The Cholesterol Delusion

The Cholesterol Delusion

by Md Ernest N. Curtis
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The Cholesterol Delusion 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Grady1GH More than 1 year ago
Ernest N. Curtis, MD has taken the cholesterol bull by the horns and wrestled him down to size. In this timely, very well written book he has brought to the public's attention that cholesterol is not the demon that both health and medical magazines and the pharmaceutical companies have postured it to be. The pleasure of reading this book is not solely the 'inside information' about a much abused subject of cholesterol being the cause of myocardial infarctions (though his arguments are well presented by the intelligence of sharing the research papers that first signaled panic about his naturally occurring substance, and without bias, showing the reader that the information is simply not complete enough to cause the compulsive media blast for special diet and anti-cholesterol drugs): what makes this book so valuable is the amount of medical information Curtis shares about the cardiovascular system of our bodies - information presented in a manner that the lay person can easily understand it but challenging enough that medical students and doctors can use it in their dealings with patient education. In Dr. Curtis' gently informative manner he describes the etiology of plaque formation as being within the walls of arteries and not as deposits in the lumen of arteries - the apparent reason for diets to reduce the amount of cholesterol consumed and thus reduce the amount available to further deposit on the linings of arteries. He backs up his statements by revisiting old articles and discussing new data about cholesterol that somehow has been buried in the climbing use of the various forms of anti-cholesterol drugs - the statins. Try watching television or listening to the radio or opening any magazine and see if avoiding these extensive advertisements of preventing heart disease by decreasing cholesterol is possible! As with any writer who has the courage to take on a different stance from the one in vogue, there are bound to be people who argue Dr. Curtis's book and concept about THE CHOLESTEROL DELUSION. That is healthy: perhaps it will encourage some scientists to re-open the investigation of the role of cholesterol in the human body. As Curtis states 'Cholesterol is one of the most vital and important biochemical compounds in nature. It is a major component of every cell in the body. All cells are enclosed in a membrane that keeps the contents of the cell intact and regulates everything that enters or leaves the cell......All cell membranes are composed of cholesterol and cholesterol -derived compounds...etc.' That sort of puts cholesterol in a different light! His recommendation for protecting the cardiovascular system and the governing heart is to take a small dose of aspirin daily and consume appropriate amounts of water. This is a book that is valuable on many levels and one that should be read by everyone concerned with health issues. Grady Harp
pepperandsalt More than 1 year ago
My husband has been on statins (since approx 1989) and before that in1986, on questran, following his military discharge after 30 yrs in the Australian Army. He is not a well person right now and has been increasingly unwell for 15 yrs or so. After I read your book and Duane Graveline's book on statin side effects, I am shocked that many of the symptoms that I have experienced my husband deal with...being almost all of the side effects other than premature death. Today, my husband is far from being the intelligent and understanding person I knew and now this explains it. The statin intake. and somehow, I always suspected that Lipitor was the culprit. But our GP knew best and we had faith in our GP, and still do. Unfortunately, our GP has been convinced that my husband should remain on lipitor (80mg for at least 5 yrs and now over the last 5 years on 40mg daily) forever to ensure lowered LDL and triglycerides. I am devistated, my husband and I are wrecks and I wonder if it is all too late in terms of his anxiety, memory loss, forgetfulness, joint pain, muscle atrophy, diverticulitis, agitation, road rage like behaviour, social withdrawal, etc etc. It goes on....I have been over the years trying to diagnose why (because I am a nurse, PhD, but having blind faith in your GP, I put it all down to his recent diagnosis of PTSD as a vietnam vet (he is now a TPI). I am making an appointment on my own, to see our GP regarding my husband's host of signs and symptoms and to discuss the many issues. it has taken me so long because I have always believed in patient privacy/confidentiality, but this is now beyond the joke and we have endured my husbands angry and aggressive behaviour/moods, etc without any improvement for far too many years now. I wonder what our GP will be willing to discuss with me so that my husband will be encouraged to speak to our GP on such matters and visa versa? I am a sensible, caring and undersrtanding person (I am not paranoid) but now I am hopeful of realising true causation of my husband's progressive illnesses. I have let my husband know about some of his symptoms and suggested how he should wean himself from lipitor, but said that he must see the Dr himself and make his own decision. However, I can tell you that my gut is filled with anger, sadness, tears and desperation...I just hope I have seen the light and that my husband is salvageable mentally and physically and will be able to see a revealing light at the end of the tunnel. I wish I had taken heed of the conflicting literature long before this and feel really stupid that I took western medical practices regarding cholesterol levels and along with them, the ivory towered drug companies, as valid and morally robust principles and organisations. P/s I do not take any prescription drugs myself as I have always been sceptical of pharmaceuticals (my GP can atest to this belief of mine) but I have always had trust in our GP in terms of preventive health for my husband. He too has been duped. As an example of my trust of my GP but distrust of pharmaceuticals, I was some yrs ago, Dx-ed with osteopenia. My GP ordered a prescription Calcium replacement for me, but I chose not to take these after 2 months taking because the drug contained calcium carbonate- this is reported to clog the coronary arterial walls, but is inconclusive. Nevertheless, I now take (since 2 -3 yrs ago) a natural calcium (obtained from the health store) as well as liquid Vitamin D for Calcium absorption and a slow release Vit B THANK YOU FOR YOUR DATA AND BOOKS ABOUT THE CHOLERSTEROL MYTH. I just hope we are not too late...Miriam, from Western Australia
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Precise; to the point excellently written for the layman.! Facts and only facts that help dispel the shroud of Big Pharma endoctrination and purely commercial endeavor that puts money and business before the true health of people.
timetravel More than 1 year ago
Well, talking about bucking the system!! Ernest N. Curtis, M.D. comes along and dares to contradict the current thought that cholesterol is going to kill us all. The Cholesterol Delusion is a very interesting report on one of the top medical drug-types being prescribed today. The author takes the time to break down the science into language the non-medical public can understand. He also includes a section on how to make sense of a medical journal report, and several journal reports are included in the book. Dr. Curtis' description of what really happens with a blocked artery is far different than those cute little commercials that the drug company runs explaining how all those little particles are choking my heart! It is shocking to find out how the testing is evaluated when little evidence shows the results the drug companies report. I am not quite ready to pitch my statin drugs, but I am ready to do some mor research to on the subject. I confess that upon finishing the book I made myself a breakfast of bacon and eggs! I would recommend The Cholesterol Delusion to anyone taking any type of maintenance or preventative prescription drugs.