The Business of Entertainment

The Business of Entertainment

by Robert C. Sickels

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The Business of Entertainment by Robert C. Sickels

We love to be entertained. And today's technology makes that easier than ever. Listen to tunes while working out? No problem. Watch a movie on your cell phone? Can do. Get 450 channels of digital entertainment bounced off a satellite and into your vehicle—even while traveling through empty wastelands? Simple. But behind these experiences is a complex industry, dominated by a handful of global media conglomerates whose executives exert considerable influence over the artists and projects they bankroll, the processes by which products are developed, and the methods they use to promote and distribute entertainment. As this set shows, the industries in which commerce, art, and technology intersect are among the most fascinating in all of business.

Entertainment is a high-stakes industry where stars are born and flame out in the blink of an eye, where multimillion dollar deals are made on a daily basis, and where cultural mores, for better or worse, are shaped and reinforced. The Business of Entertainment lifts the curtain to show the machinery (and sleight of hand) behind the films, TV shows, music, and radio programs we can't live without. The Business of Entertainment comprises three volumes, covering movies popular music, and television. But it's not all about stars and glitter—it's as much about the nuts and bolts of daily life in the industry, including the challenges of digitizing content, globalization, promoting stars and shows, protecting intellectual property, developing talent, employing the latest technology, and getting projects done on time and within budget. Challenges don't end there. There's also advertising and product placement, the power of reviews and reviewers, the cancerous spread of piracy, the battles between cable and satellite operators (and the threat to both from telephone companies), the backlash to promoting gangsta lifestyles, and more. Each chapter is written by an authority in the field, from noted scholars to entertainment industry professionals to critics to screenwriters to lawyers. The result is a fascinating mosaic, with each chapter a gem that provides insight into the industry that—hands down—generates more conversations on a daily basis than any other.

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ISBN-13: 9780275998400
Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group, Incorporated
Publication date: 11/28/2008
Pages: 264
Product dimensions: 6.50(w) x 1.50(h) x 9.50(d)

About the Author

ROBERT C. SICKELS is Associate Professor of American Film and Popular Culture at Whitman College. He has made several short films that have played nationally at festivals around the country. In addition to publishing numerous journal articles and book chapters, he is also the author of American Popular Culture Through History: The 1940s (Greenwood, 2004), and American Film in the Digital Age (Praeger 2009).

Table of Contents

Volume I, Movies



Behind the Greenlight: Why Hollywood Makes the Films it Makes by Jeffrey Hirschberg

The Six Faces of Piracy: Global Media Distribution from Below by Ramon Lobato versus Toward a Framework of Corporate and Independent Online Film Production by Mary P. Erickson

Reacting Synergistically: Batman and Time Warner by Kimberly A. Owczarski

'You believe in pirates, of course . . .': Disney's Commodification and 'Closure' of Pirates of the Caribbean by Anne H. Petersen

The Business of Race in The Lord of the Rings Trilogy by Sue J. Kim

Dream Worlds: Film-Game Franchising and Narrative Form by Harry Brown

Co-Opting "Independence': Hollywood's Marketing Label by Mary P. Erickson

Entertainment in the Margins of the American Film Industry: 'Orion Pictures Presents a Filmhaus Production of A David Mamet Film' by Yannis Tzioumakis

Piercing Steven Soderbergh's Bubble by R. Colin Tait

Celebrity Juice, Not from Concentrate: Perez Hilton, Gossip Blogs, and the New Star Production by Anne H. Petersen

Money and Tears: A Behind-the-Scenes of Celebrity Journalism by Zachary Snider

About the Editor and Contributors

Volumne II, Popular Music



Songwriting, Creativity and the Music Industry by Phillip McIntyre

The Devaluation of Recorded Music: A New Business Model for the Music Industry by Richard Strasser

The Macro/International Music Business: Australian Trajectories and Perspectives in a Global Context by Guy Morrow

Music Copyright in the 21st Century by Robert McParland

Rock Brands by Mike Emery

Mapping theTerritory: Cultural Authenticity in World Music by Amy M. Corey

'I Gave My Rights Away for A Song': How Billy Bragg Persuaded MySpace to Change its Tune on Ownership by Stephanie Vie

15MB of Fame: Independent Musicians Use of MySpace by Marjorie D. Kibby

'It's Up to You . . . No Really, It's Up to You': Radiohead, Big Music, and the Future of the 'Record" Industry by Andrew deWaard

Radio in the Digital Age by John Allen Hendricks

The Business of Radio in the Daily Soundscape: Reshaping and Defining the Music Box in Consumer Culture by Phylis Johnson

The Great Globalization Swindle? The Relationship between the Global Economy and Music Reconsidered by Franz Kasper Kronig

The Independent Record Store as a Site of Cultural Resistance and Anti-McDonaldization-A Case Study of The House of Records by David Gracon

About the Editor and Contributors

Volumne III, Television



The Business of Entertainment: Television Fans by Patricia Ventura and Beth Mauldin

A Joint (Ad)Venture: The CW Network and the Youth Market by Caryn Murphy

U Know U Love Me: New Media, Gossip Girl, and the (Un)Changing Discourses of Girlhood by Anne H. Petersen

Why I Love The OfficeAnd Hate NBC by Sue J. Kim

Who Wins with NASCAR on ESPN? by Wanda Little Fenimore

Show Time: Sundance Meets Corporate America by K. Alex Ilyasova

Temporary Resistance: Strategies of Freelance Workers in American Network Television New by Kathleen Ryan

The Economic and Business Realities of Reality Television by Richard Crew

Reality Television: The Business of Mediating (Extra)Ordinary Life by Valerie Palmer-Mehta and Alina Haliliuc

'The Way of the Gay' Bravo TV, Lifestyle Consumption, and Promotional Culture by Amy Corey

The 'Real' O.C.: Laguna Beach, MTV, and the Business of Reality Star Production by Anne H. Petersen

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