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The Bridge From Me to You

The Bridge From Me to You

4.0 6
by Lisa Schroeder

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Lauren has a secret. Colby has a problem. But when they find each other, everything falls into place.

In alternating chapters of verse and prose, new girl Lauren and football hero Colby come together, fall apart, and build something stronger than either of them thought possible -- something to truly believe in.


Lauren has a secret. Colby has a problem. But when they find each other, everything falls into place.

In alternating chapters of verse and prose, new girl Lauren and football hero Colby come together, fall apart, and build something stronger than either of them thought possible -- something to truly believe in.

Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly
When 17-year-old Lauren moves to small-town Willow, Ore., from Seattle to live with her aunt, uncle, and cousins, she feels grateful but out of place. Lauren and her mother have had an unspecified falling out—one that Lauren would rather not talk about—and she is having nightmares about her younger brother. Colby is a local celebrity as a football player, but while he loves his team, he dreams of escaping the pressure of his father’s plans for him—after graduating, Colby would like to quit sports for good and study civil engineering, specifically bridges. Lauren and Colby hit it off immediately, but a relationship proves difficult. Writing in alternating viewpoints, with Lauren’s chapters unfolding in free verse and Colby’s in prose, Schroeder (Falling for You) offers a thoughtful, straightforward, and fairly chaste romance between two kind, generous teens—one burdened by her past, one burdened by his future. Romance fans will find a familiar mix of tragedies, obstacles, and misunderstandings to surmount as Lauren and Colby try to do right by themselves and each other. Ages 12–up. Agent: Sara Crowe, Harvey Klinger. (Aug.)
VOYA, August 2014 (Vol. 37, No. 3) - Jen MacIntosh
Lauren is the new girl in a small town that revolves around its high school football team. It is unclear at first why her mother has abandoned her, forcing her to live with her uncle and his family, and whether or not she deserves it. She has found a loving family with them but she is afraid it will not last and that nothing will work out for her. Colby is the high school football star being recruited by top ivy league schools who secretly wants to stop playing football and study bridges. To stop playing football would disappoint his father, so he keeps his wishes hidden and tries to do right by everybody else. When Lauren and Colby meet, they both sense a kindred spirit and a chance at happiness. The Bridge From Me To You is classified as a romance but it is so much more. Lauren and Colby’s romance is sweet and slow, but it takes a backseat to larger themes of family and strength and finding one’s self. Lauren must deal with her issues with her mother before she can truly commit to a relationship with Colby; likewise, Colby has to face his father. The author lets them work out these issues and develop a friendship instead of jumping into insta-love. The novel is written in alternating chapters of poetry (Lauren) and prose (Colby) that serve the story well. It is a very quick, engrossing read that Sarah Dessen fans will appreciate. Reviewer: Jen MacIntosh; Ages 12 to 18.
Children's Literature - Janice DeLong
This novel in two voices offers an opportunity for readers to identify symbolism, character development, and perspective. Lauren has left a family tragedy and come to the small town of Willow to live with her aunt and uncle. Colby, a native of Willow, is the football star who has become the hope of sports stardom and, to local citizens, the symbol of victory and future fame for himself and the town. Although differing in backgrounds, each teen wants to achieve personal goals that no one else seems to understand. As the story unfolds, Lauren and Colby develop a deep friendship and work diligently to bring aid to Colby’s friend and teammate who has suffered a debilitating motorcycle accident. Although each teen plans to attend college, there are roadblocks to their goals that must be conquered. Lauren’s passion is ornithology; Colby’s is the architecture of bridges. A fine novel with characters that face personal challenges with courage and creativity. There are no clichés here. This title is highly recommended for public, personal, and school libraries. Reviewer: Janice DeLong; Ages 12 up.
Kirkus Reviews
Colby, star of the Willow High School football team, and Lauren, the new girl with a dark secret, both yearn to be seen for who they really are.Colby's best friend, Benny, has always been his greatest supporter, both on and off the field, but when a tragic motorcycle accident changes Benny's life, Colby needs someone he can rely on. Lauren, struggling with her own personal tragedy, is the only one who seems to understand. Colby is obsessed with bridges. He sees them as a way to escape. Lauren, with dreams of becoming an ornithologist, envies a bird's ability to fly away and be free. But as their friendship grows, each of their obsessions begins to change. For Colby, bridges become ways to connect; Lauren begins to appreciate a bird's ability to nest. The narrative unspools through chapters told in the alternating voices of the two main characters. Colby's chapters focus on a straightforward telling of the events, while Lauren's chapters, a mix of poetry and prose, resonate with emotion. Familiar characters and a quiet plot are elevated by poetry that is as beautiful as it is varied.Lovely in its details. (Fiction. 13-18)
School Library Journal
Gr 7–10—Lauren's unstable mother has sent her to a tiny Oregon town to live with her aunt, uncle, and three young cousins. Sensitive Colby is the local football hero, who secretly longs to confront his overbearing dad and give up the game all together. When these two high school seniors meet, they feel an undeniable connection. Getting to know each other by sharing their fascinations with birds and bridges, snack foods, and second chances, they begin to navigate a new relationship by supporting each other while tackling their own struggles and secrets. This romantic story, set in a modern-day football-obsessed town, starts out feeling very familiar, especially when Colby's best friend Benny is critically injured and the team must get to the state playoffs. However, the alternating chapters of Lauren's poetry and Colby's conversational prose are well written and help reveal the characters refreshingly unique perspectives, as well as their growth in positive ways. The secondary characters are also thoughtfully developed and cleverly incorporated. Although the general plotline is nothing new and the drama at the end is shifted and then tidied up a bit too quickly, this light, fast-paced story will delight romance fans looking for a fun, hopeful read.—Whitney LeBlanc, Staten Island Academy, NY

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Meet the Author

Lisa Schroeder is the author of the teen novels THE BRIDGE FROM ME TO YOU; I HEART YOU, YOU HAUNT ME, and its companion, CHASING BROOKLYN; and the Oregon Book Award finalist THE DAY BEFORE. She's also the author of the middle grade Charmed Life series and the It's Raining Cupcakes trilogy. Lisa is a native Oregonian and lives in Beaverton with her husband and two sons. When she's not writing, you will probably find Lisa reading, walking the dog, baking yummy treats, or at www.lisaschroederbooks.com.

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The Bridge From Me to You 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I really liked the book but Harry Potter is lame and that is better than this.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
It was okay, but I have read better books
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
In the beinning I was kinda skeptical because I have never really liked verse bookd but this book changed that for me. The book has many verses in it that are easy to understand and also it reads like a normal book. I would recomond any teenage girl to read this book, specially If you are a girl that has a soft spot for cute romance stories. It was an easy read. I finished it in one night.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I liked this book, but I wanted to love it. I love verse novels, and was excited to see the alternating chapters of verse and prose, and how the author would use the contrast between the two forms of storytelling. I thought the opportunity was wasted, and that the verse was not all that impressive. The story was nice, but easily solved, and I wanted to see Lauren truly face what her mother had done to her. I would include it on a list of YA verse novels, but if someone said, "What are some GREAT YA verse novels?" I wouldn't mention it.