The Cabinetmaker's Window: Poems

The Cabinetmaker's Window: Poems

by Steve Scafidi


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"Dying never / ends for us. It only slowly rearranges us," writes Steve Scafidi in his poignant new collection. Inspired by his own work as a cabinetmaker — defined by the peppery dust from the woodworker planing a walnut board, turning an oak spindle at the lathe, or honing chisels while gazing out a window — Scafidi's poems reveal both the tenuous and the everlasting nature of existence.

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ISBN-13: 9780807154496
Publisher: Louisiana State University Press
Publication date: 02/10/2014
Series: Southern Messenger Poets
Pages: 80
Sales rank: 797,454
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 8.80(h) x 0.30(d)

About the Author

Steve Scafidi, author of Sparks from a Nine-Pound Hammer, For Love of Common Words, and To the Bramble and the Briar, works as a cabinetmaker and lives in Summit Point, West Virginia.

Table of Contents

1 Sometimes There Is a Shit Smell Everywhere 3

The West Virginia Copper-Wing 4

This Page 6

Song for the Holy Ghost 7

Two Cabinetmakers 8

Looking for the Maker's Name 9

At Wartime 10

Questions I Asked Death, Questions Death Asked Me 12

The Rocking Chair Bookcase 13

Triumph of the Jabberwock 14

Phone Call from the Pleistocene 15

If Faulkner Is Wrong and We Don't Endure or Prevail 16

2 Pig Fucker's Wife 19

Song for the Tribe 21

The Chisel 22

Thank-You Wishes for the Wilderness 23

Death of a Unicorn 25

The Cabinetmaker's Window 26

Like OMG, I Can Die Now ♥ Pammy 27

Ars Aureus 28

Lines for the Atrium of a High School 29

After Ammianus of the 2nd Century A.D. 30

Song for the Carry-On 31

Driving Around 32

3 The Little Girl from Outer Space 35

On the Back of an Envelope 37

The Denunciation of Ricky Skaggs from On High 38

Days We Can't Play Black Sabbath 40

Ode with a Dolphin at the End 41

On the Birth of a Friend's Child 42

Under the Collard Greens and the Poppies 43

To a Cloud over Troy 45

Dreaming Made the Hula Hoop 46

You Should, Said Socrates, Sing a Charm over Him Every Day Until You Have Charmed Away His Fears 48

Music for the Word Perhaps 49

The Hillbilly Break-Dance and the Talking Crow 50

4 Whiskey for Sorrow and a Song of Disgrace 55

The Laborer 56

What Sings in the Garden Shines in the Sun 58

The Way the Days Pass One after Another 59

Thank You Lord for the Dark Ablaze- 60

How the Things We Work On, Work On Us 61

On the Rebel Flag over my Neighbor's House 62

To the Cabinetmakers 63

Song for Sunday Morning 65

Poem Ending with a Line from Auden 66

The Taste of It 68

In the Parking Lot of the Barbershop 69

Acknowledgments 71

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