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Cambridge University Press
The Cambridge History of Law in America 3 Volume Paperback Set

The Cambridge History of Law in America 3 Volume Paperback Set

by Michael Grossberg, Christopher Tomlins

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ISBN-13: 9781107665620
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Publication date: 11/21/2011
Series: The Cambridge History of Law in America
Pages: 2624
Product dimensions: 9.80(w) x 13.31(h) x 4.80(d)

About the Author

Michael Grossberg is the Sally M. Reahard Professor of History and a Professor of Law at Indiana University. His research focuses on the relationship between law and social change, particularly the intersection of law and family.

Table of Contents

Volume 1. Law, colonization, legitimation and the European background; 2. The law of Native Americans to 1815; 3. English settlement and local governance; 4. Legal communications and imperial governance: British North America and Spanish America compared; 5. Regionalism in early American law; 6. Penality and the colonial project: crime, punishment and the regulation of morals in early America; 7. Law, population, labor; 8. The fragmented laws of slavery in the colonial and revolutionary eras; 9. The transformation of domestic law; 10. Law and religion in colonial America; 11. The transformation of law and economy in early America; 12. Law and commerce, 1580-1815; 13. Law and the origins of the American Revolution; 14. Confederation and constitution; 15. The consolidation of the early Federal system, 1791-1812; 16. Magistrates, common law lawyers, legislators: the three legal systems of British America. Volume 2. 1. Law and the American state, from the Revolution to the Civil War: institutional growth and structural change; 2. Legal education and legal thought, 1790-1920; 3. The legal profession: from the Revolution to the Civil War; 4. The courts, 1790-1920; 5. Criminal justice in the United States, 1790-1920: a government of laws or men?; 6. Citizenship and immigration law, 1800-1924: resolutions of membership and territory; 7. Federal policy, Western movement and consequences for indigenous people, 1790-1920; 8. Marriage and domestic relations; 9. Slavery, antislavery, and the coming of the Civil War; 10. The civil war and reconstruction; 11. Law, personhood and citizenship in the long nineteenth century: the borders of belonging; 12. Law in popular culture, 1790-1920: the people and the law; 13. Law and religion, 1790-1920; 14. Legal innovation and market capitalism, 1790-1920; 15. Innovations in law and technology, 1790-1920; 16. The laws of industrial organization, 1870-1920; 17. The military in American legal history; 18. The United States and international affairs, 1789-1919; 19. Politics, state building, and the courts, 1870-1920. Volume 3. 1. Law and state, 1920-2000: institutional growth and structural change; 2. Legal theory and legal education, 1920-2000; 3. The American legal profession, 1870-2000; 4. The courst, Federalism and the Federal Constitution, 1920-2000; 5. The litigation revolution; 6. Criminal justice in the United States; 7. Law and medicine; 8. The Great Depression and the New Deal; 9. Labor's welfare state: defining workers, constructing citizens; 10. Poverty law and income support: from the progressive era to the war on welfare; 11. The rights revolution in the twentieth century; 12. Race and rights; 13. Heterosexuality as a legal regime; 14. Law and the environment; 15. Agriculture and the state, 1789-2000; 16. Law and economic change during the short twentieth century; 17. The corporate economy: ideologies of regulation and antitrust, 1920-2000; 18. Law and commercial popular culture in the twentieth-century United States; 19. Making law, making war, making America; 20. Law, lawyers and empire.

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