who are you?" she repeated as a hint of hysteria nipped at her reserve.

"Lady Emma," the man chided. "The light is out to lessen the chance someone might recognize you."

The stranger's rich but dark whisper intrigued her. Who was this mystery man who had taken control of her carriage? Short-lived, her curiosity faded when they passed by a streetlight.

"Lord Somerton," she hissed. The night she wanted to stay hidden, the elusive earl who rarely ever showed his face in society found her. This wasn't bad luck. This was fate playing a cruel joke and then laughing hysterically.

There was no denying he was breathtakingly handsome with his turquoise eyes and lithe stature. However, she couldn't be bothered with his looks or with him — not tonight. The earl's best friend just happened to be Claire's husband. Her parents would know of her adventure before the night was over.

Her goose was cooked.

"I'm at your service, Lady Emma," he drawled.

"I didn't ask for your service. What do you want?" With a deep breath, she subdued the petulance in her voice. She had to save the evening and her book. All she needed was a little charm. "Lord Somerton, I apologize for my manners. You've taken me by surprise."

Instead of heading straight, the carriage barreled through a sharp right turn causing her to slide across the leather seat. Certain a tumble to the floor was in her future, she braced for the fall.

With a gentle strength, he grabbed her around the waist, causing her to gasp. As if she were a fragile porcelain doll, he settled her on the bench.

"Thank you," she whispered.

"There's no need. I promised I'd bring you home safe and sound, and I plan on accomplishing it." He pulled the curtain aside for a moment. When he released it, he leaned back against the squab.

"Who asked you to bring me home?" She dreaded the answer but asked anyway.

"Your cousin and her husband," he offered.

She released the breath she'd been holding. It'd be difficult, but she could convince Claire not to tell her parents. The unknown was whether she could trust Claire's husband Pembrooke and the enigma sitting across from her.

She would salvage her evening. Somerton's presence was nothing more than a slight hindrance, much like an annoying gnat.

"My lord, I appreciate the escort, but I've other plans. Is there some place I could have the coachman drop you? White's perhaps?" Lud, her calm demeanor was astounding.

"No, thank you."

Bold action called for bold moves. If she told him her purpose, perhaps he'd leave her be. Surely, a man would understand the desire for a book. If he thought her a bluestocking, a woman who constantly had her nose in a book, it made little difference. She was going to capture her prize.

"I'm on my way to buy Bentham's Essays, first edition. For over a year, I've been hunting for it." In the darkness, she couldn't see his expression, making it difficult to gage his response. If only he hadn't extinguished the lantern.

"Have you thought of securing your book someplace else ... more respectable? I've heard there are these shops called bookstores," he teased.

She bit her lip to keep from lashing him with a verbal blistering. That would seal her doom. "Please, this is my only chance to make the purchase. I've sent inquiries to every bookstore within London to no avail. No one has it. Mr. Goodwin at Goodwin's Book Emporium thought he had found a seller ready to part with their copy, but unfortunately, the seller changed his mind."

"Goodwin?" he scoffed. "What the devil are you doing shopping at Goodwin's? That's not an acceptable shop for a young woman."

Though she couldn't see him, she sensed Somerton towered over her, his presence pushing her back into the squabs.

"Goodwin isn't known for his selection of books." He enunciated every word in a husky manner designed to frighten her. "His real business is selling information — he's a snitch, and a very successful one at that."

The impertinent Earl of Somerton would not intimidate her. She pulled herself forward to give him an appropriate setdown. Without warning, the carriage lurched, causing her forehead to bump his chin.

"Careful." His hand cupped the back of her head as he pulled her close. His scent — clean, spicy, and male, one so different from the other men of the ton — wrapped itself around her like a binding. She didn't move.

Neither did he.

"You can't kidnap me," she whispered and forced herself to lean back. He was so close, his breath brushed against her cheek like a kiss. Without thinking, she ran her fingers over his lips. She'd never noticed before, but his mouth was perfect. Perfectly kissable. She jerked her hand away and mumbled, "Pardon me."

This was pure madness.

A streetlamp cast enough light that she saw his face clearly along with the dangerous flare in his eyes.

"I'm not your responsibility," she demanded softly. "Please, I beg of you. Let me go."

"For your assignation?" he whispered. "With Lord Paul Barstowe?" "What? No." She shook her head hoping she'd wake from this nightmare. "How do you know I'm meeting him to purchase the book?" "One of the guests at Lady Dalton's informed me after overhearing your plans."

"Of all the rotten luck," she muttered. She shouldn't have told her friends Lena and Daphne in public, as there were too many ears at a ball. Determined, she'd persevere. "Come with me if you don't believe I'm speaking the truth. Please, I need that book."

Again, silence reigned between them except for the trotting of the horses' hooves. Even that sound drifted to nothing as the carriage slowed to a halt. A glance outside confirmed they'd arrived at her home. Soft light flooded the carriage from the lanterns that surrounded the courtyard.

With her last chance looming before her, Emma swallowed her pride, nearly choking. Lacing her fingers together to keep from fidgeting, she stared into his eyes. "Please, my lord, I'm begging you. Come with me if you're concerned for my safety. I'll prove to you I only want the book." She opened her reticule and pulled out the fifty pounds. "I'll pay you. If this isn't enough, I'll get more. ..." He released a deep breath and studied his clasped hands.

Dare she hope she'd convinced him? Indeed, he seemed truly conflicted. She sat on the edge of the bench waiting for his agreement. To nudge him a little, she made her final plea. "Please?" "I'm truly sorry." He covered her hand with his and squeezed. "Let me escort you inside."

His effort offered little comfort. For an eternity, she sat unable to move and stared at nothing. There was little doubt she'd face a harsh reprimand from her parents and some fitting punishment to accompany the lecture. Her heavy heart slid to the floor. It mattered little as she'd already been punished. Bentham's Essays was again out of her reach.

"Lady Emma?" Somerton squeezed her hand again — his gentle touch still a betrayal. "Come."

He helped her from the carriage and walked her to the door. As if she were being lead to the gallows, she held her head high masking her stinging disappointment.

"Good night," Somerton whispered. "I apologize I've caused you such distress." He bowed over her hand in farewell.

"My lord?" Her question caused his gaze to capture hers. The sincerity in his eyes stole her breath. Briefly, she turned away until her emotions were somewhat under control. "I can't offer my thanks for your assistance. I'm sure you understand." She turned and entered Langham Hall.

Intact, her pride was still stuck in her throat.

The next day Banished.

She'd been eradicated like an infestation of kitchen vermin.

The only difference was her parents were dispatching Emma for her own good, and no one bothered to offer condescending explanations to mice.

As of tomorrow, she'd reside at Falmont, the family seat, for the remainder of the Season. Her father and mother had stood together united in their decision, a bulwark designed to protect her from last night's indiscretion.

All because she desired a book.

The tome in question wasn't a lewd collection of Elizabethan bawdy, or a frothy romance of thwarted lovers, or even a tirade by revolutionaries threatening to overrun the government.

It was a book of essays about individual freedom.

Hidden in the shade of the trees, Emma leaned her head back against her favorite bench in Langham Park and stared at the cloudless blue sky. Completely enclosed, the private park, famous for its groomed gardens and orangeries, surrounded her home and was her own private refuge. She could wander for hours to her heart's content. The gardeners and other servants were always respectful of her privacy. Heaven knew she needed solitude today.

A plump red squirrel skidded into view with a cache of food stuffed in his cheeks. The creature examined her as if she was an intruder in his private garden before he swooshed his thick red tail and started to chatter.

She was receiving yet another proper scolding. He paused as if waiting for a response.

"After tomorrow, the park is all yours." At least someone would benefit from her ostracism. "If you were a true gentleman, you'd cease your prattling rant."

"Shall I slay the impertinent beast?" A low, sensual voice spoke softly in her ear. "Before I go into battle, I must ask, how does the lovely Lady Emma fare today?"

"As one would expect after being informed of my upcoming sojourn to the country." A slight breeze caressed Emma's face, but she refused to turn around. There was no mistaking that silken smooth voice. She didn't need to see him to know it was the killjoy from last night. "Lord Somerton, imagine you finding me, again. Whatever are you doing here?"

"The duke and duchess asked if I would meet them today. Lord and Lady Pembrooke were in attendance," he said. "They wanted to know how far you'd traveled before I caught you."

"Oh, you mean my cousin Claire, the paragon of perfection, the Marchioness of Pembrooke, and her utterly flawless husband, the Marquess of Pembrooke, otherwise known as the happy couple." She hadn't intended to sound so sarcastic, but really, what could Somerton expect?

A blindfolded fox had a better chance of escaping the hounds than she had to escape him. The thought made her swallow hard. It was just so humiliating, and the fact he had found her made it worse. The traitor.

"I'm to be sent to Falmont tomorrow," she said dully.

The squirrel sat on his haunches as if finding her situation riveting and cracked a nut.

"I'm sorry for my part in it." He was close enough that his warm breath tickled her earlobe. If she wasn't mistaken, his lips brushed her cheek.

Emma didn't have a qualm of disgust for him, which he deserved — definitely. Instead, something strange and new formed inside her chest. A shiver skated down her spine that made her sit straighter. "Don't apologize. I was aware of the consequences."

His breath stroked her cheek. Emma clenched her eyes to concentrate on his smell. He had to be leaning adjacent to her. The scent of bay rum with undertones of saddle leather and male wafted toward her. She wanted to swim in it.

"I would hate for last evening to have a negative impact on your ties to Lady Pembrooke," said Somerton. "She's really quite fond of you."

"Don't worry." She stood and faced him. "I consider Claire my sister, and sisters don't hold grudges. At least that's what my mother would say. You'll discover that about my family if you keep our company. But if you and your friend, Pembrooke, think you'll dictate my behavior —"

"Easy, Lady Emma." He held his gloved hands in front of his chest as if to ward her off. "No one, least of all me, shall be giving you deportment lessons."

Granted, he was handsome in his morning coat, but his tone reminded her of one that the Langham head groomsman always used to soothe a spooked horse. That was a first. Normally, men would walk away without a glance back if she made it clear how she expected to be treated.

Really, all of this was beyond the pale.

"With Pembrooke marrying your cousin, we'll be in each other's company a fair amount," he said. "It'd be regrettable if you were uncomfortable with me."

He'd lost the timbre of a groomsman only to replace it with a rich tone that would have charmed a howling banshee.

"In a twisted view of fate, I suppose I should thank you," she added nonchalantly.

"I knew you possessed great intelligence," he teased as he rounded the bench that separated them. "Never mind all your reading."

His actions last night were honorable, and he'd treated her with respect. She couldn't hold him accountable for her circumstances. Nevertheless, she couldn't help but blame him.

"I'd much rather you stay here," he offered. "London will be a dreary place without you."


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The Bride Who Got Lucky: The Cavensham Heiresses 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 28 reviews.
Historical_Romance_Lover More than 1 year ago
I loved Nick and Emma's story! Nick and Emma had known each other for awhile, since Nick's best friend was married to Emma's cousin. Emma was devastated by the loss of her best friend and and was determined to see if her husband was guilty of killing her. Nick knows Emma is up to something, but he doesn't know what. He is, however, determined to save her from herself. I loved watching Nick and Emma together. Their bantering back and forth had me laughing out loud. This is a definite must read in my opinion. I can't wait for the next book in the series!
def618 More than 1 year ago
This is Janna MacGregor’s second book and I loved it as much as the first one. It can be read without reading the first book in this series though some of the characters from The Bad Luck Bride appear in this one. Lady Emma Cavensham loves to read and covets rare books. While sneaking off to buy a rare book, she is stopped by reclusive Nick St. Mauer, Earl of Somerton. Her cousin Claire has sent Nick to find her and prevent a scandal. (Nick’s best friend is Claire’s husband Alex.) As punishment, her parents are sending her to their country estate, but before she leaves Nick gives her his copy of the book she was trying to obtain and her first kiss. Nick is the Duke of Renton’s son and heir, but they have been estranged since Nick was sent to school as a child. Nick’s goal is to amass more money than his father and never let anyone into his heart. Three years later, Emma is grieving the death of her best friend, Lena, who fell down the stairs while pregnant. Emma believes Lena’s husband killed her and is determined to find proof as Lena’s brother is off fighting Napoleon. Emma wants justice for Lena. She sneaks off to Portsmouth to find Lena’s maid and while dining at an inn, Lena’s husband threatens her. Nick has discovered where she went and follows her. Found by her brothers in her room at the inn, they inform her she’ll have to marry Nick. Emma has her own ideas of what she’d like to do but Nick convinces her to wed. There is a lot more going on in this book and I hope I’ve said enough to entice you to read it without ruining the story. I highly recommend this book. Best line: “Books could take you on the grandest adventures.” Thanks to Janna and her publisher for giving me this ARC. No one asked me to write a review.
Lokithor More than 1 year ago
The Bride Who Got Lucky What a great story! Janna MacGregor's second novel in the series is even better than the first. This story has both H/h being intelligent, strong and determined. Their developing love for each other was wonderfully written. Adding to the excitement is a mystery to solve. And the way Ms. MacGregor explored domestic violence and the overall treatment of women during the age is praiseworthy. Be prepared to be unable to put this novel down.
Sissymae1 More than 1 year ago
The Bride Who Got Lucky by Janna MacGregor is Book Two in "The Cavensham Heiresses" series. This is the story of Nicholas St. Mauer and Lady Emma Cavensham. I have read the previous book but feel this is easily a standalone book. Emma feels the lost of her good friend after her and passing. With this loss of her friend it has put Emma on a path to bring justice to the Husband of that friend. Emma is sure that he is responsible for her friend's death and also wants to protect any future innocent women from fall pray to him. Nicholas lost his mother right after she gave birth to him..which his father never let him forget. Nicholas father sent him off to school around 5 years old and from there he jumped from school to school never forming any friendships. With Nicholas's father being so cold and horrible he never formed a bond or learned what love was....he just built walls to keep his emotions at away. But with one kiss from Emma has put a small crack in one of his walls. But they are both very stubborn and end up butting heads through most of the book.
Sissymae1 More than 1 year ago
The Bride Who Got Lucky by Janna MacGregor is Book Two in "The Cavensham Heiresses" series. This is the story of Nicholas St. Mauer and Lady Emma Cavensham. I have read the previous book but feel this is easily a standalone book. Emma feels the lost of her good friend after her and passing. With this loss of her friend it has put Emma on a path to bring justice to the Husband of that friend. Emma is sure that he is responsible for her friend's death and also wants to protect any future innocent women from fall pray to him. Nicholas lost his mother right after she gave birth to him..which his father never let him forget. Nicholas father sent him off to school around 5 years old and from there he jumped from school to school never forming any friendships. With Nicholas's father being so cold and horrible he never formed a bond or learned what love was....he just built walls to keep his emotions at away. But with one kiss from Emma has put a small crack in one of his walls. But they are both very stubborn and end up butting heads through most of the book.
BookReview4you More than 1 year ago
The Bride Who Got Lucky by Janna MacGregor is Book Two in "The Cavensham Heiresses" series. This is the story of Nicholas St. Mauer and Lady Emma Cavensham. I have read the previous book but feel this is easily a standalone book. Emma feels the lost of her good friend after her and passing. With this loss of her friend it has put Emma on a path to bring justice to the Husband of that friend. Emma is sure that he is responsible for her friend's death and also wants to protect any future innocent women from fall pray to him. Nicholas lost his mother right after she gave birth to him..which his father never let him forget. Nicholas father sent him off to school around 5 years old and from there he jumped from school to school never forming any friendships. With Nicholas's father being so cold and horrible he never formed a bond or learned what love was....he just built walls to keep his emotions at away. But with one kiss from Emma has put a small crack in one of his walls. But they are both very stubborn and end up butting heads through most of the book.
astroyic More than 1 year ago
Mesmerizing & Exhilarating! This is the first story of Janna MacGregor’s that I have read and I can’t wait to dive in and read the rest. There is so much going on in this book. Ms. MacGregor has created complex characters with such distinct personalities. Her writing manages to bring you right into the scene with the characters. Her descriptive use of the language make each scene very realistic and the emotions the characters are feeling believable. I couldn’t put this down. I found myself so entranced by the passion and beliefs of these characters that it was exhilarating to read. Loved how the author dealt with issues of this time, expressing vulnerability and emotion as well as passion. This was so much more than a historical romance and I felt truly blessed to read this Fantastic story! This is a must read! Loved it!
I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.
Anonymous 7 months ago
Hi I am a ten yr old I have not read the book and I just wanted to say that I am a fan of a book a when I go to their reviews there is a lot of stuff that doesn't have to do with the book. This is so much more sophisticated
clarkws More than 1 year ago
The Bride Who Got Lucky is book two in the Caversham Heiresses series by Janna MacGregor. What a ride! This book is so intriguing. I loved the characters and how they grow throughout the book. When Lady Emma’s best friend Lena is murdered by her spouse, Emma seeks justice for her. But societal rules and an evil man threaten that goal. When Lord Somerton threatens to hinder Emma from accomplishing her goal, a mighty clash occurs and both are left stripped bare of their inner fortresses. Attraction like lightning strikes. Will Emma see the wicked spouse judged? What will she do with the incredibly handsome Lord Somerton - who carries his own heart breaking secrets. Loved the book. Can’t wait to read the next one. I actually won this book in a giveaway.
Terri_C More than 1 year ago
I listened to the audio version of this book. I don't read historical romance all that often, but I have discovered that I really like this author. Her heroines are strong women in a time when that was frowned upon and women had few if any rights. Nick, the hero in The Bride Who Got Lucky, was strong but loving. The things he said! He just melted my heart. He was also very strong and seemingly ended up marrying Lena because he was caught in a compromising situation with her, but he was amazing! The narration of this audio book by Rosalyn Landor was fantastic!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great series,love the crossover of characters in each book. Can’t wait to read Williams story and Daphne’s.
Pinky1979 Reviews More than 1 year ago
There is nothing better than reading about a smart, independent and determined heroine who is willing to snub her nose at the conventions of society and fight for what she believes in. And even better? A hero who is willing to support and stand by such a fierce woman, letting her bring life to her dreams and ideas without being threatened. This, in summary, is what we get with “The Bride Who Got Lucky” by Janna MacGregor. At a time where a young woman’s only duty is to find a husband, Lady Emma Cavensham is an original. A woman beyond her time, a woman who refuses to be the property of a man and live a meek existence knowing that she will never be as smart or held in as high an esteem as her significant other. And even though she has examples of good and happy marriages right in front of her, the death of her dearest friend Lena and the torture she endured from her husband has clouded her opinion on matrimony. All she wants to do now is to bring Lena’s aristocratic husband to justice and make sure he is never able to harm an innocent woman ever again. But will her determination get her the result that she has been fighting for ever since she found out what her friend had endured? or will she find herself in more trouble than she expected? Nicholas St. Mauer may be the only child of a Duke, but he has lived a lonely childhood. Ignored , abandoned and discarded my his father, Nick has vowed to never step foot in his father’s estate or see him ever again. The only thing that drives him is his need to amass a fortune that will surplus his father’s. The only family he has is his best friend Alex and his family. And if there is one person who needs to be watched and protected, it is Lady Emma Cavensham, Alex’s wife’s cousin. Even though he has protected her from certain danger a couple of times, he finds himself unable to keep his distance from the strong willed blonde. A delightful regency with two equally lovable lead characters. Two souls who each have a cross to bear and find themselves unable to live their lives to the fullest without first finding closure. Can’t wait for the next book of the series!!! Thank you Netgalley and St. Martin’s Press for providing this ARC in exchange for an honest review.
sportochick More than 1 year ago
The dramatic Prologue shattered my heart and I was heartbroken for Nicholas. It is hard to imagine how anyone can treat a child the way he was treated. But it was a genius move on the authors part to draw this reader into the plot of the book. Emma and Nicholas, the primary characters, were very robust and multi-faceted but at times I was frustrated with both Emma and Nicholas for being so tunnel visioned in their beliefs. The author handles this delicate area with finesse and the reader will be rewarded with the display of many emotions and the cracking of their individual hardheadedness and stiff beliefs. Claire and Alex from The Bad Luck Bride book 1 of the The Cavensham Heiresses series play an important role in this book and it was lovely seeing how their life evolved years later. Their assistance for both of the primary characters created the additional meat to this story. This book is full of beliefs and values that form who Emma and Nicholas are deep down to their core. It doesn't stop there though. The author takes the reader further into the story creating the question; "When does one beliefs become an obsession that is more detrimental than life preserving?" At the end of the book the readers will see that sometime forgiveness is the greatest reward one can have or give. That money and integrity are not enough for happiness. This book deserves a healthy 4.5 STARS because of the authors ability to hit woman's rights, abuse, revenge, forgiveness and love in a meaningful manner. Received an advance reader copy in exchange for a fair review.
lisareads More than 1 year ago
Nick and Emma have a history and the continuation and resolution of their relationship is a fun romp. Nick, while trying to protect Emma actually sets in motion the thing that leads to her failure to live her life as she wants. There is a mystery woven into their story, their lives. Emma is independent and believes that women matter during a time in history when they are thought of as property. Nick has not had a happy family life and has allowed that to cloud his life and his decisions. The writing, the character development and the story line are all very well done.
Crystal61 More than 1 year ago
This story had me laughing, crying, and turning the pages. Emma shows her strength by standing up for what she believes in and working toward a very unladylike goal although she is driven by guilt. Nick's past has him believing that he is unlovable. My emotions were wrapped up in these two as they learned what it would take to be happy forever, learning to compromise and forgive themselves and others. There are a lot of dark places in this story, but I loved the whole package. I look forward to the next Cavensham Heiress story. I received a copy of this story through Netgalley, and this is a Book-Obsessed Chick Star Review Team selection.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great story teller with independent women, can’t wait for mcaphlin and Williams stories
DebDiem More than 1 year ago
The Bride Who Got Lucky by Janna MacGregor is a fabulous, well-written book. Ms MacGregor has given us a story that will squeeze your heart in the first chapter and have you captivated by the second chapter. The characters in this book are exactly what this story needs. Kudos to Ms MacGregor for her characters. Emma and Nick's story is filled with action, drama, humor and spicy sexy bits. This is one of those book you can't put down until you reach the end. I loved reading The Bride Who Got Lucky and look forward to reading more from Janna MacGregor in the future. The Bride Who Got Lucky is book 2 of the Cavensham Heiresses Series but can be read as a standalone. This is a complete book, not a cliff-hanger. I voluntarily read an Advance Reader Copy of this book that I received from NetGalley.
momof3boysj More than 1 year ago
This is an emotionally charged and wonderfully written story. Nick doesn't know how to love, but he has always felt protective toward his best friend's sister-in-law. He is honor and duty-bound to keep her out of trouble and when rewarded with a kiss, it sparks a desire he won't allow himself to act upon. Emma is an independent woman in a world where it's frowned upon. She'd rather stay a spinster than be forced into a marriage without love. Racked with guilt for not being able to save the life of her best friend, she's bound and determined to seek justice for her. Endangering her own life and risking compromise, she collects evidence, finds witnesses, and even uses subterfuge to leave town in her pursuit. Nick follows her to save her from overstepping and possibly causing harm to herself. He believes her, but he won't let her risk her reputation. When caught in comprising situation, Nick is willing to do what's right, but she doesn't want to be forced into a loveless marriage--neither one will reveal their feelings for each other. Still, they are married, and Nick supports her independence and helps her set up a business to help women. But they each have secrets not shared with one another and it threatens to divide their marriage. They must learn to open their hearts fully, divulge the deepest hurts hidden, and trust each other for the marriage to work. Will the passion they have for each other break through barriers and lead to forgiveness? This slow-burn romance is full of twists, a bit of mystery, and love. The best kind of happily ever after!
CathyGeha More than 1 year ago
The Bride Who Got Lucky by Janna MacGregor The Cavensham Heiresses #2 Nick has pretty much been abandoned by his father from birth and sent to boarding school with few memorable trips home since he was five. At fifteen there is an encounter with his father that marks and changes him. He does alright for himself but the cost to his emotional wellbeing is severe. Emma is a “lady” but has dreams of having the freedoms a man has – including choosing her spouse and going into business. She gets herself into a number of pickles that made me question her ability to think things through and also made me wonder how she circumvented family to get to the places she went. The romance between Nick and Emma began when she was 22 but didn’t come to fruition till she was 25. There were encounters and a kiss or two with Nick being sent to follow her by friends and family to keep Emma from getting into trouble. That doesn’t work entirely but he does his best. In addition to the romance and the characters backstories there is a friend that Emma is trying to avenge and that storyline plays throughout the book. The story was a solid read but, to me, did not seem highly believable. I liked both characters but often wondered if what they were doing and saying in the story would really happen. I liked the comeuppance of the bad guy and a reveal that happened toward the end of the story as it provided a way forward for the couple. I am not sure what will happen in book three but believe it will have to do with a client of Emma’s bank and one of her brothers. Thank you to NetGalley and St. Martin’s Paperbacks for the ARC – This is my honest review. 3-4 Stars
Stella_L More than 1 year ago
I love this series. The first in the series, The Bad Luck Bride, was fantastic. The second one was just as good. It blew me out of the water. The characters and the plot were perfectly crafted. I couldn't put this book down. My advice? BUY, BUY, BUY this book. You won't be sorry.
DianeKPeterson More than 1 year ago
There were many things I loved about The Bride Who Got Lucky and a few things I didn't like so much. We have two people averse to marriage for completely different reasons. Nicholas St. Mauer, Earl of Somerton, was humiliated in his school years by his difficult father. He has rejected anything to do with his father and has amassed a fortune on his own. Lady Emma Cavensham is fiercely independent and an advocate for women because of experiences in her life. When her dear friend dies from an abusive relationship she is galvanized into action. Emma's headstrong ways continually get her into trouble and it falls to Nick to bail her out. Both characters have a lot of work to do before reaching their HEA. Things I liked: the depth of the characters, a dose of intrigue, some sparkling snippets of writing, nicely moving character development, a very satisfying conclusion. Things I didn't like so much: Emma seemed a little too much ahead of her time, the flow of the story was a bit choppy. Overall, The Bride Who Got Lucky was a solid, very readable historical romance. I will look for other books by this author. An ARC of the book was provided in return for an honest review.
nelriv More than 1 year ago
Received an ARC for my fair review for netgalley. This was second book in the series. I loved Nick, had already enjoyed him since the last book when we met him, as being Alex's best friend. Now Emma, kind of annoyed me, she came off as a brat to me, I understood that she was supposed to be a feminist in her day, and that she wanted to justice for her friend Lena, but I just felt that she came off as annoying and immature. I was however glad to read about Claire and Alex's relationship, and to see how they were doing.
Virginiaw More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed this second book in The Cavensham Heiresses series. You don’t need to read the first book to enjoy this one. Emma is so independent and this is great for the time period. Nick had to learn how to be part of a family and Emma needed to learn to lean on others. I received a copy of this book from Netgalley for a fair and honest opinion that I gave of my own free will.
etoile1996 More than 1 year ago
the second book in the cavensham brides, the bride who got lucky, has independent-minded lady emma facing off with the reclusive nicholas st. mauer, earl of somerton. emma has been devastated by the loss of her closest friend, lena, lady aulton. especially given the circumstances of lena's death. emma knows that her husband killed her and is anxious to seek justice for her friend. but at every turn she is thwarted. by nick, by the coroner's report, by lena's lady's maid who won't come forward. it is made clear to emma that given lord aulton's social standing, he will get away with murder. and as much as she tries, there is nothing she can do about it. the thing is, that nick empathizes and understands what emma is trying to accomplish. he is disgusted by lord aulton's actions. he believes that emma has a brilliant and empathetic mind and wants more than anything to support her, but he also wants to protect her from harm. and her vendetta against lord aulton puts her in more danger than she realizes. it's not just physical danger, lord aulton threatens emma's social standing, her financial well-being. he is merciless and downright evil. i'd say the one complaint i have about the novel, is that for a romance we spend a lot of time dealing with women's rights issues. and these are important things to think about, but emma spends so much time fighting the good fight that it feels like this is the main thrust of the story instead of the romance that blossoms between nick and emma. i loved nick as a character and i thought he was the perfect foil for emma. she was harder to enjoy and i struggle with this because it's not that i disagree with any of her beliefs or positions. i don't at all. i agree with her 100%. and yet i found her determination and single-mindedness off-putting. and i hate that. because i don't want to be part of the patriarchal culture that wants to silence women on women's issues. but i also don't necessarily want my romance novels to lecture me about issues i already agree with. it's a tough balance and i think the issues are important. i just am not always sure of their delivery. **the bride who got lucky will publish on october 31, 2017. i received an advance reader copy courtesy of netgally/st. martin's press in exchange for my honest review.
HeyerF4n More than 1 year ago
Mixed Feelings 3.5*. I have mixed feelings about this book, some parts I thought were good, whilst others were so outside of what society would expect in the early C18th that I felt uncomfortable, and I therefore didn’t enjoy it. To me it was just not believable that an unmarried man who was not related to a woman would have travelled to a distant town to rescue (return her to her family) a woman staying unaccompanied in an inn. He would have chased around Town to find her brother or have taken an older woman with him to act as chaperone. She was compromised as soon as they spent any time alone with each other, let alone the actual shenanigans that went on. Sorry this story was not for me. I received a complimentary copy of this book from NetGalley. I was not compensated for my review, and I was not required to write a positive review. The opinion expressed here is my own.