The Campaign Of Koniggratz: A Study Of The Austro-prussian Conflict In The Light Of The American Civil War

The Campaign Of Koniggratz: A Study Of The Austro-prussian Conflict In The Light Of The American Civil War

by Arthur L. Wagner


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As to the narrative portion of the book, no other claim is made than that it is based upon the story of the campaign as given in the Prussian Official History of the Campaign of 1866, Hozier's "Seven Weeks' War," Derrécagaix's "La Guerre Moderne," and Adams' "Great Campaigns in Europe." I have not deemed it necessary to cumber the pages with notes of reference, but will here express my indebtedness to the works mentioned, giving precedence to them in the order named. Other works have been consulted, which are enumerated in the bibliographical note at the end of the volume. I have also personally visited the scene of the operations described, and, especially in regard to the topography of the battle field of Königgrätz, I am able to speak from my own observation. My object has been: 1. To give a brief, but accurate, historical sketch of a great campaign, to which but little attention has been given in this country. 2. To make a comparison of some of the military features of the War of Secession with corresponding features of the European war which occurred one year later.

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Arthur Lockwood Wagner (March 16, 1853 - June 17, 1905) was a United States brigadier general and military instructor.Born in Ottawa, Illinois, Wagner graduated from West Point in 1875 near the bottom of his class with a commission in the infantry. While serving on the frontier, Wagner saw action during campaigns against the Sioux and Nez Perce from 1876 until 1877, and the Utes in 1881. Entering military education while assigned as a professor of military science and tactics at the Louisiana State University and East Florida Seminary, Wagner would win high praise from the Military Service Institution of the United States, and greatly increased his prominence as one of the leading military scholar, for his monograph The Military Necessities of the United States, and the Best Method of Meeting Them in 1884.

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