A Carl Rogers Reader

A Carl Rogers Reader



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A Carl Rogers Reader by Howard Kirschenbaum

This remarkable collection provides a personal look at Rogers' youth, marriage, and aging, and also addresses personal growth, education, and "client-centered therapy."

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ISBN-13: 9780395510902
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Publication date: 08/01/1989
Pages: 512

About the Author

Carl Rogers(1902-1987) was one of the most influential psychologists in American history. He received many honors, including the first Distinguished Professsional Contributor Award and the Distinguished Scientific Contribution Award of the American Psychological Association.

Table of Contents

Speaking Personally
1.This Is Me 19616
2.My Own Marriage 197229
3.Growing Old: Or Older and Growing 198037
4.On Reaching 85 198756
The Therapeutic Relationship
5.A Newer Psychotherapy 194263
6.The Directive Versus the Nondirective Approach 194277
7.The Case of Herbert Bryan 194288
8.The Characteristics of a Helping Relationship 1958108
9.Reflection of Feelings and Transference 1986 and 1987127
10.A Client-centered/Person-centered Approach to Therapy 1986135
The Person in Process
11.Ellen West--and Loneliness 1961157
12.Toward a Modern Approach to Values: The Valuing Process in the Mature Person 1964168
13.Shall We Get Married? 1972186
Theory and Research
14.What I Learned from Two Research Studies 1986203
15.The Use of Electrically Recorded Interviews in Improving Psychotherapeutic Techniques 1942211
16.The Necessary and Sufficient Conditions of Therapeutic Personality Change 1957219
17.A Theory of Therapy, Personality, and Interpersonal Relationships, As Developed in the Client-Centered Framework 1959236
A Human Science
18.Some Thoughts Regarding the Current Presuppositions of the Behavioral Sciences 1968263
19.Toward a More Human Science of the Person 1985279
20.Personal Thoughts on Teaching and Learning 1957301
21.The Interpersonal Relationship in the Facilitation of Learning 1967304
22.The Politics of Education 1977323
The Helping Professions
23.Can I Be a Facilitative Person in a Group? 1970339
24.Some New Challenges to the Helping Professions 1973357
25.The Politics of the Helping Professions 1977376
A Philosophy of Persons
26.A Note on "The Nature of Man" 1957401
27.A Therapist's View of the Good Life: The Fully Functioning Person 1961409
28.Do We Need "A" Reality? 1978420
A More Human World
29.Social Implications 1960436
30.Resolving Intercultural Tensions 1977438
31.A Psychologist Looks at Nuclear War 1982445
32.The Rust Workshop 1986457
33.Inside the World of the Soviet Professional 1987478
References and Bibliography505

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