The British Knight

The British Knight

by Louise Bay


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ISBN-13: 9781910747513
Publisher: Louise Bay
Publication date: 11/28/2017
Series: Royals Collection Series
Pages: 340
Sales rank: 221,703
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 7.90(h) x 0.90(d)

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The British Knight 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 17 reviews.
TheBunny1 More than 1 year ago
London is one of my favorite cities, so, the setting of this story was like another character in addition to Violet and Alexander. I loved the setting, the time in London, and the obvious affection the author has for the translates to a book that not only is about the human characters but also about where they are and the way it impacts their lives. I loved Alexander, how British he was, how willing he was to live life with a "stiff upper lip" and how surprised he was when he realized that he was living a life without the emotion that made that life better. Violet is the life that is better. And, there's an irony in this as she doesn't see it. She sees herself as a little foundering and unsettled, and she is...but she is also learning who she is in the same way that Alexander is, but while she figures out who she is, Alexander figures out who he isn't. the combination of the 2 works very well and makes for a wonderful romance with the London backdrop. I loved this book, all of it. The characters, the writing, the setting, the pacing, the entire book just flowed and was a pleasure to read. I recommend this title.
seansmother More than 1 year ago
-1/2 stars. I think this might be my favorite Louise Bay book. Although they're all great. Alexander is scrumptious!! Man, what I would give to have a Knight!! And Violet is great, I loved her strength, her humor, her brains, and the fact that she didn't wallow in self-pity after the betrayal she suffered. This is a great story!!
Frannie77 More than 1 year ago
This book was perfection; exactly what I needed. Louise Bay is a MASTER at edgy, alpha, and delicious men in suits and this story didn't lack any of that. But what I loved most about Alexander and Violet's love story was the fact that even though they were mastering the art of repelling any love interest, their paths crossed and it was inevitable. I loved that in THIS story, the male character (Alexander) was the first one to realize that he was falling hard for Violet. That woman resisted SO MUCH!! This story was sexy, well written, thought provoking, funny, sexy (yes, I said it again but HOLY HOTNESS, ALEXANDER!!) and everything you love Louise Bay's stories for. Well done, Louise!!
KitRicc More than 1 year ago
This is a story about not only about love but finding your way in the world. I loved the writing and plot of this book. The characters have strong personalities and I loved how the secondary characters played a large part in the story as well. Violet is broken from her past and she finally gets a fresh start. Working for three months across the world may just be what she needs to finally move on but it may also be the one thing that destroys her. Alexander is the unattainable bachelor that every woman wants. Work is his only priority everything else is just a waste of time. He has finally reached everything he has every wanted but a tornado named Violet shows him the only he always wanted may not be what he needs. I hope you pick up a copy of this book and love it as much as I do.
TraceW More than 1 year ago
What an engaging couple! This is a standalone and although I've only read Park Avenue Prince and I know some of these characters are from the other books in this series, it didn't cause me to enjoy it any less. Violet and Alexander have chemistry that you feel the first moment they meet -- it's tangible and intense! They're definitely opposites in personality but I loved how the author allowed them to change and I loved that I was able to witness those changes. It's steamy, funny, emotional and intense -- if you love contemporary romances with steam, I highly suggest you give this series a try!
charlligirl More than 1 year ago
Wow, what a wonderful story. So much real life emotions were involved in this book. Alex is a workaholic who puts his job before everything and everyone else. Granted he learned from his example, but Violet manages to find ways to help him relax and therefore be more productive. I love Violet's spunk. I love her ability to stand up to Alex and tell him exactly how it is. She did not go into this thinking to change him, just thinking to have fun. However, change him she does and in so many good ways. Overall, this was a good book. Definitely a 4.5 star rating. I'm looking forward to reading more books about some of the other characters.
BananaTricky More than 1 year ago
I'd read some good reviews of this book/ series and wasn't disappointed. First, Louise Bay is English so she writes about London with authority and accurately. Second, her characters are intelligent, articulate and normal! This may have been the first book I have read by Louise Bay but it won't be the last. Violet King is an American waitress. Three years ago she and her boyfriend were creating their own start-up company when he informed her that the business was in his name and he was sleeping with her roommate. Since then she has refused to commit to anything: men, jobs, careers. Her friend Darcy persuades her to come to England for three months to try something different, she gets her an interview at a Barrister's Chambers in Lincoln's Inn (a specialist type of English lawyer based in a specific, very picturesque area of London that looks very Dickensian). On her way to the interview Violet encounters a handsome man on her London Underground train, only to find that the man, Alexander Knightley, is her new boss. Alex Knightley is an anti-social workaholic, desperate to match his late father's success in business. Violet's job is to get Alex to bill his outstanding clients, file/shred/archive all the papers in his office and generally do whatever she can to assist him. The only problem is, Alex doesn't want any help. What makes this different from all the other billionaire boss romances is that whilst Violet and Alex fight their attraction, and fail, they are also developing a relationship of trust. (view spoiler) Seriously, I didn't realise how annoying it was to read books set in the UK written by someone with only a sketchy knowledge of the place. Loved this and will definitely be reading more by Louise.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I think I just found my new series obsession. Quick read and highly entertaining.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Best yet in this series. I fell in love with Violet and Alexander. She met him stroke for stroke. He thought he could strike fear in everyone so they would leave him alone. But when it didn't work with Violet he was the one in fear. Lol this book had me crying and laughing. Great read. So looking forward to the next one.
LexyH More than 1 year ago
Oh, how I loved this book! The chemistry between Alexander and Violet is off the charts and seeing them interact and fight the chemistry at first is amazing. They knew full well that there are struggles and issues if they were going to enter into a relationship. Violet lives in America and Alexander is in London, so even if it's just for a few months they want to enjoy what they have. These two, I seriously couldn't get enough of them. They are strong willed, snarky, feisty and beautiful. I couldn't get enough of them. Everything about The British Knight was amazing. It will capture your attention from day one and you won't want to put it down.
VGrey14 More than 1 year ago
“He is my Knightley in shining armor and our fairytale was as real as it got.” I want to start by saying that what I adore about Louise Bay's novels, is they always speak to my romance loving heart and THE BRITISH KNIGHT did just that! Alexander and Violet were perfect for each other in the end. Ever since reading KING OF WALL STREET, I’ve been patiently waiting for Violet’s story because I was intrigued by her character and I wanted to know about her HEA! So I am so giddy to finally be able to have it! Violet King was exactly how I’d imagined her to be…a carefree spirit that seized the day, very independent and a woman who holds her own. To see that she found her counterpart in Alexander was perfect and realistic. He pulled out the hidden Violet that’d been lying dormant for years. Unfortunately for me (this is where the 4 stars comes in), Alexander kind of fell flat. I was intrigued by him in the beginning, but he slowly lost appeal. *sad face* He really did seem selfish at times and frustrated me! I needed him to work harder for Violet, FIGHT FOR HER sooner. He seemed to realize more quickly than she did that he was falling, but he wasn’t really proving it to her, at least not to me, so I was missing out on some #swoonworthy moments that I feel could’ve been in there. But then around 85%, I started falling for him again! He was stepping up and proving that he wanted Violet beyond their “temporary” status. *happy dance* I just wish he did it sooner. In the end, I was happy with their HEA. I adored the interactions between Alexander and Violet. I loved the “office romance” angle and the bicker between them throughout the novel. Getting dual POV’s helped with understanding where each character was coming from and their backgrounds. This story is very realistic and I’m sure there are some readers out there who can relate to both characters. If you’re looking for a slow-building, sexy and fun novel about two characters finding themselves and love along the way, then this is the novel for you. Now, I am patiently waiting for Louise Bay to announce a book for Darcy! She needs her HEA too! That poor woman has given up on it! *crossing fingers* THE BRITISH KNIGHT is a connected standalone, to other novels of Louise Bay’s (KING OF WALL STREET, PARK AVENUE PRINCE, and DUKE OF MANHATTAN, but it can be read as a standalone. 4 stars! #carpediem #mindthegap
Scaramouche89 More than 1 year ago
There’s just something about romances by Louise Bay that’s … regal – majestic. Even though they are not about royals per se, it certainly feels like it – and THE BRITISH KNIGHT was no different. Add to that the fact that it’s mostly set in London and this feeling intensifies tenfold. The writing, the storyline, the beautiful characters – everything was enigmatic and brilliant. Have you ever thought about if you truly live your life to the fullest, if you seize the day and make the best of it? Our culture nowadays oftentimes rarely allows for such things as indulgence and leisure and travel. That’s the world we live in – and the way Alexander Knightley lives by. He is the epitome of a workaholic, as a barrister, he strives to be the best, being in the office 14 hours a day, including throughout the weekend, is his norm. It takes Violet for him to alternate his view of the world – at least a tiny bit. And in all honesty, she got me thinking about my own work life as well… About Violet: She lives in New York and after just having lost one of her countless waitressing jobs, she decides it’s time for a new beginning, leaving waitressing and her jerk of an ex behind, when an opportunity comes up to go to London for three months. Her task at the chambers is not an easy one, as delegating work just is not his style – no matter how overflowing his desk – err, office. He is as moody and brooding as he is brilliant in his job. But Violet is determined to make him see the world through different eyes… Their story is beautifully crafted and develops rather differently to what I expected. Both Violet and Alex are wonderful characters, both driven and strong-willed, both not aware of what they were secretly looking for until the paths cross. And then there’s the scenery: London is hands down my most favorite city in the world. I think I have been there ten plus times already, always discovering new corners and loving it. Now I’m adding Lincoln Inn Fields to that list… I cannot wait for my next visit! Story, characters, scenery, banter, some angst, a suited-up brooding hero, intense chemistry, some seriously hot scenes between the sheets, and not to forget those gorgeously emotional moments … this book is the whole package. Inspiring and captivating, the writing is flawless and had me running through the pages. I cannot wait for whatever Louise Bay brings us next!
CrystalsBookWorld More than 1 year ago
First off, Alex is a sexy brit that I could not help but fall for over and over again. Violet was in charge since the first day these two met. When she has to work with Alex, she fought her way to making his work life easier, to breaking the walls to his heart. I loved her personality and how she never backed down from Alex's barking orders. The chemistry, the drama, the sexiness level, and the power play with these two captured me. I was in their world and loved being in the UK! I could not get over the banter with these two. I was hooked into the story and enjoyed meeting up with old friends from previous books! I want more and can not wait to read more book by Louise Bay! I am a forever fan.
CeeCeeHouston More than 1 year ago
Well not Alexander KNightley that’s for sure. He’s a man on a mission and that’s to become the best damned barrister that ever lived, including his deceased father whose legacy he’s trying to perpetuate. Alexander doesn’t think he works too hard, he’s just driven and wants to do the best he can for everyone- so what if his office is a mess and his filing and accounts isn’t anywhere near up to date. It doesn’t matter to him. Alex’s bosses don’t see it the same way and a plan has been set in motion to sort him out, or his office and files at least. That’s where Violet KIng comes in. Violet lost her job as a waitress and now is desperate for work. Darcy, Ryder’s sister from The Duke Of Manhattan (another standalone but connected book in this series) is in New York when this happens to Violet and suggests a break in London to get her head together before she decides what she wants to do next. Violet wasn’t meant to be just a waitress, she’s a computer expert and had her own company she was set to run with her ex-boyfriend, before he did the dirty on her, leaving her virtually penniless. On the London underground, Violet meets a mysterious sexy stranger then loses her cell phone which has the GPS directions to the building where her interview is taking place. The stranger offers to show her the way and much as she knows she shouldn’t Violet agrees to his help. He’s sinfully gorgeous and too hard to resist. When she next meets the stranger it as the man whom she’s been employed to work with. Alexander. The two get off to an explosive start, Alex doesn’t want help, any help, not even from the beauty he met on the tube. But Violet is tenacious and downright devious at times and before he knows its, she’s wormed her way not just into his work but his life. Vioet’s different from the women he has met before, and he finds himself willingly giving up time in the office to spend with her. Violet is conflicted about Alex on so many levels. She loves fixing his problems but hates his standoffish and brash exterior. She also knows she’s attracted to him, that one time in his office proved as much, but she knows she has to act professional and tells him as much. Alexander’s answer isn’t what she wanted to hear. Can opposites attract? Will Alex soften enough to become the man that Violet thinks she doesn’t need? Will she see what is staring her in the face and admit what she wants? Can her Prince Charming be a British Knight?
CoffeeGoddessTK More than 1 year ago
From HOPEFUL, my first Louise Bay book, to THE BRITISH KNIGHT, her most recent, I have loved every single book that she's written. Louise writes books that just grab me, pull me in and under, and keep me turning pages until THE END. Her characters, her stories, everything, make reading one of her books an absolute pleasure, every time. Of course I know Violet King. Sister of Max and Scarlett King, we met her in both of their books. Especially in DUKE OF MANHATTAN, Scarlett's story, it became very clear that Violet had her own story to tell, and that it was going to be fabulous. Alexander Knightley is the perfect foil for Violet. He has no idea that the lovely girl on the train is about to rock his world in ways that he'd never, in all of his tightly-wound, buttoned-up mind, imagined. These two. I loved the absolute heck out of them and their story. At first look, they couldn't be less well-matched, but each of them really needs what the other has to offer. Seeing Violet take back her sense of self, of regaining the strength and the capability that she lost way back when, is lovely. She really comes into her own, and she is fierce. For his part, Alex couldn't stop the tidal wave that is Violet if he wanted to. And, he does want to, or so he tells himself. But he has some changing to do, too, and Violet is absolutely the key. Louise continues to delight and engage, and I look forward to each of her books. I've loved every book in this set of standalones and THE BRITISH KNIGHT does not disappoint. Fans of Louise will adore it, and new readers will become instant fans, I'd wager. Grab this book, and, while you're at it, all the others, as well. 4.5 easy and well-earned stars for Violet and her British Knight.
Lisa-Lou More than 1 year ago
The British Knight by Louise Bay is a standalone story set in the same world as King of Wall Street, Park Avenue Prince, and Duke of Manhattan. This is the story of Violet and Alexander and is possibly my favorite of these to date. Well paced and well written, engaging throughout and told in dual POV I couldn't get enough of these two seemingly opposite characters. Violet is in a rut. She just got fired, is still nursing her wounds from a devastating betrayal four years ago and has no plans for the future. When an opportunity arises for her to take a breather for a few months in London she is more than ready to leave New York in her dust. Meeting the most gorgeous man she has ever laid eyes on while there isn't a hardship either. Alexander Knightly is all about his career. Being a barrister is all he has ever wanted and he works night and day to be as successful or better than his father was. He had always looked up to and admired his father and is following the same workaholic tendencies. When the beautiful Violet shows up in his life she is the catalyst he never knew he needed to change the path he is on. Emotional, witty and charming this book was amazing. Enjoy!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago