The Cautioner's Tale

The Cautioner's Tale

by Ms R. M. Wilburn




Now a multi-award-winning graphic novel, The Cautioner's Tale is a beautifully illustrated murder mystery steeped in political satire. Awards include:

Readers' Favorite 5 Star Award
Reviewers' Choice Award from Reader Views
New Apple's Award For Excellence in Independent Publishing
American Fiction Award from American Bookfest
Readers' Favorite Book Award Bronze Medal
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The world was not destroyed by the Last Great War, but its history was. Is mankind is doomed to repeat past mistakes? Herr Bigly Rump seems to think so and will stop at nothing to win the election to head the World Leadership Council.

When Dr. Parsimonious Creed, head of the World Leadership Council, is murdered, his home ransacked, and important files stolen, billionaire Herr Bigly Rump graciously volunteers to take over the world in his absence. Contenders for the position are either murdered or jailed, leaving only Herr Rump in the running until Dr. Creed's assistant, a young investigator named Mary Morgan who is suspicious of the Rump's motivation, enters the race to stop him.

Mysterious circumstances lead to a shocking victory for the Rump, granting his wish for world domination. His first act is to ban the notion of history and all investigations into the past, calling them "witch hunts." But knowing Mary may have information that could lead to his downfall, the Rump immediately declares her a criminal for having run against him and he sends out the hounds to find her.

Out of a job and on the run, Mary does her best to remain in the shadows, but when she begins receiving letters from citizens around the world to help get rid of the tyrannical Rump, she has little choice but to act.

As the bodies of her allies begin to pile up, Mary devises a plan to oust the Rump from power. But, little does she know how eager her enemies are to be rid of him as well. Could she be making matters worse?

The Cautioner's Tale is just the beginning! Mary Morgan's adventures continue in the upcoming second book of the trilogy Mary Morgan's Journal, The Rescuer's Tale. Visit for details.

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ISBN-13: 9781976526138
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 10/13/2017
Pages: 50
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.13(d)

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The Cautioner's Tale 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Reader_Views More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Skyler Boudreau for Reader Views (12/17) “The Cautioner’s Tale” by R.M. Wilburn is a futuristic dystopian piece that follows Mary Morgan, assistant to the brilliant Dr. Parsimonious Creed, head of the World Leadership Council. When Dr. Creed is murdered, important files are stolen from his office and his post is left vacant. Among the contenders for his powerful position is billionaire Herr Bigly Rump. Mary is suspicious of his motivations and enters the race to stop him. At just forty-eight pages, “The Cautioner’s Tale” is a quick but entertaining read for anyone bored of the traditional novel format. Told through a series of letters, journal entries, and other documents, the mixed-media style is a pleasure to look at and suits the piece well. It’s also a clever way of switching the point of view without pulling the reader out of the story. Anyone who follows American politics will be amused by the thinly veiled jabs at the President and his administration. These jokes make for quite an entertaining read even if you don’t find yourself invested in the overall story. The blunt way Wilburn hits on current issues like federal investigations, intolerance, and ‘fake news’ paints an accurate picture of today’s United States. Adding a slight fantastical element adds to the plot makes a great piece of short fiction. There are some points in the main character’s investigation that work out a little too conveniently. Her supporters find key pieces of evidences without explanation and solutions to puzzles come a little too easily. However, this is a minor criticism in comparison to all of the positives present throughout “The Cautioner’s Tale.” Anyone in need of a light, humorous read should definitely pick this book up. Its unique format is engaging and lets the reader fly through the story in little to no time. The concepts are simple enough that it would also be an interesting way to educate young readers about the dangers of a domineering and selfish world leader. “The Cautioner’s Tale” by R.M. Wilburn is a book people of all ages will enjoy, whether it be for the story itself, the artwork, or the political commentary buried throughout.
ReadersFavorite4 More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Rosie Malezer for Readers' Favorite The Cautioner’s Tale is the first book in Mary Morgan’s Journal trilogy, and is a graphic novel of political What-Ifs, written and illustrated by R.M. Wilburn. With most of the world’s population having been wiped out in The Great War (along with all historical records), Mary Morgan travels back in time, arriving at one of the most devastating moments in history. In a place where a corrupt leadership started the chain of events, leading to the deaths of billions, Herr Bigly Rump is the man in charge after becoming the much-loathed, illegitimate leader of America. With the world’s pollution at an all-time high and populations of starving and homeless people dying on the streets, Mary knows that she must act fast if she is to solve the murder of the leader of the World Leadership Council, and possibly avert the course of history as she knows it. R.M. Wilburn’s incredibly well-written (and illustrated) tale is so beautifully presented, clearly outlining today’s hate-filled, racist policies and a near-future which most of us will not survive. The remarkable similarities to today’s dangerous political climate eerily sent a terrifying chill down my spine, as Mary dug as deeply as possible to solve the mysterious murder. Her futuristic diarized log is presented in a format which outlines a future which is far more devastating than today’s population could even dare to imagine, yet the realism is one which leaves me praying for Mary Morgan to appear. The obliteration of the world’s population through war, famine and disease is a heartbreaking reality of the future and although The Cautioner’s Tale prompted me to think hard about today’s current affairs and the shocking results that tomorrow might bring, it left me frustrated at the amount of people out there who seem so blinded by each and every distraction that is gleefully thrown at them, while the important issues are overlooked by the man who can make a difference, yet chooses not to. The Cautioner’s Tale is thought-provoking, frighteningly realistic and, while terrifying, I definitely recommend it to all readers aged 12 years and over, so they might find a way to make tomorrow a better place.
ReadersFavorite3 More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Patricia Bell for Readers' Favorite The Cautioner’s Tale by R.M. Wilburn is a story told from the pages of the journal of Mary Morgan, investigator. After the death of Parsimonious Creed, and in an attempt to stop people from making the same mistake as before the last great war, Herr Bigly Rump graciously volunteers to run for world ruler. Mary Morgan is mistrustful of Rump and runs against him. Even though the people are wary of Rump, somehow he still wins the election. When Rump wants Mary killed, she goes into hiding, but decides to come out when she begins receiving letters from people around the world requesting she help get Herr Bigly Rump out of office. With clues to follow from Canker Raux which lead to a mysterious safe at the Gabsy Porks garage restaurant, Mary Morgan goes undercover to piece together the mystery and investigate “the machine.” R. M. Wilburn has a dazzling imagination. She takes her reader on a fast paced, top secret mission to save the world! The Cautioner’s Tale is told in an exceptionally creative method, leaving the reader anxiously waiting to read the next installment in the series. Letters, newspaper clippings, journal entries, pictures, clues, it’s all there. Each page is chock full of interesting detail and brilliant design. The bizarre names of each character had me snickering as well as their intensely outlandish detailed descriptions. I am anxious to find out what happened to Mary Morgan, Herr Bigly Rump, as well as Parsimonious Creed! Brilliant work from R.M. Wilburn in an excellent tale of sabotage, deceit and adventure.
ReadersFavorite2 More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Kristen Van Kampen (Teen Reviewer) for Readers' Favorite The Cautioner's Tale by R.M. Wilburn is the fictional journal of Mary Morgan, as she tells of her life and tales of history. Mary lives in a time where people are oppressed under the rule of Bigly Rump, more commonly known as the Great Orange Beast (or GOB for short). Mary had run against him in the election, in hopes of protecting the world from his rule, and tried telling everyone what would happen if he won. Unfortunately, though, she lost. But Mary knew that something must be done to stop him, but every time someone is sent to try to come to terms with him, or to try to stop him, they end up dead. Will Mary ever be able to get rid of the great orange beast? I really enjoyed reading The Cautioner's Tale by R.M. Wilburn. The book is well written and super exciting. The pages of the book are amazingly designed, as it looks like a real journal and contains many images. These are very well drawn, and help to fully illustrate the characters and other items and scenes. The story has many exciting moments, and many funny parts that made me laugh. The story is very relatable and readers will find the story funny because of it. The story will keep readers glued to their seat, wondering what will come next. The characters are extremely likeable, because they are smart, brave, and hopeful. The plot is very engaging and thrilling. I like how the story was told using different mediums, such as newspapers and letters. I would definitely recommend this book to everyone.
ReadersFavorite1 More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Jack Magnus for Readers' Favorite The Cautioner's Tale is a post-apocalyptic graphic novel written and illustrated by R.M. Wilburn. Mary Morgan is a woman with a special gift -- she travels through time, and she’s seen things in the future that would stagger the imagination of most people. Her journal recounts the events that take place in the near future, the year is 2047 as is noted on the diner receipt which lies near a poem entitled The Dying Man. It all begins with a rigged election and ends with disaster. Mary’s mentor and friend, Dr. Parsimonious Creed, has been dead for two years now. He had been the hope of a people still reeling from the impact of the Last Great War, but was found in his home, which had obviously been ransacked, his files missing. Creed had been compiling evidence against billionaire Herr Bigly Rump, whose offer to make the world a better place was one that had to be accepted under pain of exile to the Arctic; an offer that was made suspiciously soon after Creed’s death. Rump claimed he alone could fix this, yet things had gotten very much worse indeed since his assumption of power. In the introduction to The Cautioner's Tale, R.M. Wilburn states that “Any resemblance to real persons or places is an absolute fluke”, and indeed, it may very well be a case of art spontaneously imitating life, but most readers will find ominous and terrifying parallels between the nightmare world Mary is a part of and the present state of affairs in the United States. That said, The Cautioner’s Tale is a marvelous blend of fact, fiction and dark fantasy presented in a cunningly designed format that echoes the dysfunction and chaos of a nightmarish Rump dictatorship over a broken world. Each page of this graphic novel is a delight to read, examine and wonder over. I’m not sure how Wilburn put this amazingly crafted work together, especially considering the reference, at one point, to recent history, but perhaps, like Mary, the author has been doing some time-traveling of her own. This is a work that’s both grim and gorgeous, with just a hint of hope to leaven the dark storm brewing overhead. The Cautioner's Tale is most highly recommended.