The Christian Introvert

The Christian Introvert

by Evan D. Baltz


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The modern Christian church, perhaps especially the evangelical church, is designed almost exclusively for extroverted individuals.

What's wrong with this model? It excludes or even alienates and fails to minister effectively to perhaps as much as 50% of the population.
Using Myers-Briggs evaluations, 50.9% of those surveyed fall into one of the 8 introverted personality types. Other recent surveys have also backed up this data, so it is fairly safe to say fully ½ the population is or leans toward introversion.
This also means that is likely 50% of the people sitting in the pew each week at church are introverted and therefore likely uncomfortable in that environment.
So why does the modern church continue to focus on that model?

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About the Author

I am a Christian. I am an introvert.
I have been a Christian since I accepted Christ into my life as a 5 year old. But even as a young person I never looked forward to Sunday School or church. Why? Because I wasn't a good committed Christian? No, because I am an introvert and didn't enjoy the forced social interactions. I didn't enjoy VBS. I didn't enjoy and didn't want to go to church camp. I didn't like pot luck dinners. I didn't like Bible study groups. Why? Because I was a heretic who didn't value Bible teaching or fellowship? No. I am an introvert. I felt guilty for what I perceived was the cultural and social shaming of this personality trait for which I did not understand and recognize.

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