Chairman: The Rise and Betrayal of Jim Greer

Chairman: The Rise and Betrayal of Jim Greer

by Peter Golenbock


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The Chairman, a Shakespearean tale of friendship and betrayal that rivals that of Hamlet, is the harrowing story of Jim Greer, a man loyal to a fault to Florida Governor Charlie Crist, his benefactor. Greer trusts Crist to protect him from the onslaught of the Tea Party wing of the party, only to watch as Crist stabs him in the back and helps send him to prison in order to try to save his own political career.

It’s also a political tell-all, the truth about how wealth begets power in Republican-led state politics. The book details the secret deals, the dirty pool, the payoffs. It’s also very personal, an inside look at the brotherly relationship between Greer and Crist, the ruthlessness of potential Presidential candidate Marco Rubio and attorney general Bill McCollum, as well as at every turn political treachery.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781588383082
Publisher: NewSouth, Incorporated
Publication date: 06/01/2014
Pages: 416
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.30(d)

About the Author

Peter Golenbock is the author of nine New York Times best sellers. In addition to his sports classics, The Bronx Zoo (with Sparky Lyle), Number 1 (with Billy Martin), Balls (with Graig Nettles), Idiot (with Johnny Damon), and Driven (with Donald Driver), he is also the author of Personal Fouls, Presumed Guilty (with Jose Baez, the attorney for Casey Anthony), and American Prince (with Tony Curtis). Golenbock lives with his wife Wendy Sears Grassi in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Table of Contents

Storm Warnings vii

Preface xii

The Pleading 3

I The Rise

1 The Governor-Elect Calls 11

2 Money, Money. Money 22

3 Carole Jean Jordan 29

4 'The Greatest Day of My Life' 42

5 Tm Not Going to Boa Jeb Bush Republican' 45

6 'We Eat What We Kill' 57

7 Crist Endorses Giuliani 62

8 The Mirror Cracked 68

9 Crist Kills the Straw Poll 77

10 The Endorsement 84

11 'A Backstabbing, Lying, Son of a Bitch' 87

12 Vamping to Be Veep 92

13 Fishing in the Bahamas 96

14 George LcMieux Departs 102

15 The VP Questionnaire 105

16 Dumb as a Box of Rocks 111

17 Kids' Play 116

18 On to the Convention 122

19 Moment of Triumph 128

20 Perks of Power 134

21 The Hatred for Obama 139

22 The Wedding Planner 147

23 Flying High 152

24 The Rise of the Tea Party 162

II The Betrayal

25 Mel Martinez Steps Down 169

26 Dreaming of the White House 173

27 Obama's Man Hug 177

28 The Dark Side Lays the Groundwork 184

29 A Fateful Appointment 192

30 Greer Denies the Crazies an Audit 199

31 McCollum for Governor 205

32 The LG Gets Stabbed in the Back 211

33 A Campaign in Neutral 216

34 Marco Almost Jumps 225

35 Rubio Creeps Up 230

36 A Matter of Policy 234

37 "The Party is Angry' 241

38 LeMieux Demands an Interview 244

39 The Keeper of the Secrets 249

40 Now Marco Is Teflon 256

41 Good Advice Not Taken 261

42 A Mess 269

43 Still in the Bubble 276

44 A Toxic Partnership 282

45 Carole Has Her Way 291

46 A Call to Resign 293

47 A Vote of Confidence 299

48 Don't Leave Home Without It 304

49 Twisting in the Wind 311

50 'It's Time for You to Go' 315

51 A Vote of No Confidence 319

52 A Nixonian Moment 326

53 Sucker for the Party 333

54 Benedict Delmar 343

55 Betrayal Sinks In 348

56 Delmar Is Wired 354

57 Under Arrest 360

58 Stabbed in the Back 366

59 A Final Hello 371

60 The Deck Is Stacked 376

61 "They Got Me' 385

62 Musings from a Wewahitchka Jail 392

Appendix 397

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The Chairman: The Rise and Betrayal of Jim Greer 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
mtvernon More than 1 year ago
Easy read, rings so true of my experiences with Florida politics. A terrific work of non-fiction.