The Cable Guy

The Cable Guy


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The Cable Guy

The soundtrack to Jim Carrey's black comedy The Cable Guy is a typically uneven set of alternative hard rock. None of this material has appeared on albums or singles before and, unfortunately, much of this does sound like leftovers or rejects, particularly offerings by the Toadies, $10,000 Gold Chain and Silverchair. However, Jerry Cantrell's contribution rocks as hard as any Alice in Chains track, Porno for Pyros' Lou Reed ("Satellite of Love") cover is affectionate, and Jim Carrey's over-the-top rendition of "Somebody to Love" is very funny. In fact, it's the best moment of the album. Come to think of it, it was the best part of the movie, as well.

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Release Date: 05/21/1996
Label: Sony
UPC: 0074646765425
catalogNumber: 67654


  1. I'll Juice You Up (Dialogue)
  2. Leave Me Alone  - Jerry Cantrell
  3. Standing Outside a Broken Phone Booth with Money in My Hand  -  Feather
  4. Blind  - Daniel Johns  -  Gillies
  5. Oh! Sweet Nuthin'  -  Reed
  6. End of the World Is Coming  - David Hildner
  7. Satellite of Love  -  Reed
  8. Get Outta My Head  - David Lowery  - Johnny Hickman
  9. Somebody to Love  -  Slick  -  Darby
  10. The Last Assassin  -  Muggerud  - Princess Freese
  11. This Is  - Mark Walk  - Lesley Rankine
  12. Hey Man, Nice Shot  - Richard Patrick
  13. Unattractive  - Todd Lewis
  14. Download  - William Guerra  - Peter Armata
  15. This Concludes Our Broadcast Day [dialogue]/This Concludes Our Broadc  - John Ottman

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Cypress Hill   Track Performer
Cracker   Track Performer
Porno for Pyros   Track Performer
Toadies   Track Performer
Jerry Cantrell   Bass,Guitar,Vocals,Track Performer
Perry Farrell   Vocals,Background Vocals
Richard Hasal   Overdubs
Darrel Herbert   Guitar
David Hildner   Guitar,Vocals,Track Performer
Sean Kinney   Drums
Todd Lewis   Vocals
David Lowery   Guitar,Vocals
Mike McCready   Guitar
Stephen Perkins   Drums
Lesley Rankine   Vocals
Mark Reznicek   Drums
Ruby   Track Performer
Zander Schloss   Guitar
Bob Thomson   Bass
Lisa Umbarger   Bass
Mark Walk   Bass,Drums,Keyboards
Mike Watt   Bass
Filter   Track Performer
Silverchair   Track Performer
Bob Rupe   Bass
Mari Ann Braeden   Bass,Background Vocals
John Morand   Overdubs
Ty Willman   Vocals
Jim Carrey   Vocals,Voices,Track Performer
Johnny Hickman   Guitar
Expanding Man   Track Performer
Primitive Radio Gods   Track Performer
Peter DiStefano   Guitar,Background Vocals
Mike Snyder   Overdubs
Tim Dijulio   Guitar
Eddie Fagin   Bass
Princess Freese   Drums
William Guerra   Guitar,Background Vocals
Christopher Hancock   Drums
Damon Intrabartolo   Conductor
Dave Wanamaker   Guitar
Chris Friel   Drums
Daniel Johns   Guitar,Vocals
Aaron Lippert   Vocals
Peter Armata   Bass
Ben Gillies   Drums
John Ottman   Track Performer
Ten Thousand Dollar Gold Chain   Track Performer
Mark Yashida   Keyboards
Charlie Quintana   Drums

Technical Credits

Cypress Hill   Contributor
Cracker   Contributor
Porno for Pyros   Contributor
Toadies   Contributor
Jerry Cantrell   Producer
Mike Denneen   Producer,Engineer
Brett Eliason   Producer,Engineer
Perry Farrell   Producer
Steve Fitzmaurice   Producer,Engineer
Dennis Herring   Producer
Thomas "Snake" Johnson   Engineer
Nick Launay   Producer,Engineer
Paul Leary   Producer
David Lowery   Producer
Muggs   Producer
Jason Roberts   Engineer
Ruby   Contributor
Stuart Sullivan   Engineer
David Vaught   Engineer
Mark Walk   Producer,Engineer
Toby Wright   Producer,Engineer
Filter   Contributor
Silverchair   Producer
Brian Liesegang   Producer,Engineer
Richard Patrick   Producer,Engineer
Expanding Man   Contributor
Primitive Radio Gods   Contributor
Jim Mitchell   Producer,Engineer
Judd Apatow   Executive Producer
Mia Apatow   Contributor
Csaba Petrocz   Engineer
Ben Stiller   Executive Producer
Mary Weeks   Contributor
John Ottman   Producer
Chris O'Connor   Producer

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