The Brit Box

The Brit Box

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The Brit Box

This 4-CD set, The Brit Box: U.K. Indie, Shoegaze, and Brit-Pop Gems of the Last Millennium, gathers key recordings from the hip wave of U.K. bands that followed in the wake of '80s post-punk. The 78 featured performers include the Smiths, the Cure, Cocteau Twins, Pulp, Oasis, and Stereolab.

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Release Date: 11/20/2007
Label: Rhino
UPC: 0081227998356
catalogNumber: 159804

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Norman Blake   Guitar,Vocals
Nick Heyward   Vocals
Maurice Deebank   Guitar
Steve Scott   Drums
Simon Jones   Bass
Steve Mason   Guitar
Cliff C. Jones   Vocals
Damon Albarn   Keyboards,Vocals
Darren Allison   Percussion
Brett Anderson   Vocals
Richard Ashcroft   Guitar,Vocals
Nick Banks   Drums
Martin Blunt   Bass
Tim Booth   Vocals
James Dean Bradfield   Guitar,Vocals
Paul Brindley   Bass
Kathy Brown   Cello
Jon Bull   Guitar,Vocals
Tim Burgess   Guitar,Vocals
Bilinda Butcher   Guitar,Vocals
Bernard Butler   Guitar,Piano
Martin Carr   Guitar
Salli Carson   Vocals
Ian Catt   Guitar
Rob Cieka   Drums
Nigel Clark   Bass,Guitar,Vocals
Simon Clarke   Brass
Jarvis Cocker   Guitar,Keyboards
Rob Collins   Keyboards
Sean Cook   Bass,Harmonica
Graham Coxon   Guitar,Background Vocals
Sarah Cracknell   Vocals
Rob Dickinson   Guitar,Vocals
John Enrico Douglas   Guitar
Candida Doyle   Keyboards
Martin Duffy   Keyboards,Background Vocals
Geoff Dugmore   Percussion
Andy Duncan   Percussion
Elizabeth Fraser   Vocals
Brian Futter   Guitar,Vocals
Simon Gallup   Bass
Tim Gane   Bass,Guitar,Percussion,Keyboards
Dean Garcia   Bass,Guitar,Keyboards
David Gavurin   Guitar
Simon Gilbert   Drums
Martin Gilks   Drums
Bobby Gillespie   Vocals
Jim Glennie   Bass,Background Vocals
Larry Gott   Guitar
Anthony "Al" Graham   Guitar,Piano
Johnny Green   Keyboards
Alex Griffin   Bass
Robin Guthrie   Guitar
Toni Halliday   Vocals
Patrick Hannan   Drums
Mary Hansen   Guitar,Percussion,Vocals
Douglas Hart   Bass
Dave Hawes   Bass
Peter Hook   Bass
Kick Horns   Brass
Miles Hunt   Guitar,Vocals
Mark Hunter   Keyboards
Andrew Innes   Guitar
Richey James   Guitar
E. Johnson   Strings
David Keegan   Guitar
Dee Lewis   Vocals
Roddy Lorimer   Brass
Gerard Love   Bass,Vocals
Francis MacDonald   Drums
Johnny Marr   Guitar,Piano
Joseph McAlinden   Guitar,Vocals
Nick McCabe   Guitar
Ian McCulloch   Guitar,Vocals
Raymond McGinley   Guitar,Vocals
Sean Moore   Drums,Background Vocals
Alan Moulder   Interviewee
Patrick Murray   Bass
Brendan O'Hare   Drums
Henry Olsen   Bass
Mat Osman   Bass
Phil Overhead   Percussion
Pattinson   Bass
Will Pepper   Bass
Andy Ramsay   Percussion,Drums,Keyboards
Jim Reid   Guitar,Vocals
William Reid   Guitar
David Rhodes   Guitar
Joe Richards   Cello
Audrey Riley   Cello
Simon Rogers   Bass
Andy Rourke   Bass
Dave Rowntree   Drums
Paul Ryder   Bass
Shaun Ryder   Vocals
Laetitia Sadier   Guitar,Percussion,Keyboards,Vocals
Peter Salisbury   Drums
Tim Sanders   Brass
Will Sergeant   Guitar
Russell Senior   Guitar,Violin
Chris Sharrock   Drums
Kevin Shields   Guitar,Vocals,Sampling
J. Neil Sidwell   Brass
Steve Sidwell   Trumpet
Neil Sims   Drums
Neil Singleton   Guitar
Nick Singleton   Bass
Robin Smith   Trumpet,Flugelhorn
Bob Stanley   Keyboards
Stephen Street   Keyboards,Interviewee
Porl Thompson   Guitar,Keyboards,Saxophone
Laurence Tolhurst   Keyboards
Malcolm Treece   Guitar,Vocals
Harriet Wheeler   Vocals
Gary Whelan   Drums
Simon White   Guitar,Vocals
Pete Wiggs   Keyboards
Boris Williams   Drums
Nicky Wire   Bass
Pete de Freitas   Drums
Liam Gallagher   Vocals
Noel Gallagher   Guitar,Vocals
Katharine Gifford   Keyboards
Mike Joyce   Drums
Alex Lowe   Guitar,Vocals
Tony McCarroll   Drums
Paul McGuigan   Bass
Simon Raymonde   Bass
Jim Williams   Mandoline
Duncan Brown   Bass,Guitar
Robert Buller   Strings
Chris Cooper   Drums
Steve Cradock   Guitar,Piano,Vocals
Jez   Drums
Pete Kember   Guitar,Keyboards,Vocals
Stephen Morris   Drums
Debbie Smith   Guitar
David Newton   Guitar
Phil Cunningham   Guitar
Bernard Sumner   Guitar,Vocals
Andrew Sherriff   Guitar,Vocals
Stuart Black   Bass,Guitar
Jon Brookes   Drums
Johnny Dean   Vocals
Matt Everett   Drums
Justine Frischmann   Guitar,Vocals
Chris Gentry   Guitar
Rachel Goswell   Background Vocals
Annie Holland   Bass
Glenn Johansson   Guitar,Mandolin,Vocals
Alex Keyser   Bass,Piano,Human Whistle
Sonya Aurora Madan   Vocals
Justin Welch   Drums
Emma Anderson   Guitar,Vocals
Ian Brown   Vocals
Saul Davies   Guitar,Percussion,Violin,Background Vocals
Simon Fowler   Acoustic Guitar,Harmonica,Vocals
Steve George   Bass
Matt James   Drums
Andy Maclure   Guitar,Drums
Kevin Miles   Bass
Damon Minchella   Bass
Gary Mounfield   Bass
Diid Osman   Bass
Steve Queralt   Bass
Steve Rippon   Bass
Martin Rossiter   Keyboards,Vocals
Frank Schaefer   Cello
John Squire   Guitar
Jon Stewart   Guitar
Mark Webber   Guitar,Keyboards
Louise Wener   Guitar,Vocals
Dan Worton   Drums
Paul Court   Guitar
Mark "Cow" Day   Guitar
Steve Dullaghan   Bass,Guitar
Gillian Gilbert   Keyboards
Tony Linehan   Bass
Paul Livingston   Guitar
Paul Marsh   Vocals
Lee Mavers   Guitar,Vocals
George McDaid   Bass
Frank Reader   Guitar,Vocals
Keith Rowley   Drums
Tracey Tracey   Tambourine,Vocals
Tig Williams   Drums
Danny Joe Brown Band   Guitar,Vocals
Jason Pierce   Guitar,Piano,Autoharp,Keyboards,Vocals,Hammered Dulcimer
Garry Jones   Drums
Alonza Bevan   Bass,Tabla,Vocals
Huw Bunford   Guitar,Cello,Vocals
Tom Hingley   Vocals
Dafydd Ieuan   Piano,Drums,Vocals
Graham Lambert   Guitar
Crispian Mills   Guitar,Vocals,Tamboura
Scott Morriss   Bass,Vocals
Colm O'Ciosoig   Drums,Sampling
Stefan Olsdal   Bass
Kate Radley   Keyboards,Vocals
Rob Jones   Bass
Clint Boon   Keyboards,Background Vocals
Stephen Jones   Vocals
Jon Baker   Guitar
Mark Roberts   Guitar,Vocals
Miki Berenyi   Guitar,Vocals
Cian Ciárán   Keyboards,Vocals
Guto Pryce   Bass,Hammond Organ,Analogue Synthesizer
Gruff Rhys   Guitar,Vocals,Analogue Synthesizer
Stove   Bass
Pete Bain   Bass
Jay Darlington   Keyboards
Deb Googe   Bass
Julian Hewings   Guitar,Vocals
Steve Hewitt   Drums
Rick "Rock" McMurray   Drums
Graeme Naysmith   Guitar
Paul Winter-Hart   Drums
Timothy Brown   Bass
Oscar Harrison   Piano,Drums,Vocals
Tim Wheeler   Guitar,Vocals
Marcos Thomas   Bass
Liam Tyson   Guitar
Peter Wilkinson   Bass
Tjinder Singh   Guitar,scratching,Vocals,Dholki
Adam Devlin   Guitar
Craig Gill   Drums
Eugene Kelly   Bass,Guitar,Drums,Vocals,Background Vocals
John E. Power   Bass,Guitar,Vocals
Robert Young   Guitar
Chris Acland   Drums
Dominic Chad   Guitar,Keyboards,Vocals
Mathew Priest   Drums,Vocals
Russell Yates   Guitar,Vocals
Kevin Mason   Rhythm Guitar
Donna Matthews   Guitar,Vocals
Padraic Savage   Violin
Luke Scott   Guitar
Joby Talbot   Piano,Conductor,Oboe
Ben Ayres   Guitar,Keyboards,Tamboura
Jim Rodger   Guitar
Paul Draper   Guitar,Keyboards,Vocals
Damon Reece   Drums
James Broad   Guitar,Vocals
Eds Chesters   Drums
Paul Frederick   Vocals
Mark Gardener   Guitar,Vocals
Neil Hannon   Bass,Guitar,Percussion,Piano,Hammond Organ,Vocals
Adam Franklin   Guitar,Vocals
Andie Rathbone   Drums
Anthony Saffery   Harmonium,Keyboards,Sitar
Alison Fletcher   Viola
Anna Giddey   Violin
Alex McRonald   Flute
Alex Postlethwaite   Violin
Alice Pratley   Violin
Alec Richards   Drums
Damien Warburton   Drums
Grace Winder   Strings
Cerys Matthews   Vocals
Nick Simms   Drums
Simon Tong   Guitar,Keyboards
Peter Bengry   Percussion
Andy "Maddog" Miller   Guitar,Sitar,Vocals
Anthony Christmas   Drums
Julian Taylor   Bass,Trumpet,Vocals
Stephen Barnes   Vocals
Stevie Hussey   Drums
Chris Jones   Drums
Paul "Polo" Jones   Bass
Paul Bassett   Guitar,Vocals
Jimmy Hartridge   Guitar
Gary Ainge   Drums
Ashley Bates   Drums
Stuart "Pinkie" Bates   Hammond Organ,Bass Trombone
Raymond Boyle   Bass,Guitar,Drums,Vocals,Background Vocals
Gaz Coombes   Guitar,Vocals
Stephen Douglas   Drums
Kevin Downing   Drums
Gareth Farmer   Drums
Nick Gilbert   Bass
John Graves   Bass
Colin Gregory   Bass,Vocals
Robert Gregory   Drums
Stephen Jelbert   Guitar
Quentin Jennings   Keyboards
Richard Kane   Bass,Vocals
Gordon Keen   Bass,Guitar,Drums,Vocals,Background Vocals
Ian Masters   Bass,Vocals
Tim McVay   Guitar
John Pedder   Bass
Mickey Quinn   Bass
Tara Milton   Bass,Vocals
John Byrne   Guitar
Phil "Toby" Tolman   Drums
Dominic Bostock   Drums
Giles Duffy   Guitar
Sean McDonough   Bass
Ann Donald   Drums
Joanna Doran   Guitar,Vocals
Stephen Lawrie   Banjo,Guitar,Percussion,Keyboards,Vocals,Loops
Russell Barrett   Bass
Keith O'Neill   Drums
Sarah Kneale   Bass
Stephen Patman   Guitar,Vocals
Lawrence Hayward   Guitar,Vocals
Danny Goffey   Drums
Brian Molko   Guitar,Vocals
Charlotte Glasson   Flute,Viola
Chris Worsey   Cello
David Baynton-Power   Drums,Vocals
Wiz   Guitar,Vocals
Pete Cuthbert   Drums
Louis Eliot   Guitar,Vocals
Toby Hounsham   Keyboards
John J. Moore   Drums
Mark Hamilton   Bass
Simon Rowe   Guitar
Richard Sayce   Drums,Vocals
Ben Nabarro   Violin
Kelvin Christiane   Clarinet
Emile Chitikov   Violin
Eos Counsell   Violin
Yuri Kalnitz   Violin
Rob Brooks   Bass
Paul "Scooby" Smith   Guitar
Nicholas Crowe   Drums
Charley Stone   Guitar
Nigel Hoyle   Bass
James Riseboro   Keyboards
Paul John Weller   Organ
Simon Estell   Bassoon,Saxophone
Ruth Goldstein   Cello
Lizzy Lee Vincent   Guitar
Dominic Dillon   Drums
Steve Mackey   Bass
Robert "Big Bert" Smith   Guitar,Keyboards,Vocals
David Fitzgerald   Guitar
Danny Bryant   Bass,Vocals
Roy Lawrence   Bass,Guitar,Drums,Vocals,Background Vocals
Paul Matthew Davis   Keyboards
Nicholas "Natty" Brooker   Drums
Laurence Colbert   Drums
Nellie Grant   Bass,Drums
Alex Henderson   Drums
Phil Hopper   Drums
Neil Hughes   Drums
Kevin McKillop   Guitar,Vocals
Laura McPhail   Drums
Mark Morriss   Vocals
Richard Payne   Keyboards
Raymond Prior   Bass,Drums
Laura Samuel   Violin
Steve Sweeny Turner   Interviewee
Jeremy Tishler   Bass
Robert Vincent   Vocals
Alan "Reni" Wren   Drums,Vocals
Alex Taylor   Vocals
Bryan Mills   Bass
Matt Cheslin   Bass
John Penney   Vocals
Paul "Bonehead" Arthurs   Guitar
Andy Bell   Guitar,Keyboards,Vocals
Andy Cook   Guitar

Technical Credits

Norman Blake   Author
Cocteau Twins   Composer
Nick Heyward   Composer,Producer,Instrumentation
Inspiral Carpets   Composer,Producer
New Order   Producer
Curve   Producer
Ned's Atomic Dustbin   Composer
Pale Saints   Composer
Steve Power   Producer
Swervedriver   Composer
Trash Can Sinatras   Composer
Wonder Stuff   Composer
Maurice Deebank   Composer
John Kongos   Composer
Youth   Producer
Boo Radleys   Composer
Family Cat   Composer
Steve Scott   Composer
Ocean Colour Scene   Composer
Rodney Bingenheimer   Photo Courtesy
Elastica   Producer
Oasis   Producer
Paul Oakenfold   Producer
Damon Albarn   Composer
Darren Allison   Producer
Bob Andrews   Producer
Richard Ashcroft   Composer
Martin Blunt   Composer
James Dean Bradfield   Composer
Hugh Brown   Art Direction
Jon Bull   Programming,Producer
Ed Buller   Producer
Tim Burgess   Composer,Author
Bilinda Butcher   Composer
Bernard Butler   Composer
Martin Carr   Composer
Salli Carson   Composer
Paul Chisholm   Producer
Nigel Clark   Composer
Clay   Producer
Jarvis Cocker   Composer
Pat Collier   Producer
P.J. Court   Composer
Graham Coxon   Composer
Mark Coyle   Producer
Sarah Cracknell   Composer
Tommy D   Producer
Rob Dickinson   Composer
Candida Doyle   Composer
Brian Eno   Producer
Flood   Producer
Guy Fixsen   Producer
Don Fleming   Producer
Richard Formby   Producer
Tim Friese-Greene   Producer
John Fryer   Producer
Brian Futter   Composer
Simon Gallup   Composer
Tim Gane   Composer,Instrumentation
Dean Garcia   Composer,drum programming
David Gavurin   Composer
Bobby Gillespie   Composer
Anthony "Al" Graham   Composer
Robin Guthrie   Producer
Stephen Hague   Composer,Producer
Toni Halliday   Composer
Mary Hansen   Instrumentation
Peter Hook   Composer,Author
Chris Hughes   Producer
Andrew Innes   Composer
Ralph Jezzard   Producer
Hugh Jones   Producer
Neill King   Producer
Laurie Latham   Producer
John Leckie   Producer
Gerard Love   Composer
Brendan Lynch   Producer
Clive Martin   Producer
Joseph McAlinden   Composer,Producer
Ian McCulloch   Composer,Author
Sean Moore   Composer
Owen Morris   Producer
Morrissey   Composer
Alan Moulder   Producer
Steve Osborne   Producer
Stephen Pastel   Producer
Pattinson   Composer
John Porter   Producer
Chris Potter   Producer
Bill Price   Producer
Andy Ramsay   Instrumentation
William Reid   Producer
Dave Rowntree   Composer
Laetitia Sadier   Composer,Instrumentation
Paul Sampson   Producer
Will Sergeant   Composer
Russell Senior   Composer
Kevin Shields   Composer,Producer
George Shilling   Producer
R. Shulman   Producer
Neil Singleton   Composer
Nick Singleton   Composer
Robert Smith   Composer
Bob Stanley   Author
Stephen Street   Producer
Alan Tarney   Producer
Phil Tennant   Producer
Porl Thompson   Composer
Laurence Tolhurst   Composer
Mark Wallis   Producer
Jamie Watson   Producer
Andrew Weatherall   Producer
Harriet Wheeler   Composer
Simon White   Composer,Author
Pete Wiggs   Composer
Boris Williams   Composer
Sam Williams   Producer
Nicky Wire   Composer
Supergrass   Composer
Shop Assistants   Composer
Ash   Producer
Noel Gallagher   Composer
Katharine Gifford   Instrumentation
Marc Waterman   Producer,Engineer
Andy Bell   Composer
Duncan Brown   Instrumentation
Nick Garside   Producer
Nigel Godrich   Producer
Pete Kember   Composer,Producer,Author,Feedback
Stephen Morris   Composer
These Animal Men   Composer
Bernard Sumner   Composer
Andrew Sherriff   Composer
Stuart Black   Composer
Johnny Dean   Composer
Justine Frischmann   Composer
Chris Gentry   Composer
Sonya Aurora Madan   Composer
Loz Colbert   Composer
Matt James   Composer
Kevin Miles   Composer
Chris Nagle   Producer
Steve Queralt   Composer
Martin Rossiter   Composer
John Squire   Composer
Phil Vinall   Producer
Louise Wener   Composer
Super Furry Animals   Composer,Producer
Gillian Gilbert   Composer
Tony Linehan   Composer
Lee Mavers   Composer
Frank Reader   Author
Kula Shaker   Composer
Jason Pierce   Producer,Author
Patrick Milligan   Discographical Annotation
Crispian Mills   Composer,Producer
Scott Morriss   Composer
Stefan Olsdal   Composer
Jessica Corcoran   Producer
Stephen Jones   Producer
Bryan Thomas   Discographical Annotation
Miki Berenyi   Composer,Author
Stephen Harris   Producer
Gorwel Owen   Producer
John Srebalus   Interviewer
Julian Hewings   Composer
Steve Hewitt   Composer
Tim Wheeler   Author
Christopher Marc Potter   Producer
Tjinder Singh   Composer,Producer
Adam Devlin   Composer
Eugene Kelly   Composer,Author
Stephen Mackey   Composer
John E. Power   Author
Steve Brown   Producer
John Hagelston   Liner Notes
Mathew Priest   Composer,Author
Russell Yates   Composer
Jim Rodger   Composer
Paul Draper   Composer,Producer
James Broad   Composer
Christos Demetriou   Composer
Mark Gardener   Composer,Author
Neil Hannon   Composer,Producer,Author
Andrew Curtis   Composer
Cerys Matthews   Composer
Derek Fudge   Producer
Paul Bassett   Composer
Colin Gregory   Composer
Stephen Lawrie   Composer
Alan McGee   Liner Notes
Lawrence Hayward   Composer
Brian Molko   Composer,Author
John Marr   Composer
Louis Eliot   Composer
Cory Frye   Interviewer
Nicholas Crowe   Composer
Nigel Hoyle   Composer
Robert Collins   Composer
Dave Allen   Producer
Chris E. Thomas   Producer
Robert "Big Bert" Smith   Producer
Haas   Producer
Kevin McKillop   Composer
Mark Redfern   Interviewer
Robert Vincent   Composer
Lee Vincent   Composer
Jonathan Baker   Composer
Andy Bell   Producer

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