The Business Of Life

The Business Of Life

by Michael F Kay
The Business Of Life

The Business Of Life

by Michael F Kay


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Michael Kay had been a successful financial advisor for years when he realized one day that his business was running his life.

The quantitative approach no longer worked, for him or his clients. What he needed was an approach that would allow him to understand his clients, and himself, from the inside out. And that is just what he created.

With this step-by-step guide, you too can create the life and the business you truly desire. You will learn how to examine your values, goals, dreams and priorities and create your ideal practice. By systematically working through the examples and exercises, you'll become adept at guiding your clients through the financial life planning process and creating financial plans that reflect their true needs, values and dreams.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781603530217
Publisher: AdvisorPress
Publication date: 11/09/2010
Pages: 216
Product dimensions: 0.49(w) x 9.00(h) x 6.00(d)

What People are Saying About This

Bud Elsea

�Michael Kay�s new book is a long needed addition to the �How To� library for fi�nancial planners who want to be the best. The step-by-step process he details is, to my way of thinking, how financial planning has always been done by the best planners�long before someone coined the phrase �life planning.� In The Business of Life, Michael Kay gives advisors just the right amount of process and systems, mixed with the philosophy and spirit he brings to his practice. All the reader has to do is add knowledge, expertise and a passion to genuinely improve people�s lives.� --( Bud Elsea, Bud Elsea Productions, Inc.; Former Director of Education, Financial Planning Association

Karen J. Lee

�What a breath of fresh air this book is�and so on target. As a financial planning professional of over 23 years, I too have come to the conclusion that Life Planning should be the core process we take our clients through, to ensure their financial success, and more importantly, their happiness in life. It takes a truly enlightened individual to not only recognize this, but to employ it in their own life and in their client process. Bravo Michael!� --(Karen J. Lee, CFP�, CLU, ChFC, Founder, Karen Lee & Associates, LLC; Author It�s Just Money)

Jeff Wheeler

�With his customary wit and humor, Michael provides an insightful blueprint for creating a meaningful and effective financial Life Planning practice. The Business of Life is a valuable read for any planner looking to improve his business and the quality of his life.� --(Jeff Wheeler, JD, President, The Wealth Collaborative )

Olivia Mellan

�With The Business of Life, Michael Kay has provided financial advisors who want to be life planners in the deepest sense with a wonderful road map, from a practi�tioner who has truly learned to �walk his talk.� Practical and inspiring both. A real contribution to a newly emerging field.� --(Olivia Mellan, Speaker/Author The Client Connection and Money Harmony; Psychotherapist; Money Coach)

Marie Swift

�A thoroughly enjoyable read! Michael Kay does a masterful job telling his own story�from miserable/overworked number cruncher to happy/healthy financial life planner�while continually inspiring the reader (yes, you can do this, too!) and lay�ing down a clear and scenic pathway for �inside-out� success. The Business of Life is a great contribution to the financial planning profession. I am very proud to call Michael Kay both client and friend.� --( Marie Swift, President and CEO, Impact Communications; Author forthcoming book Become a Media Magnet

Carol Anderson

�Michael Kay combines wit and wisdom to tell a very engaging story�his own per�sonal journey from success to significance. And, in the process, he lays out a clear framework and action plan for all financial planners who want to forge stronger and deeper relationships with their clients and to build practices that will thrive in all market conditions. This is a book for our times�a clarion call.� --(Carol Anderson, M.S., President and CEO, Money Quotient�; Co-author Your Clients for Life)

David J. Drucker

�Author Michael Kay has taken a close and serious look at the one model for financial planning that simultaneously brings joy and fulfillment to BOTH the client and the advisor. This will be a must-read for present and future generations of financial advi�sors who believe that the only success worth having is one that acknowledges their own values and needs along with those of their clients.� --(David J. Drucker, MBA, CFP�, President, Drucker Knowledge Systems; Co-publisher/Producer, Technology Tools for Today newsletter and annual T3 Conference

Joel Bruckenstein

�A practical, actionable guide to developing better, deeper financial planning rela�tionships with your clients.� --(Joel Bruckenstein, CFP�, Co-publisher/Producer Technology Tools for Today newsletter and annual T3 Conference)


�A must-read for financial planners and staff who really want to take their practice to the next level! Many in the industry say that if we want to be taken seriously we need to develop into a profession (like doctors, attorneys and accountants). The Life Plan�ning process that author Michael Kay outlines in The Business of Life will definitely elevate our industry into a profession. I would also recommend that students gradu�ating from financial planning undergraduate programs read this book. It will help provide them with the communication and listening skills many graduates lack.� --(Gary D. Davis, Jr., President, Beneficial Concepts Group)

Gary Klaben

�A must-read for financial advisors who want to make a profound difference to ac�celerate the growth and health of their clients� lives. Michael clearly defines a process by which all financial advisors may effectively help their clients achieve their dreams. His �inside out� approach turns the financial advisor table around from a focus on money to becoming a better listener, gain greater understanding and build deeper relationships with clients which engenders an ever increasing trust between advisor and client. Kay�s argument for continual change is a beacon of hope for advisors stuck in neutral spinning their wheels in frustration and confusion resulting in a powerless state of being.� --(Gary Klaben, ChFC, President, Coyle Asset Management Company; Author Changing The Conversation

Joe Pitzl

�This book provides a comprehensive template for a young financial planner to get it right, from the beginning�personally and professionally�and cut out years of rein�venting oneself along the way. More importantly, Michael�s work provides a step-by-step guide for planners to experience the power of financial Life Planning firsthand, so they can more effectively integrate the process into their work with clients.� --( Joe Pitzl, CFP�, Founder, Intelligent Financial Strategies; President, FPA NexGen 2010 )

Rick Kahler

�Michael Kay�s personal storytelling style makes his book a comfortable read, and the exercises he includes are useful and clear. This would be an excellent resource for any financial planner who wants to add interior services to a practice but isn�t sure where to start.� --(Rick Kahler, CFP�, MS, ChFC, CCIM, President, Kahler Financial Group; Co-author Conscious Finance and Wired for Wealth

Louis Barajas

�Michael is deeply committed to transforming the lives of his clients through Finan�cial Life Planning. His book will give you the content and the courage to do the same for your own firm and your clients!� --(Louis Barajas, CFP�, Author My $treet Money and Small Business, Big Life

Edward Jacobson

�The Business of Life is marvelous! Michael Kay has done a remarkable job of demystifying financial Life Planning, and what it means to call oneself a financial life planner. This is the first book to explain in plain English (well, New Jersey English, anyway) and in great detail what financial Life Planning is, how it deepens and en�riches the planning process, how (and why) he does it, the steps and nuances of each phase, and how to develop competence and comfort as a financial life planner. Michael is clearly a master practitioner but more than that, he is a masterful teacher�for his clients, the members of his firm, and his readers. By presenting a clear and sound framework, detailed case examples, useful insights about creating a successful practice, and candid discussion of his own journey from finance professional to financial life planner, he brings clarity and eloquence to an arena where confusion and misunderstanding are in too great supply. The Business of Life is made-to-order for those who have asked �What is financial Life Planning about?� Reading it, you will find dozens of moments in which you hear yourself saying, �Oh, now I get it.� This is the right book, at just the right time. I�m proud of Michael for this masterwork.� --(Edward Jacobson, Ph.D., Author Appreciative Moments and Working Appreciatively)

Diane MacPhee

�Advisors are always looking for an edge. Well, put this book on your desk and read it. Michael has nailed it! He has poignantly exposed the struggles of our vocation and gone one step further�helping us to design a better way.� --( Diane MacPhee, CFP�, Advisor Business Coach, DMac Consulting Services)

Michael E. Kitces

�Michael Kay presents a unique perspective not just on the concepts of Life Plan�ning, but on the process to transition your existing practice to integrate more of a Life Planning approach. Replete with wisdom from Michael�s own experiences in making this �quant-to-life-planner� journey as a veteran CPA and financial planner, this book is a must-read if you are considering a new direction for your own work with clients.� --(Michael E. Kitces, MSFS, MTAX, CFP�, CLU, ChFC; Publisher, The Kitces Report; Director of Research, Pinnacle Advisory Group)

George Kinder

�Michael Kay is a strong voice in the financial Life Planning movement who clearly un�derstands the life-altering potential of this powerful new approach to financial advice.� --(George Kinder, CFP�, RLP�, Founder, The Kinder Institute of Life Planning; Author The Seven Stages of Money Maturity� and Co-author, Lighting the Torch)

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