The British Book Trade in the 18th and 19th Centuries

The British Book Trade in the 18th and 19th Centuries



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ISBN-13: 9781855064966
Publisher: Continuum International Publishing Group
Publication date: 01/28/1996
Series: History of the Book Trade
Pages: 2961

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"Biographical And Literary Anecdotes Of William Bowyer, Printer, And Of His Many Learned Friends" By John Nichols, 1782 Edition - 674Pp, 290 X 210Mm (The First Edition Of This Work Was Much Plagiarized For Its Information On The 18Th-Century Book Trade)
"Memoirs Of The First Forty-Five Years Of The Life Of James Lackington, The Present Bookseller In Chiswell Street, Moorfields" By James Lackington, 1791 Edition - 376Pp, 216 X 138Mm (A Work About Bookselling By A Successful 18Th-Century Bookseller)
"Fifty Years' Recollections Of An Old Bookseller, Consisting Of Anecdotes...And Original Traits And Eccentricities Of Authors, Artists, Actors, Booksellers, And Of The Periodical Press For The Last Half Century" By William West, 1837 Edition - 200Pp, 216 X 138Mm
"Shadows Of The Old Booksellers" By Charles Knight, 1865 Edition - 336Pp, 216 X 138Mm (Knight Wrote Biographies Of The 18Th-Century Publisher-Booksellers)
"Memoirs Of Robert Chambers With Autobiographic Reminiscences Of William Chambers" By William Chambers", 1872 Edition - 483Pp, 216 X 138Mm (The Second Half Tells Of The Movement On Cheap Literature And Of The Progress Of "Chambers Journal")
"A History Of Booksellers, The Old And The New" By Henry Curwen, 1873 Edition - 483Pp, 216 X 138Mm (Containing Chapters On Various Publishing Firms Including Longman)
"A Bookseller Of The Last Century, Being Some Account Of The Life Of John Newbery And Of The Books He Published With A Notice Of The Later Newberys" By Charles Welch, 1885 Edition - 385Pp, 216 X 138Mm (An Account Of This 18Th-Century Bookseller, Newspaper Publisher And Pioneer Of Children's Publishing)
"The Profession Of Bookselling, A Handbook Of Practical Hints For The Apprentice And Bookseller" By Adolf Growoll, 1893-5 Edition - 171Pp, 290 X 210Mm (This Includes Information On Trade Catalogues In Both Britain And The Usa In The Late-19Th Century).

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