The Burning Bush Redux

The Burning Bush Redux

by F Hampton Carmine

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The Burning Bush Redux by F Hampton Carmine

The wheeze of his own breathing was the only sound inside his spacesuit's helmet. The only sights were the cyclic views of stars, the moon, and the large blue ball of the Earth through his visor as he slowly tumbled in a rapidly decaying orbit. His eyes were fixed straight ahead, uncaring, empty of desires, regrets, or fear. Into the great emptiness where his withered soul waited for release, something undefinable inserted itself. He felt an overwhelming presence, a sense of other, of power, of love.

“Samuel Mayer! Why do you seek to end your life?” A voice spoke from his helmet's speakers. “You are angry with your God even though You allowed one success to follow another and hours away to become days and then weeks away from home and family. The original reasons for your striving for success dwindled until success became its own reason for being. Your family left you because you had already abandoned them. I gave you free will and intelligence, an intelligence unequaled in the universe. You failed to live up to my gifts. You were bitter and vengeful. You were even going to allow your own daughter and young granddaughter to hear your death live over a public broadcast.”

Sam questioned God, in his arrogance and was reminded of another human who questioned God. "Moses was his name. I had to use all manner of visual tricks to make my points to him. You were very primitive in your understanding of the universe at that time. I speak to you now with language closer to the real state of things and closer to my real self. I am using an invisible ship of primordial energy instead of a burning bush.”

“I do believe in you!” The truth of his statement was evident in his voice and it surprised even him.

“Believe in yourself. You will honor me most, by exercising all the powers that your form contains, a brain with which to love and nurture and to think and imagine. Climb that path to understanding and maybe you can join me when we all must rejoin the powers that created us.”

Samuel felt a wave of energy pass through him, a force, a gift, pulling the cancer from his body and he knew he was free of it. “Oh, thank God!”

“Thank me by living a live worthy of your potential, worthy of the universe, the mother of us all.”“I will, for as long as I live.”

“You are the first with my new teachings and your journey will not be easy. Others will ridicule you, some may work to harm you but keep the faith. We are all part of a great, life-filled universe, both diverse and wondrous. Teach them to use their minds and to open themselves to the cosmos and greater understandings. Spread the word!" A great noise and light filled his helmet and mind, driving before it his petty, self-centered understandings of the universe, and filling him with knowledge and love. Then instantly, he was alone again, tumbling towards the earth as if nothing had happened. He continued to slowly rotate, falling ever faster towards Earth. The presence was gone but he felt his mind exceptionally clear. He understood many things and he was not afraid. He felt blessed and fulfilled. He felt a surge of happiness with his new found clarity even though it may be just moments before his death as a brief and dim falling star.

His descent continued as a fiery blossom with a stem of flaming gases seen by the throngs of thousands gathered around his projected impact point. From within his state of grace, he felt no heat, no fear and his suit surrendered to the flames. The ball of flame slowed and settled slowly to earth within a circle of military and NSA personnel, and though the ring of soldiers raised their weapons in apprehension as he settled to Earth clothed only in the bodysuit he wore under his spacesuit. He raised both arms with unhurried deliberate movements. He was not afraid. “I am alive by the grace of God! Listen and I will speaks his words into your minds and hearts!”

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About the Author

Hampton Carmine or F. Hampton Carmine, more formally, has been writing stories since high school in the early sixties when he completed three sci/fi novels that still exist in red ink on pulp pencil tablets as instruments of humility. He was born in the small college town of Oakland City, Indiana where his dad was in music school. His youth was spent in the midwest but he went to college in North Carolina at East Carolina University achieving a degree in Psychology and advanced degrees in Speech and Language Pathology and Special Education. This was followed later by a degree in Computer Science, a career in state service and retirement to help raise a first grandchild. He continues to write Fantasy and Sci/Fi as well as compose music for band and orchestra while living in Raleigh, NC.

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