The Christmas Redwood: A Forest Parable

The Christmas Redwood: A Forest Parable

by Janice Emily Kirk
The Christmas Redwood: A Forest Parable

The Christmas Redwood: A Forest Parable

by Janice Emily Kirk


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A charming, illustrated parable for all ages. Includes fun facts and helps for parents & teachers. One tiny seed, planted that first Christmas night. . . who could guess how mighty it would become? Come—hear the tale from a beloved grandfather. The tale of a redwood seed, planted by wind on the very night Jesus was born, that becomes the most steadfast of all tress on earth. Just as the tree grows and thrives—an example of faith and endurance—we too can "hold fast and be faithful, be true and take heart" as we wait for God's promises to be fulfilled.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781532612008
Publisher: Wipf & Stock Publishers
Publication date: 03/27/2017
Pages: 56
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.15(d)

About the Author

Janice E. Kirk is author and illustrator of The Road to Beaver Park, Painting, Perception, and Pilgrimage; The Christmas Redwood: a Forest Parable; Cherish the Earth, the Environment and Scripture; and illustrator of Wild Edible Plants of Western North America by D.R. Kirk. She has taught art, language arts, and music, including voice at Simpson University, Redding, California. During a lifetime of family camping adventures in the American West, she sketched, painted, learned nature's ways, and grew to cherish the beauty of the earth.

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From the Publisher

Comments from Readers

"The Christmas Redwood: A Forest Parable is filled with delicate line drawings of a very special tree with almost magical qualities. Author and artist Janice Kirk shared her book and the story of its construction with my Children's Literature class at Simpson University last spring (2008), inspiring the students with the simplicity and beauty of the small volume just after it went to publication. Suitable for readers young and old, it will make a treasured addition to anyone's collection of Christmas books.."
Alan Rose, Children's Literature Professor, Simpson University., Redding, California.

"There is no shortage of wonder in the world, only wonderment. In The Christmas Redwood, Janice Kirk helps us see the glories of God's creation with fresh eyes. A delightful and cherished gift for children of all ages!"
Nancy Sleeth, Managing Director,

"Our family read The Christmas Redwood while camping with our children and grandchildren at Trinidad, California. There, under a redwood canopy, we were able to enjoy the sights, smells and sounds of the redwoods. Jan's story compares the mighty redwood to Jesus. We found ourselves moved in a unique way. I look back upon that reading as a time to remember, a time of sharing between the generations."Muriel Eades, California camper

"Janice E. Kirk's beautiful children's story, The Christmas Redwood: A Forest Parable, could well be a holiday classic-in-waiting. The reader follows the life of a Redwood tree whose beginning coincides with the birth of the Christ Child. As the child grows, all creatures in the forest listen and learn His lessons of love whispered on the wind. The forest and its inhabitants cry out, glorifying God. Two thousand years pass and still, all nature looks heavenward, especially the now majestic Redwood. Lovely pen and ink illustrations, also by the author, lend a sense of whimsy to the text and are effective with the book's four-color layout. Elegantly crafted overall, Kirk's prose and pictures are reminiscent of other tales that reveal timeless truths."
Cathy Elliott, Author of ten educational children's books & A Vase of Mistaken Identity, a cozy mystery.

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