The Burning Answer

The Burning Answer

by Keith Barnham

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Our society faces a choice. We could be enjoying a sustainable lifestyle but we have chosen not to. In three generations we have consumed half the oil produced by photosynthesis over eight million generations. In two generations we have used half our uranium resources. With threats from global warming, oil depletion and nuclear disaster, we are running out of options. Solar power, as Keith Barnham says, is our necessary solution.Barnham explains that the roots of solar energy lie in a little known equation E=hf, an equation which was coincidentally celebrated (and explained to the world) by Einstein in the same year he discovered E=mc2. He alleges that the former equation has been overlooked in favor of the latter, much to our detriment, and Barnham is here to offer us a solution: We can still turn things around and solar energy is the key.In this provocative, inspiring, passionately argued book, Keith Barnham outlines actions that any one and all of us can take to make an impact now and on future generations. The Burning Answer is a solar manifesto for the new climate-aware generation and a must-read for climate-change skeptics.

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ISBN-13: 9781605987774
Publisher: Pegasus Books
Publication date: 05/15/2015
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 400
File size: 928 KB

About the Author

Keith Barnham is Emeritus Professor of Physics at Imperial College London. He started his career in experimental particle physics working in research laboratories in Geneva and the University of California Berkeley. Mid-career he switched to researching solar energy and invented a solar cell with three times the efficiency of today's roof-top panels. He lives in England and his website is

Table of Contents

Introduction 1

I The History of the Semiconductor Revolution 9

1 We are Stardust 11

2 What is Light? 20

3 The Quantum Revolution 45

4 Brighter than a Thousand Suns 73

5 The Mystery of the Quantum Conductor 97

6 The Semiconductor Revolution 117

II The Here and Now of the Solar Revolution 143

7 Questions for the Solar Revolution 145

8 The Solar Cornucopia 166

9 How Can We Reduce Our Carbon Emissions? 188

10 The Politics of the Solar Revolution 209

III The Future of the Solar Revolution 233

11 Foretelling the Future 235

12 The Electric Car 240

13 Solar Fuel 251

14 Manifesto for the Solar Revolution 273

15 Tomorrow the World 282

16 Wishful Thinking? 300

Acknowledgements 317

Bibliography 323

Index 373

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