The Case of Camp Pom-pom (The New Adventures of Mary-Kate & Ashley Series #36)

The Case of Camp Pom-pom (The New Adventures of Mary-Kate & Ashley Series #36)



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ISBN-13: 9780060093372
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Publication date: 06/24/2003
Series: New Adventures of Mary-Kate and Ashley Series
Pages: 90
Product dimensions: 6.38(w) x 7.68(h) x 0.30(d)
Age Range: 6 - 10 Years

First Chapter

Chapter One

Where is Kris?

"Eagles! Eagles! We fly high!
Eagles! Eagles! Touch the sky!
Shout it out! We are the best!
Eagles fly above the rest!'"

All the girls in our cheerleading squad jumped up in the air and touched their toes. at the same time. One of our camp counselors, Fiona, blew her whistle. "Good job, girls!" she said. "Let's all take a five-minute break."

Her blond braids bounced as she jogged over to me. "Mary-Kate, you're up next. Are you ready?"

"I sure am!" I gave Fiona a big smile.

We were so lucky to have Fiona as our squad leader. During the school year, she's a cheerleader here at Orange Grove College, where our camp takes place. She's so peppy it's hard not to be peppy too. But right now my stomach felt as if it were doing handsprings.

I turned to my sister, Ashley. "Tell me again why I have to be the one to climb to the top of the pyramid?"

Ashley fixed her strawberry-blond ponytail. "Because you are the best flyer, Mary-Kate, " she said.

Our squad at Camp Pom-Pom is called the Eagles. That's why we're going to do a really high-flying stunt at the Cheer Off! competition. We are going to build a pyramid.

First, I climb to the top. Then our squad mascot, Pom the Wonder Bird, runs onto the field and does a double back handspring. After that Pom drags over a cushion shaped like a bird's nest. Then I'm supposed to jump off the top of the pyramid into the nest.

There's only one problem -- I'm afraid of heights.

"Uh-oh. Here come the Hornets," Ashley said.

A group of girls in yellow-and-black cheering uniforms ran toward us. Our squad and the Hornets are in the finals for the camp's Cheer Off! competition.

Last week, we beat the four other squads -- the Tigers, Bears, Sharks, and Dragons -- for a spot in the finals. It's just two days away!

"Eagles, Eagles, what's the news? Your big silly bird is gonna lose!"

The Hornets whooped and hollered. Then their bumblebee mascot did the most amazing backflip!

For a moment all our squad could do was stare. That is, everyone stared except Patty O'Leary. Her brown ponytail bounced as she screamed, "The Eagles are not going to lose! We're going to crush you like the insects you are!"

Patty lives next door to me and Ashley at home. Sometimes we call her Princess Patty because she is so spoiled. And she hates to lose!

"We float like butterflies," chanted the Hornets, "and we sting like bees!"

Then the Hornets did running cartwheels, back to their side of the practice field.

"Whoa! Tory is really good," Kris McKenzie said.

Tory Orsini plays the Hornets' bumblebee mascot.

"You're better than she is!" Briana Williams told Kris. "Pom rules!"

Kris is our mascot. She plays Pom the Wonder Bird. During mascot tryouts she made everyone fall down laughing. Her long arms and legs work perfectly with the Pom costume.

"I know we are going to beat the Hornets," Brooke Barton said. "We have been so in the groove this week."

Brooke is ten years old -- just like me and Ashley -- and she's our squad captain. She always wears purple and yellow hair ribbons for luck. Purple and yellow are our squad colors.

"We're so great, we're so fine, we'll beat the Hornets anytime!" cried Caitlin Sullivan, another girl on our squad.

"There she goes again!" I said to Ashley ...

New Adventures of Mary-Kate & Ashley #36: The Case of Camp Pom-Pom. Copyright © by Mary-Kate & Ash Olsen. Reprinted by permission of HarperCollins Publishers, Inc. All rights reserved. Available now wherever books are sold.

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Guest More than 1 year ago
Mary-kate and ashley are a good time cheerleading, but then everybodies thing start to disapear. The Trenchcoat Twins are on the case. Can they find out who took everyonrs stuff?