The Changing Definition of Masculinity

The Changing Definition of Masculinity



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ISBN-13: 9780306415548
Publisher: Basic Books
Publication date: 03/01/1984
Series: Perspectives in Sexuality Series
Pages: 246
Product dimensions: 6.50(w) x 1.50(h) x 9.50(d)

Table of Contents

1. Meanings of Masculinity in the United States.- Three Basic Sex-Role Concepts.- Sex.- Gender.- Gender Identity.- Traditional Meanings of Masculinity.- The Agrarian Patriarchal Period.- The Commercial Period.- The Strenuous Life Period.- The Companionate Providing Period.- After 1965.- The Women’s Movement.- The Gay Liberation Movement.- The Men’s Movement.- The “Moral Majority”.- Emerging Meanings of Masculinity.- Women and Masculinity.- Women and Households.- Women and Income.- Female Responses to Traditional Masculinity.- Men and New Definitions of Masculinity.- 2. Socialization and the Male Role.- Biology and Male Socialization.- Environment and Male Socialization.- Agents of Male Socialization.- The Family.- Peer Groups.- The Mass Media.- Other Societal Institutions and Male Socialization.- Males and the Assumption of Masculine Roles.- The White Masculine Role and Males.- Male Dominance.- Male Competition.- The Work Ethic.- Male Violence.- Comments about the White Masculine Role.- The Black Masculine Role and Males.- Black Male Dominance and Competition.- Black Males, Work, and Violence.- Comments about the Black Masculine Role.- Male Socialization in Retrospect.- 3. The Male Self.- Explanations of the Male Self.- The Freudian Male Self.- The Life-Cycle Approach to the Male Self.- The Cognitive—Developmental Approach to the Male Self.- The Social Learning Approach to the Male Self.- The Male Self as a Dynamic Process: A Perspective and Consequences.- Males Against Themselves.- 4. Male Social Perception.- >Male Perceptual Organization of Social Worlds.- Male Knowledge of Role Options.- Male Mental States.- Male Role Making/Playing Strategies.- Male Personal Communication Mechanisms.- Males and Nonverbal Sensitivity.- Consequences of Male Perception.- Males Perceiving Females: Impression Formation.- Male Impression Management: Manipulating the Perceptions of Females.- Males Perceiving Males: Impression Formation.- Male Impression Management: Manipulating the Perceptions of Other Males.- The Implication of Male Perception for Ongoing Social Interaction.- 5. Male Social Roles.- Men in Marriage.- The Male Role in Marriage and Sources of Change.- A Contemporary View of Men in Marriage.- Males As Parents.- Why Men Don’t Rear Children.- Men As Fathers Some Time Ago.- Men As Fathers in the Recent Past.- Men As Fathers Now.- Fathers’ Influence on Children’s Behaviors.- Men’s Friends.- Men At Work.- A Modified Definition of the Male Role: Beyond Androgyny.- Determining Male Gender.- 6. Male Interpersonal Attraction.- Varieties of Male Interpersonal Attraction.- Male Liking and Male Friendship.- Male Respect.- Male Love.- Why Men Are Attracted to Others: What Men Want.- What Men Like in Other Men.- What Men Like in Women.- Characteristics in Men that Attract Others: What Women Like Men.- 7. Themes in Male Sexuality.- Men and Sex.- Patterns of Men’s Heterosexual Involvement.- Women’s Freedom and Men’s Sex.- Men’s Dominance and Men’s Sex.- The Socialized Penis and Men’s Sex.- Men and Homosexuality.- Homosexuality and Men’s Power.- Diversity Among Gay Men.- The Politics of Gay Men’s Sex.- Sexism and Gay Men.- Racism and Gay Men.- Ageism and Gay Men.- Ambisexual Men.- Self-Labeled Ambisexual Men.- Predominantly Gay Ambisexual Men.- Predominantly Heterosexual Ambisexual Men.- Being Married and Ambisexual.- The “Silent Killer” and the Gay Community.- Asexual Men.- Males, Sex, and Violence.- 8. The Male Sex-Role in the Future: Will Prince Charming Survive?.- An Excursion into Fairyland.- The Implications of Male—Female Interaction for Changes in the Male Sex Role.- White Males and White Females.- Black Males and Black Females.- Interracial Male—Female Relationships.- The Implications of Men’s Interaction With Men for Changes the Male Sex-Role.- The Women’s Movement.- The Economic Crisis in the United States.- Proliferation of Information About the Male Sex Role.- The Decreasing Significance of Race in Men’s Social Interaction.- Men’s Responses to Sex-Role Changes.- The Classical Man.- Routine Masculinist Men.- Anomic Men.- Humanist Men.- Career Paths Men Take Toward Sex-Role Equality.- Prince Charming’s Emerging Form.- References.

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