The Bunny of All Bunnies

The Bunny of All Bunnies

by Alaine Thomas Bowman

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The Bunny Of All Bunnies is a fairytale about a charitable little bunny rabbit who loves his friends, and the children in the village close by. He knows about the Easter and Spring season that brings so much joy to children. So he makes plans to be sure that the holiday and the season will be special for each child. This is manifested by creating beautiful Easter Baskets, and lollypops for them. Bunny even infl uences his friends Billy Beaver, Bluebird, and Sammie Squirrel to help him.

The setting is in the woods near the village, and the Chapel, where the children and their parents go to worship. The story opens with Bunny hiding in the bushes to watch the boys and the girls go into the Chapel, with their parents. Since he loves the children, and wants to make them smile, he starts to think about his outfit, and what he will wear for the occasion. But on the way to get this done, he finds little paint buckets, and decides to mix the colors, so that the eggs and the candy will look appealing to the children.

Bunny goes to a village henhouse to purchase some eggs for the occasion, and gets into trouble with the hens in the henhouse. He is able to leave with the eggs. He paints the eggs. His next job was to fi nd sap and sugar to make the lollypops.

After doing all this, including dressing himself, Bunny laid down under a tree to rest. His friends tried to awaken him, because they were afraid that it would get too dark to deliver gifts. Oh what a wonderful time the children have when they fi nd the baskets and the candy, near the Chapel. Near the end of the story Bunny is satisfied with his job, but he remembers that there is one more thing that he has forgotten to do. Finally, he remembers to wish everyone, “a happy Easter.”

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