The Captivity of Choice

The Captivity of Choice

by William R Herr


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ISBN-13: 9781495186974
Publisher: William R. Herr
Publication date: 04/15/2017
Series: Broken Throne , #2
Pages: 368
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.82(d)

About the Author

Visionaries, migrants, soldiers, and thieves-Will, as his friends call him, surrounds himself with all of these, and more. Obsessed with "the wisdom of the lowest classes," he views the world as a perennial outsider, in the company of men and women most would not want to meet in a dark alley. His work reflects this, as he winds dramatic irony and sarcasm together with romance and drama to paint a picture of the world that others prefer not to see.

William R. Herr was raised on the road, and continues to live there. When not travelling the United States behind the wheel of a tractor-trailer, he can be found in Central Pennsylvania, either writing, editing, or arguing with college students over hot cups of coffee.

He lives with his wife and an extremely vocal Irish Stafford-shire Terrier named "The Duke."

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The Captivity of Choice 4.1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 11 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Kept me on the edge of my seat. Very hard to put down.
Blackcrayon More than 1 year ago
This is the second installment to this epic tale, and this tale does definitely live up to that "epic"ness. This is a long story, that is highly detailed in every aspect. I do know that for some this maybe a turn off since for some books, detail to this magnitude can drag down the story line, making it a very slow read, and in truth there are some parts of the storyline where this does happen, but only a very very few times. The conversations in this story are written incredibly, they flow with such ease and each character has their own unique personalities that the author captures in these conversations since they are more than just descriptions of the character. I found myself on many occasions laughing out loud at some of the snarkiness that the characters have between each other. The battles in this novel are also amazing and the details feature in them really help to make the reader feel like they are there watching this happen, and for some they may also feel like they are in the fight themselves. With all the positives that I mentioned above, I also feel I need to mention some of the issues I did have with the story. First I found that the transitions between the different storylines, such as when it would shift from Gidon and Kara to Asea and the Prophet, to be a little confusing. Myself as he reader was never alerted that the storyline was shifting, and this was confusing at the beginning since I was trying to get into the flow and was being introduced to some of the characters for the first time. I also felt the ending was a bit rushed and here the detail was lacking making me wonder why certain events happened. Along this same line at the end, about the last quarter of the book, you are introduced to new characters that were not detailed as the other, so I am hoping in the future installments do allow these characters to be developed further. Also just as a note, this is not the end of the series so you are left with a cliffhanger, it is what I would consider to be a small one, but there is one nonetheless. Overall I would definitely give this a 4 out of 5 stars.
Paintedstars83 More than 1 year ago
The description sounded very intriguing to me. I really enjoy fantasy books. I somehow missed that this was a second book in the series. When I realized it, I figured it'd be no big deal as I read other series starting in the middle or end and caught on pretty quick. There were things that greatly confused me, such as the blight. I assume it was given more detail in the first book, which i will get eventually. There were a couple of things that irritated me. I assumed this took place in summer, as for a long time, there were no mention of cloaks. I also didn't like how the character aesa was portrayed for a while. She had the innocence of a little girl, more fluff in her brain than not. Then there's hints about her being a teenager. At the end, I realized that she was a teenager, but it took a long time to confirm that. Otherwise, pretty good read. Good writing overall. I am going to keep an eye on this series, I want to know what will happen.
RozzieReview4You More than 1 year ago
I had trouble deciding how to review this book. I settled on middle level star because I want others to give this book a chance. I struggled with this book but it was only because of the writing style. It made it very hard for me to get through with the authors style of writing, but I also have a really hard time reading the Game of Thrones books, and they're great stories... that I can't finish. So this might be a choice for others for sure. Don't get me wrong I liked the story itself. I love reading about strong women who are independent, and a true role to read about. Plus the realistic love the characters have and what they deal with in the story was refreshing from other historical romance books. I feel terrible, but this just was not my fit for a book. The dark fantasy, or fantasy in general I like, it was just the writing style I suffered with. I already HAVE recommended this book to a family member who loves books like this. So I would give this a try if it sounds interesting to you. It is a great price for a book to try in my opinion and I did like it.
crazy4baking More than 1 year ago
This is book 2 of The Broken Throne series. I have not read the first book and it is not necessary to have read it in order to understand the story in this book. However I believe it would be easier and more enjoyable to read The Captivity of Choice if you have already read the previous book. This novel picks up some aspects of an ongoing story. The author does provide some background through the story so the reader is not completely lost if not already familiar with the beginning. I felt like I was always playing catch up on learning characters and their relationships because I had not read the first book. The story in The Captivity of Choice reminded me of a PG version of Game of Thrones. There is action, battles, love and magic. The beginning of the novel was a little overwhelming for me, as it presented stories for 3 different sets of characters in a short span of pages. Do not let that scare you away, the rest of the novel moves at a much better pace. I love that there are very strong female characters in this story! For one of the main female characters, Kira, she is young and very strong willed. But the author also allows you to see that she is unsure of herself at times which I feel made her more real. This was true for many of the characters. By letting us into their thoughts during the story it allowed the reader to understand the characters better. This story was enjoyable to read and I was never quite sure what to expect next. I would recommend trying this book for yourself. (Just maybe read book 1 first if you can.)
JulieGB More than 1 year ago
Princess Kira was bought by King Rubal to be Prince Vestal’s bride. Kira refused him, escaped, and later emerges as a cunning soldier who quickly climbs the ranks to become a Tenant. As Kira proves her position as a formidable soldier, she also discovers a mutual attraction to her Captain. But both are honorable and squelch their feelings. As the troops advance on their orders, Prince Vestal has not forgotten the embarrassment of Kira’s rejection, and vows to get her back with any means possible. This story follows three groups, Kira and her military, Prince Vestal and his royal kingdom, and the Prophet with his following as they search for the True King. I was confused through most of this story. I understand that this was not the first one in this series, but usually that makes no difference. There was too much carried over from before that I felt was needed information, causing me to be lost throughout much of the personal connections. The shadow dancing, whisperings, and the blight especially were confusing. I did like the way everything came together in the end, but again, I didn’t understand all that happened. I wish I had, because I did like the storyline, as well as the characters.
paminwi More than 1 year ago
The Captivity of Choice was just ok for me. I really wish I’d had the opportunity to read the first book in the series, as this is #2. My guess is that I would have enjoyed this book much more. The writing style of the author is engaging and almost addictive—probably the reason why I was able to jump into the story as well as I did. The main character, Kira, is in training to become an officer. She completes this and is thrown into a world that is dominated by men. I admired Kira’s strength and her ability to stand up to her male counterparts. Like any good “girl book” (for me, at least), there is a hint of romance and complicated relationships. This helped to keep the book interesting for me. I felt myself always cheering for Kira to succeed in both her role as an officer, and her personal relationships.
kbugg18 More than 1 year ago
In The Captivity of Choice we continue following Tenant Kira who is done with her training and it ready to fight for her and her aunts kingdom with Captain Gidon. However, even after proving her self many times a few of the men are still weary of fighting under a woman. They are headed to Grayrest for fight the True King. We also follow the travels of the prophet Malechi and the village he comes upon and they are headed for the True King as well. While heading to the kingdom Kira's Aunt the Countess is kidnapped and it taken to Grayrest to the prince. Kira tries to attack the other forces and is captured as well. Gidon must come up with a plan to save Kira and the Countess and also try to reunite the fallen kingdoms. The Captivity of Choice was very well written and had a very good story line with all the different charachters throughout it. We got different points of few throughout the book which kept the story going. It was very action filled and it defiently had its twists and turns. The time period they based it in as well only enhanced the book. It was a hard book to put down.
MelissaMcLeod8484 More than 1 year ago
I would recommend reading the first book before picking up this one.  I read the first one awhile ago and had to refer back to it to refresh my memory, otherwise I probably would have been lost for awhile trying to figure out who characters were and whatnot. Kira just finished her training and has been Promoted to a Tenant in Gidons army. During her training, Kira defeats her fellow tenants and soldiers,  now she needs to somehow earn the trust and respect of all the soldiers not under her command. Gidons feelings for Kira have continued to grow,  and at times putting not only himself in danger but his men too. Malechi, a man Gidon spared once has now become a Prophet and gathered an army of his own and set out to find the True King. This book has plenty of action and humor.  I am hoping there is a 3rd to follow, I would love to continue reading about these characters and see where their lives go from here.
Teah_Mist More than 1 year ago
The Captivity of Choice by William R Herr is the second book in the science fiction fantasy series known as the Broken Throne series. Kira may have completed her training and is now ready to take on the duties of an officer, but she is seen as a curiosity and many of the men hold feelings of hatred for her after their defeat. Gidons feelings of love toward Kira have not diminished in the least, but have instead grown to the point they threaten his already unsteady command that is under threat from a spy and possible turncoats. Kira and Gidons paths both lead to Greyrest and a collision of hatred, hope, and love. Will their decisions save the world or end it? The Captivity of Choice by William R Herr was a well-written book that I found a bit confusing at times, as I did not read the first book. I would recommend that all readers begin with the first book as it has a lot of important character development and plot development that is important in the second book. That aside I enjoyed the book so much that I plan to go back and read the first book. I found the interaction between Kira and Gidon to be very well scripted as it had a very realistic feel to it. While I did like Kira as a character I actually found Gidon to be my favorite I liked his strength of character and I really felt for him when he was forced to submit to Kiras torturer. Overall, I really enjoyed the book and I really hope the author writes a third into the series!
Ebienic More than 1 year ago
Kira has finally established herself as an officer, but she has left a bad taste in the mouth of many of the other soldiers. Gidon is proud of her progress, but has his orders and position competing with his feelings for Kira, which he must squash if he is to lead effectively. The blight still pursues them and they are no closer to figuring out a cause or a cure, and Kira’s rejection of Vestal looms as another threat to their company. Will any of them make it out alive? A sequel to the first Broken Throne book, From a Broken Land, Captivity of Choice follows the story of Gidon and Kira as they attempt to make it as soldiers in a life they never imagined or requested. Although it works as a standalone novel, I would highly recommend you read the first book for context, as well as a wider introduction to the universe and particularly religious politics, as it will be far easier to follow if you get that first. It will certainly help the pace as I think it might be a little tedious if you were trying to figure that out during this read. But I thought the romantic tension and overall “epic journey” theme was done well and look forward to book 3.