The Chinese Secrets for Success

The Chinese Secrets for Success

by YuKong Zhao


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The Chinese Secrets for Success by YuKong Zhao

The Chinese Secrets for Success
is the first book that reveals the untold secrets behind the rise of China and the success of Asian Americans-"the highest-income, best-educated, and fastest-growing racial group in the US," according to the Pew Research Center.

Based on his bicultural living experience, YuKong Zhao shares an "inside view" on how Chinese/Asian Americans successfully raise their children, manage their money, and pursue rewarding careers by applying the following five Confucian values on motivation, education, money management, family, and friendship:

  1. Li-zhi:
    While less successful families just let children follow their interests and pop-culture influences which often limit their future,
    Confucianism-influenced families encourage children to have big and practical dreams to expand their future.
  2. Qin-xue:
    While less successful families indulge their children with toys and video games, and hand over their children's education to public schools,
    Confucianism-influenced families demand and actively support their children to pursue an excellent education.
  3. Jie-jian:
    While less successful families borrow to spend, giving away a large portion of their income to Wall Street bankers, Confucianism-influenced families save for rainy days, retirement and investment, wisely building their financial security.
  4. Gu-jia:
    While less successful families simply maintain the family, letting everybody feel good and "be yourself," Confucianism-influenced families manage the family, demanding healthy behaviors and "be better."
  5. Ze-you:
    While less successful families mingle with friends who may ruin their lives, Confucianism-influenced families set high moral standards and select friends who can benefit their lives.

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ISBN-13: 9781614485353
Publisher: Morgan James Publishing
Publication date: 04/20/2013
Pages: 258
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

YuKong Zhao is Director of China Business Development at Siemens Energy, Inc. He grew up in a Confucianism-influenced family in China and emigrated to the US in 1992. He is an expert in China strategies and has published an industrial strategy book in China. He was interviewed by Wen Jiabao in 2001, then the Deputy Premier of China, and was featured by the Chinese Central Radio Station in 2004 as a successful Chinese American. His professional and personal activities have provided him with great insight into the successful elements of Chinese and American cultural values. He lives with his wife and two high-achieving, well-rounded school-age children in Orlando, Florida.

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"Today, the essence of modern Western civilization is still vibrant. It includes the free market system, the democratic political system, and the rule of law. Nevertheless, as we embark on the 21st century we are faced with huge challenges: increasing global competition, declining U.S. educational competitiveness, skyrocketing national and personal debt, unsustainable Social Security and Medicare systems, and looming high oil prices. Under these conditions, an open-minded person may ask: Are there any other cultural values we can learn to help us sustain our prosperity and improve our lives and those of our younger generation?

The answer is yes. Although the US still maintains its global competitive edge, other nations are progressing at a faster pace, rapidly closing the gap. We can learn from the cultural values of such nations. As an immigration country, the US has attracted immigrants from various cultures. Some ethnic groups are faring significantly better than average. We can also learn something from these ethnic groups. It is this kind of open-minded attitude that has made the United States a world leader. It will also take this kind of open-minded attitude for us to sustain our prosperity and improve our lives!"

Table of Contents


Part I. Why Does America Need Confucian Values?
Chapter 1. Challenging Times Are Ahead
Chapter 2. The Benefits of Confucian Influence
Chapter 3. Confucianism and Inspiring Confucian Values

Part II. The Five Inspiring Confucian Values
Chapter 4. First Value: Li-zhi “Determination for an Outstanding Life”—Confucian Value for Defining a Grand Destiny
Chapter 5. Second Value: Qin-xue “Pursuing an Excellent Education”—Confucian Value for Achieving a Successful Life in a Most Reliable Way
Chapter 6. Third Value: Jie-jian “Saving for a Better life”—Confucian Value for Managing Your Money Conservatively and Wisely
Chapter 7. Fourth Value: Gu-jia “Caring for Your Family” —Confucian Value for Creating a Harmonized,  Happy, and Progressive Family
Chapter 8. Fifth Value: Ze-you “Developing Desirable Friendships”—Confucian Value for Developing Friendships That Benefit Your Life


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The Chinese Secrets for Success 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A must read, definitely Mr. Yukong Zhao’s “The Chinese Secretes for Success” offers easy to use strategies you can weave into your personal and financial life. The five keys of Confucian values are not only inspiring but a very important lifestyle introduction you and your family can profit by with his unique advice through Chinese Confucianism. What Mr. Zhao has engagingly written is not complex and in no time you will master the skills and secretes to maximize all your endeavors. I wish this easy to read book was available 20 years ago.  As a husband and father, this will be my roadmap to enhance my career aspirations and family lifestyle.  This is a must read for old and young alike. I strongly advise you to read this book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is a really well written book! It’s worth reading regarding topics such as parenting, the pursuit of high-quality education, career enrichment, money management, family/life harmony, and friendship selection. Unlike most self-help books, Zhao provides unique bi-cultural perspectives that are awakening and insightful. Mr. Zhao shares inside secrets on why most second generations of Asian immigrants are so successful. The first-generation Chinese immigrants started out with low paying jobs such as barbers, waiters etc. In comparison, the second-generation Chinese immigrants have reached well-paid and better jobs such as engineers, doctors etc. For the first time, Mr. Zhao unveils the secrets behind this significant change: the first generation’s sacrifice and Confucian values they faithfully applied to their lives -- aim high with achievable means, work hard, save for a rainy day, family first, friends you can count on etc. For those American who are struggling with their lives or those who want raise successful children, this is a must read. For Asian Americans who want their children to learn and to keep their great heritage, this is a must have, because it tells the root of Chinese culture and many inspiring stories in such a resourceful way
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Over the past few years, Americans have experienced an unprecedented economic recession. Many families were impacted and many are trying to find the answers that will guide them and eventually help them out of the situation. The author of this book offers his answer to this quest from a very unique perspective: China's Confucius' teachings with a 2,500-year history. With the 5 important Confucian values- determination, education, thrift, family and friendship, the author not only points out how these values are relevant in our daily life with abundant data, but also discusses from a practical angle how to apply them in order to achieve success in our lives. It is worth noting that while focusing on the practical function of these Confucian values, the author also finds that these values complement the traditional Protestant ethics that are the founding cornerstones for the American society. Combined together, suggests the author, the Confucian values and the traditional American values will help Americans get back on track in their pursuit of the American dream. I find this book very inspiring. It teaches valuable traditions that can still be applied in today's society. It is a must-read.