The Bride's Guide to Wedding Photography

The Bride's Guide to Wedding Photography

by Steve Sint



Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781579904814
Publisher: Lark Books NC
Publication date: 04/28/2004
Series: A Lark Photography Book Series
Pages: 144
Product dimensions: 8.55(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.47(d)

Table of Contents

It All Starts With You13
Determine Your Personal Style13
Be the Best You Can Be19
Secrets, Read All About Them19
Mother Knows Best20
Stand Up Straight20
Relax Your Shoulders21
Position Your Shoulders at a 45[degree]-Angle to the Camera21
Get Your Elbows Away From Your Body22
Banish Those Double Chins23
Lower Your Chin to Accentuate Those Eyes23
What About My Eyeglasses?24
If You or Your Groom Wear Eyeglasses24
Relax Your Forehead25
Important Words to the Wise25
Your Bridal Gown, Train, and Head Piece26
Things to Consider When Choosing Your Gown28
Hair and Make-up30
Suggestions for a Trial Run31
Hints for the Arm Bouquet32
Some Thoughts About Your Flowers34
It's Going to Be a Lo-o-o-ong Day36
Give Your Photographer Some Extra Help37
A Note for Romantics38
The Artificial Alternative38
Some Thoughts for Your Future Husband39
For Both of You: Get a Manicure40
Go With Him to the Tux Shop40
Pinning On a Boutonniere41
It Is Your Wedding43
How Much Does It Cost?45
Take a Deep Breath ... There Can Be Pictures for Every Budget45
The Minimalist Set of Wedding Photos: Less than $30!46
How to Get Good Pictures on a Budget47
The Small Wedding: Less than $30048
When a Friend or Relative Takes Your Photos, Avoid These Common Pitfalls49
Single-Use Cameras--Not a Great Idea50
What About Digital51
Hire a Student: Stepping Up to the $500 Range52
Consider This54
The Photos Themselves55
Weekend Warriors: Less Costly than a Studio56
Over $1,000: Wedding Photography Studios57
An Assistant Photographer Gets Paid Too59
Want a Real Upgrade in Quality? Opt for a Second Crew!60
Another Popular Option61
Over $6,000: An Exclusive Photography Budget62
What About the Finished Product?63
A Few Final Words64
Feed the Photographer64
A Sample Repertoire67
The Bride's Home69
The Ceremony70
Formal Portraits73
Family Photos75
The Reception77
Tangibles: Negatives, Proofs, Prints, Albums, and More81
Bigger is Better! More is Better!81
The Film Negatives83
Choosing Between 35mm and Medium Format84
Do You Really Want Your Negatives?85
The Digital Daze and Craze86
But Is It Less Expensive?86
The Creative Revolution87
Proofless Methods for Photo Review89
The Big Secret90
Bigger Orders With a Proofless System90
Copyright and the Cost of Proofs91
Photographers Can Consider Several Different Choices92
The Impermanence of Color Prints93
Beware of Ink Jet Prints!95
Slip-in Albums96
Library-bound Albums97
Album Presentations99
The Do-it-Yourself Approach99
Your Album--Making it Interesting100
On a Budget? Skip the Album Altogether!102
Frames and Folios103
Choosing Your Photographer & Negotiating the Price105
Wedding Photography Styles105
Traditional Wedding Photography106
Photojournalistic Wedding Photography108
Hybrid Wedding Photography110
The Story is Not Always Told by People's Faces111
Certain Styles May Appeal to You112
What Style Should You Choose?113
Finding the One114
Ask Around115
Don't Overlook Your Own Observations117
Photographers May Shoot for More Than One Studio118
Start Looking Early119
Interviewing and Choosing Photographers120
Remember, It's a Contract!121
Compare Apples to Apples, Not Apples to Oranges122
Questions to Help You Compare Different Photographers123
Right of First Refusal131
Packages Versus A la Carte Buying: Do You Need (or Even Want) the Kitchen Sink?132
The Creative-fee Approach134
Prices Are Different Everywhere135
You Can Negotiate137

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Guest More than 1 year ago
I bought this book after my sister asked me to help with the photography at her wedding. What a huge help! Even just looking through the pictures gives you great ideas as far as poses go. I would recommend it to anyone.