The Christmas Remedy: An Amish Christmas Romance

The Christmas Remedy: An Amish Christmas Romance

by Cindy Woodsmall, Erin Woodsmall


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When an Old Order Amish woman takes a job at a small-town pharmacy struggling to survive in a world of "big box" stores, her motive is to help her Plain community. But the advent of the holiday season brings an unusual mystery to the surface--and possibly love.

Twenty-four-year-old Holly Zook lives a unique life for a young Amish woman. Years ago, her bishop allowed her to continue her education and become the lead technician for Greene's Pharmacy, an old-timey drugstore that looks out for the Amish community--a group largely without secure healthcare plans. She knows she can't marry and hold onto her professional job. She's Amish, and she can only have one or the other, so she spurns love and works toward addressing treatable diseases--like the one that claimed her father's life.

As long as Holly continues to avoid Joshua Smucker, the one man who draws her like a warm hearth in winter, she should be fine. When something unexpected threatens Greene's Pharmacy, Holly and Joshua must work together to unravel what's happened and find the "missing" patient before the Board of Pharmacy shuts them down. As the snows of December arrive, with Christmas in the air, will Holly succumb to the generous spirit of the season?

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ISBN-13: 9780735291041
Publisher: The Crown Publishing Group
Publication date: 10/23/2018
Pages: 208
Sales rank: 303,622
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 7.70(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

CINDY WOODSMALL is the New York Times and CBA best-selling author of twenty works of fiction and a non-fiction book. She's been featured in national media outlets such as ABC's Nightline and the front page of Wall Street Journal. Cindy has won numerous awards and has been a finalist for the prestigious Christy, Rita, and Carol Awards. She lives outside Atlanta with her husband, just a short distance from her children and grandchildren.

ERIN WOODSMALL is a writer, musician, wife, and mom of three. She has edited, brainstormed, and researched books with Cindy for almost a decade.

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Holly paused outside the old pharmacy storefront, brass key in hand. How could a building be so dear to her? Because inside the brick, glass, and wood exterior, the beautiful, timeworn store held the hope that medicine brought to her Amish community.

She slid the key into the antique lock and jiggled it. The wooden door that Lyle had painted red last year had a hundred years’ worth of paint on it. It creaked as she went inside, closed it, and turned the dead bolt. The customary smell that reminded her of an attic in summertime filled her senses. She unbuttoned her sweater and walked across the rough-hewn wooden floors.

“Hey, kiddo,” Lyle greeted her from his workstation—a counter that was two feet above the rest of the pharmacy. His black with silver hair was somewhat disheveled, and his reading glasses had slid down the bridge of his nose. His focus was on whatever prescription he was filling.

“Good morning.” She went up the three steps and waited for him to push a button under the counter of his workstation. The familiar buzz let her know the gate had unlocked, and she entered the area where all the prescription medicines were housed—the prescription workstation as they called it. There were a few odds and ends for her to do here, and then she could make her morning deliveries. She’d be back in a couple of hours, by the time the pharmacy opened at ten. “How are you today? Ready to start the week?” She stepped into the storage room and pulled out two large plastic bags, one with amber vials and one with white lids. Before leaving for the weekend, she’d noticed that the pharmacy bins were running low. She carried the bags to the counter next to Lyle.

He closed his eyes and rubbed his temples. “It’s a very Mondayish Monday.”

“What’s going on?” She opened the bags of vials and lids and dumped each into its own bin.

“Nothing too bad. I have a wicked headache, but I’ll take some Motrin after I eat my breakfast. I’ll be right as rain by the time we open.” Lyle held up a white prescription bag from his perch. He waggled the bag and put it in the bin that held the morning’s deliveries. “Don’t worry about me. With the health fair this weekend, you’ve already got a ton of work to do after these deliveries are made.”

A smile tugged at her lips at the mention of the health fair. She’d worked for more than a year toward this goal—first getting unanimous permission from the Amish church leaders to hold the fair and then getting her people interested in attending.

Based on recent feedback and people signing up for classes, the health fair was going to have a fantastic turnout. Hope for the fair and her future stirred anew. After years of proving her faithfulness to her bishop, deacon, and preacher, they had agreed to let her get her GED. She had accomplished that a year ago, and since then they’d approved her continuing her studies. If she could pass the entrance exam into nursing school, she could become an LPN. She personally had no grand desire to have a degree, but legally she had to be an LPN in order to verbally share the information written on the Patient Package Inserts. Until she had her LPN license, every patient question had to go through Lyle. She wasn’t allowed even to read from or reword the information on the insert. Besides, with a license she could then offer some basic health care to Amish patients in their homes, especially the ones who often refused to venture out to the Englisch doctors and clinics.

Until that time she had to content herself with routine tasks, like refilling the two printers with paper—a roll of prescription labels in one and letter-size paper in the other. She grabbed the needed supplies and went to the first printer.

She turned to Lyle. “Are the morning deliveries ready?”

“Almost.” Lyle looked back and forth between his computer screen and the pill in his hand. He put the pill into its bottle, closed the lid, slid it into a prescription bag, and stapled it shut. He set the bag into the delivery bin.

She pulled an index card out of the hidden pocket in her apron and took a moment to study it. Granulocytes respond quickly to infectious agents. Define granulocytes. She knew the answer to this one. It was a white blood cell with granules that secreted its cytoplasm. But how tough would it be to pass the test to get into nursing school?

“Holly Noelle, before I forget, I have something for you.”

“Hmm?” She tucked the card back into her pocket.

Lyle reached under the counter and behind a large paper bag. He pulled out a beautiful bouquet of pink carnations in a cut-glass vase and set them on the marred glass countertop. A familiar ache she’d never be free of caused memories to crash in on her. She touched the petals. They were just as soft as she remembered. She leaned in and drew a deep breath before opening the envelope of the small note card nestled in the bouquet.

With Sympathy ~

She lifted a carnation from its glass container. “You remembered.”

Her Daed used to give her a pink carnation on special occasions, usually when she’d worked hard toward something and accomplished it. She’d been fourteen the last time he’d given her one, in celebration of her months of spending endless hours in his cramped office space, which was overrun with paperwork. She’d finally gotten his dairy farming business affairs in order, including years of receipts for tax purposes. A week later he died.

“Thank you.” Her hoarse voice was hardly more than a whisper.

“Sure thing, kiddo,” Lyle said. “I know it’ll be an emotional day for you. Hard to believe he’s been gone ten years. And even though I don’t mark his passing each year, I never forget. You just let me know if you need to take a break or to shift some of your deliveries to another day.”

Holly swallowed the lump in her throat. “No, I want to work. Today of all days.” She set the card inside the bouquet and moved the flowers to the far side of the cash register. She picked up the bag Lyle had just put in the delivery bin and read the insert—name, address, and medicine. “This is a new medication. He’ll have questions.”

“I know.”

She returned the bag to its bin. “Ya, you know, but the question is whether you’ll be where you can hear the phone when I call.”

He chuckled. “That is always the question, isn’t it?” He tapped out something on the keyboard of his computer, verifying another aspect of the dispensing process. Lyle never rushed through the correct process to make very sure that every client got the right medication and that the new prescription wouldn’t be dangerous in combination with other medications the patient already took. “Be done in a minute, and when I am, I’m going upstairs to shower and eat. And take something for this headache.”

“Okay.” She knew the routine, but he always stated it anyway.

She checked the list of meds and addresses. Each year they were making a greater difference in the lives of the Amish. They were pushing past indifference and lack of understanding. She hated those descriptions of her people. As a whole they were passionate and sharp but not when it came to medical issues and taking the medicines that had been prescribed. But Lyle, Doc Jules, and Holly had spent years trying to make inroads. Her people were responding—but slowly, because the Old Ways of ignoring health issues and discounting the importance of medicine was a way of life just as surely as traveling by horse and carriage. So the road ahead was long, but the Amish in this rural area weren’t where they used to be. For that she was grateful.

Indifference and ignorance had stolen her Daed’s life, and there hadn’t been a more passionate, intelligent man in Raysburg. What a horrendous waste. If he’d gone to the doctor sooner… If he’d then valued the doctor’s advice and taken his medication…

Now she had to miss out on a whole lifetime with him.

Closing her eyes against the onslaught of the invading grief, she tried to refocus on her task. She opened her eyes and finished mentally mapping her way between the addresses on the delivery list. “That’s quite a list of deliveries for today.”

“It is. I’m not sure you’ll be back here by opening time, which is fine. So I’m telling you now, if that happens, relax and breathe.”

Not be back on time? She glanced through the addresses, thinking of the shortcuts she could take in the carriage on dirt roads. “I think I can do it.”

“Only if I finish checking these scripts off, right?” Lyle studied another pill in his hand and glanced at the computer screen.

She chuckled. “Right.”

“While I finish here, could you flip through my morning to-do stack of papers? I think I needed to call someone first thing today, but I don’t recall the specifics. This headache is really messing with my routine.”

“Sure.” She laid down the list of addresses to deliver to and retrieved Lyle’s always-growing stack of papers in the bin next to his workstation. “Was this it—‘call to confirm tent rentals for Saturday’?”

“No, I did that already. I believe it was for a patient that came in yesterday.”

“Oh, hmm.” She flipped through a few papers and saw an offer from a security company for a remote-controlled surveillance camera. They had the mandatory ones inside the store that monitored everything that took place behind the pharmacy counter. But after someone broke into an independent pharmacy in a small town a few hours away, Doc Jules had suggested Lyle look into surveillance of the entryways and the store itself. She resumed digging through the stack until bright red writing on a document caught her eye: “Past Due. $45,640. Redbird Pharmaceutical Distribution.”

Her heart jolted. A past-due notice on a bill that large? She shouldn’t ask about it. It wasn’t her store, and he wasn’t family, even though he often felt like it, but…

“Lyle…what’s this?” She handed him the paper.

He took it from her and peered down at it through his reading glasses. “Oh, that’s from our medicine supplier, and I have that already set up to pay online on a specific date. It’ll only be a week late once paid, and there’s no penalty.”

“But…that’s so much money. Do we have that kind of money? I know things have been tight after a slow summer.”

“We will by later in the week. It’s just part of the business, kiddo. It’s why this place is open seven days a week.”

“I thought you stayed open on Sundays to help people.”

“Well, that’s true. But I also need their business. We’re doing fine. Trust me.”

She wanted to trust him, but he might hide the truth in an attempt to protect her. Finances were usually tight after the quieter summer months, and since the financial downturn a few years back and subsequent law changes, the pharmacy wasn’t making nearly what it used to.

Lyle set the paper down and moved back to filling the script.

Could Greene’s stay open in the long term? Lyle was nearing retirement age, and if he had to shoulder this much responsibility every month, even with Adrienne as a relief pharmacist, he might choose to retire before finding a replacement. But the Amish people needed this place, and that wasn’t going to change.

“There you go.” He placed another bottle in a white paper bag and then put that bag in the plastic bin Holly used for deliveries. “After I eat and shower, I might be in and out between now and opening time. I have a few calls to make and some errands to run.”

She picked up the bin. The new thought of the pharmacy’s uncertain future swirled together with her grief over missing her Daed, but she had deliveries to make. Chin up. Put a smile on. “Okay. See you around ten.”


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The Christmas Remedy: An Amish Christmas Romance 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 36 reviews.
BrittanyMc More than 1 year ago
The Christmas Remedy was a cozy Christmas tale with a nice combination of Amish and Englisch characters. I enjoyed the uniqueness of Holly’s situation as a pharmacy technician who also happened to be Amish. The romance between Holly and Josh was low key. Holly saw no way to balance the ability to further her eduction, something which she had special permission to do from her bishop, and hold a job in the working world with the possiblity of love, marriage, and family. I enjoyed watching as Holly, Josh, and the pharmacist’s son, Brandon, worked to save the pharmacy when an investigation into their pharmaceutical practices was opened. I received a complimentary copy of this book. All opinions are my own.
SouthernGalLovestoRead More than 1 year ago
If you're looking for a sweet Christmas story, a little out of the ordinary Amish romance, The Christmas Remedy by Cindy and Erin Woodsmall could be just the right choice. The characters are fun to get to know and the story is a heartwarming one. This mother-in-law/daughter-in-law author team does a great job in this story. Thanks to the authors and their publisher for providing a copy of the book. I am happy to share my own thoughts for this review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
InHisName More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed reading this heartwarming tale. It is about a female that is devoted to the Amish faith yet trying to achieve more in her life than just be the typical Amish housewife and mother. She feels called by God to serve her community in a unique way. She has the gift of healing and desires to become a nurse. She works at a pharmacy and uses her skills helping her community gain access to prescription medicines. When she gets her nursing degree she will then be able to dispense critical and helpful medical advise to the patients she delivers the medicines to. It is nice to see an Amish community and bishop that is willing to let a female go beyond the household and typical 8th grade learning. It is my hope that this is not just a story but is reflective of real life situations in the Amish community. Really great story.
Heidi_Reads More than 1 year ago
This is a sweet Amish story with a mystery to be solved. I thought it was sad that Holly felt like she had to sacrifice marriage and a family in order to have a fulfilling career that would be so beneficial to the members of her Amish community. I liked Joshua and how he helps Holly, even after he discovers he has no hope with her. The element of light suspense kept the plot moving forward and I liked seeing how interconnected the Amish families are and how they were all happy to help. There is a definite warm feeling despite the snowy setting, and I was satisfied with how everything all worked out. (I received a complimentary copy of the book; all opinions in this review are my own)
Virginiaw More than 1 year ago
This Amish fiction book was a bit different from normal. This one showed that not all Amish are as strict as others. I was happy to see this. I love all the characters in the story and love the whole story idea. I could not put this book down. I loved the romance and the problems that Holly had to overcome. I received a copy of this book from Waterbrook and Multnomah for a fair and honest opinion that I gave of my own free will.
Creative2xmom More than 1 year ago
Holly Zook lives an unusual life... that is, if your Amish. Holly is unmarried, pursuing higher education, and works at a locally owned pharmacy. After her father died, Holly dedicated herself to helping the Plains community through health management and disease prevention. Her greatest joy is teaching her people how to live healthy lives and avoid her father's fate. When pharmacist, Lyle Greene, suffers a stroke, his son Brandon returns home to help in the family business. Studying to be a pharmacist himself, Brandon wants nothing to do with Green's Pharmacy. After watching his parents struggle and feeling displaced by his father's affections for Holly, Brandon is determined that his time at home will be brief. Till one day a horrible accusation leaves Holly and Brandon fighting for the future of Green's Pharmacy. What really happened the day of Lyle's stroke? And who is behind these painful accusations? I've been a big fan of Cindy Woodsmall for a long time and this is the second book that I've read where she's teamed up with her daughter in law, Erin Woodsmall. Both women have a way of story telling that really draws in the reader. While I had my suspicions about who was behind all the pharmacies troubles, the resolution wasn't too obvious and in fact, left me guessing for quite awhile. There were also two romantic storylines woven through out the book, but it might not be who you'd expect at first. And although the book toggles between different viewpoints, the authors do a good job of developing each "voice" so as not to confuse the reader. This was a sweet book to delight readers and fan during the holiday season. Perfect for curling up with a hot cup of tea, and remembering the bond of family and the magic of Christmas. *Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book from the publisher. All opinions are my own.
Phyllis_H More than 1 year ago
An unusual Amish romance My rating is 3.5 stars The Christmas Remedy provided a different aspect of the Amish life than the ones I have typically seen depicted. The aspect of the way that they regard medical care, especially preventative type exams was one that was new to me. Because the death of her father when she was a teenager could have been prevented if he had simply gone to the doctor for treatment, Holly was dedicated to teaching her people the importance of medical care. I appreciated the relationship between Holly and Lyle, the pharmacist who had allowed her to work for him even when she was only fourteen. Their friendship was misinterpreted by his son, who felt displaced by her. The mystery of the missing patient was handled well. I had a suspicion about who the culprit was, but the identity was not overt. The way that Joshua helped Holly as she sought the “missing” patient despite the way she had rebuffed him was very sweet. I did find that I was not drawn into the story as much as I had expected. It was good, though not absorbing. I found that while I liked Joshua, I was a little indifferent about Holly. I also felt like the speech of the Amish sounded much too much like ours. If you are a lover of Amish fiction, you might enjoy this unique story. Read with a Preview at I was given a free copy of this item. This gift did not influence my opinion or review.
Shopgirl152ny1 More than 1 year ago
I liked this love story about a unique Amish woman. I've never heard of an Amish woman with a GED who was planning to get more education so it was interesting to learn about her passion for teaching the Amish to take better care of their health. I admired her dedication and selflessness, though it would be very hard if you met someone you could see a future with. I really liked her sister Ivy, too; she was fun, smart and told it like it was. I also liked Joshua and admired his willingness to help Holly find the patient even though it was painful to be around her. I liked that we got both of their viewpoints along with Brandon's, the pharmacist's son. He came to help out at the pharmacy so there was a sub-plot about him trying to decide where he wants to spend his future, reconnecting with his dad and finding a little bit of romance. I liked learning more about pharmacies and the way they work and I liked the mystery as they try to figure out who the patient was. The cozy Christmas setting was wonderful! I would recommend this story if you like Amish fiction I received this book from Waterbrook Multnomah and the author. I was not compensated for this review; all opinions are my own.
Laundry_Whispers More than 1 year ago
Could you give up everything for a dream? Could you fight for your right to pursue that dream? I mean, knowing that having a family, a relationship, doesn't mesh with the dream? Holly Noelle Zook is ready and willing to do just that. Losing her father at a young age to a completely treatable condition has her sights set on bringing health care to her sheltered Amish community. It's not that health care isn't available, it's that the community isn't willing to reach out and make use of it. Her goal is to change all that. With her Bishops permission she has gotten her GED, she has gotten her pharmacy tech license, and she's studying for LPN school. Girl is driven! So much so that she walked away from a romance that could have been. Falling in love and getting married will end her dream, derail her passion. Ain't nobody got time for that! Least of all, the families in her community that she is slowly bringing into the idea that medical treatment and medication can be part of God's plan for them. I'll be brutally honest here. Yes I loved the book but. . . There was a stilted feel too it. A feel that the Woodsmall women tried so hard to be pitch perfect accurate with all the technical aspect of medicine and pharmacy regulations that they tight-roped a line. In the quest for absolute accuracy the book teetered toward becoming stiff. I consider myself pretty read, fairly well-versed in medical stuffs and there were a couple of things I had to run to The Google for. The other side of that though was this sweetness and innocence about Holly. Girl goes from technical jargon surrounding her studies to thinking the Bishop will allow her to stay with a single (fine, widowed and much older) man after Lyle has a stroke in the pharmacy he owns and Holly works at. Her thoughts were to care for him and help him recover. Thank goodness they talked her out of that one, I'm afraid the Bishop might have had a stroke as well! She's just fresh. Passionate and involved and gullible and innocent. And Joshua? He's right there with her. A tiny bit jaded, a smidge distracted, and a whole lot of confused. I mean he thought that he had Holly had something in their youth only for her to turn down has date request. Here she is again, all the feels are still there, and all the walls are in place. Poor guy. The bare bones is that I truly enjoyed this book. Yes, I felt like the ending was a bit too perfect. Yes, I felt like there was a lot of room for added depth and delving into some of the family relationships of the characters. And at only 208 pages there's lots of room! The thing is though, it's also absolutely perfect just the way it is. What a better time than the Christmas season for a family to be reunited and begin healing, for a young couple to embrace the love they fought for so long, and for a community to come together for the betterment of all? When but the season of Christ can answered prayers become miracles and hope for the future begin anew? Yes, there are things I'd like to see broadened in this book but there is no better story than to find a community filled with the love of Christ and chose to share that among themselves. It may be just over two months to Christmas but there's never a wrong time of the year for gentle reminders of the hope we have in Christ. And the love we have in community. And that the two are entwined with each other. I have to say this isn't the first book I've read by Cindy and her daugh
MitBrooks More than 1 year ago
This is a great little Christmas Book. It is only about 200 pages so it is a quick read. If you are a fan of Cindy Woodsmall and her Amish books - this is a no brainer - it is a MUST. I haven't read any Amish books before this one so I may have missed a few things with traditions etc - but overall enjoyed the book. I received a copy of this book from the publisher with no expectations. The opinions are my own.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This Amish Christmas story centers around Greene's Pharmacy. Lyle, the pharmacist and owner, his son Brandon, Holly, a pharmacy tech, and Josh, the young farmer. Holly is a young, independent Amish woman dedicated to modern healthcare and preventative methods, especially for the Amish. She has the blessing of her Old Order Amish Bishop to work as a tech while studying to become an LPN. Holly goes into action after an illness, false claims, and sabotage threatens to close Greene's Pharmacy. When she needs a friend to help her, Josh steps in. This contemporary novel has a little romance, drama, and mystery that combines to make it a real page turner. I received a copy of this book from the publisher Waterbrook & Multnomah in exchange for a review. All opinions expressed are my own.
Julie12 More than 1 year ago
What an absolutely lovely Christmas story! I always love Cindy Woodsmall's books and this one is no exception. Holly Noelle (don't you love that name?) is an Amish woman who is trying to help her community get the health care that they need. Her own father ignored his symptoms when she was young and she lost him at an early age. This has propelled her to have a life mission to help her Amish friends and family. With the permission of her bishop, she has been working at Greene's Pharmacy and helping Lyle in his business. She and Lyle, the Pharmacist, have been planning a community health fair to encourage the Amish to get check-ups and learn more about taking care of themselves. Unfortunately, a series of events turns their lives upside down and things don't go as planned. Holly gets re-acquainted with Joshua but she's afraid to be committed to a relationship because she knows she wouldn't be allowed to continue with her work. I enjoy their friendship and how they are there for one another despite knowing that it won't go anywhere - or so they think. This story reminds us that God is in control and is also a story of reconciliation and love. I love that we see a lot of different relationships have peace through forgiveness and love. This is such a wonderful story and perfect for the holiday season. I would definitely read it anytime because it was such a nice read. I highly recommend it and give it 5 out of 5 stars. *This book was provided to me by Waterbrook Multnomah. I received a copy of this book to review but I was not financially compensated in any way. The opinions expressed are my own and are based on my observations while reading this book.
tlgreear More than 1 year ago
Every year I buy books to get me into the holiday spirit. I love a good Christmas story but so often I am disappointed. Not this time! The Christmas Remedy is the perfect holiday story. The story itself is intriguing and I learned so much more about the Amish. I'm not sure if the storyline could happen in the real Amish world but it sure works in the book. Holly, an Amish girl, is a pharmacy technician for a local pharmacist. Didn't see that coming did you! The pharmacy along with the town and all the characters are believable, likeable and we'll written. I want to meet all of them. Add in a major catastrophe after the pharmacist has a stroke and it all makes for a great story. Someone is trying to sabotage this quaint hometown pharmacy that everyone, especially the Amish, rely on. Holly and Josh are determined to help save the pharmacy. But being together so much creates its on problems for Holly. Unlike most Amish women she wants a career, not marriage and babies. The story is beautifully written. From descriptions of decorations, family gatherings and the feel of snow and crisp winter air I was completely immersed in the surroundings. I think the Christmas Remedy should become a required holiday reading.
ganderson523 More than 1 year ago
The Christmas Remedy is a lovely story of faith, romance and healing of family relationships and friendships. Holly Noelle Zook feels a calling to help her Amish people get health care that they normally would not seek. She works as a pharmacy tech for Greene's Pharmacy in her small rural town in Pennsylvania and has worked hard to plan a health fair for the community, in particular the Amish. Lyle Greene is the owner of the pharmacy and has devoted his life to help Amish and others who can't afford the medicines they need, get them, even if his business suffers. Julie is a nurse practitioner who could be earning more money in the city but feels led to help the rural population, including the Amish. When Lyle has a stroke, his son, Brandon, has to come home to help out the pharmacy, even though he is in the middle of studying for his pharmacy state board exam. He has hopes of working for a large pharmacy in the city. Lyle and Brandon need to heal their relationship that has been strained since the death of their wife and mother. When Joshua goes to pick up medicine for his mamm who has just been diagnosed with diabetes, he ran into Holly. The two enjoyed a light friendship through events in the church until he asked her out. Holly's calling to help the Amish means that she can't marry and have a family and work because the church prohibits it, so she avoids a relationship with Joshua. When someone turns in the pharmacy for filling some prescriptions without a doctor's script, everyone starts working to solve what happened. The date of the prescriptions was on the Sunday before Lyle's stroke and he doesn't remember that day and no hard copies can be found to show what happened. A few fill-in pharmacists are working at the pharmacy to help since Lyle's stroke. Could one of them be involved in turning Lyle in? It is said that things happen for a reason and maybe God allowed the events to happen to bring people together to mend their relationships and see what is really important, especially at Christmastime. This is an uplifting story of putting others first with some romance and mystery interspersed. I received an ARC from WaterBrook Publishing through NetGalley. Thoughts and opinions stated for mine only.
jacksonmomLV More than 1 year ago
Cindy Woodsmall always satisfies with her distinctive Amish fiction. This is a real team effort, co-written with her daughter-in-law, Erin, and well-detailed with the professional help of Adam and Shweta Woodsmall,both PharmD. I really learned a LOT about pharmacies in this small book! Main Amish characters Holly and Joshua are both likeable workaholics who are a bit backwards in the courtship department, according to their families. She is dedicated to bringing modern medical care to her sometimes reluctant Amish community; he is committed to bringing his father's poultry farm up to date in the free-range/organic market. They each admit to themself that they are attracted to the other, but somehow feel marriage is not a viable option. It takes some uncomfortable honesty for them to admit their similarities and differences before they can tackle a problem together that threatens their community's health. Their time and (successful) effort eventually bring them to see the inevitability of a future together. Like we readers didn't see THIS coming! As usual, Woodsmall is an expert at weaving the Amish and Englisch communities into a strong, beautiful fabric. The relationship between Old Order Holly and her old-fashioned boss Lyle is tender and heartwarming, and shows the capacity for compromise between cultures. This book was really a joy to read, and left me humming Christmas carols months ahead of schedule. I am so grateful I received an early uncorrected proof from the authors, and I heartily recommend The Christmas Remedy to all lovers of quality Amish fiction.
Pamela Recene More than 1 year ago
#PRHpartner This book would make a great Christmas gift! People on my gift list kept coming to mind as I read the book. The mix of mystery, perseverance, the determination to improve health care, and a little romance. I did not want to stop reading the book, I finished it in 1 day, only to wish the story continued.
Blooming-with-Books More than 1 year ago
If you're looking for a feel-good book this is one for you... The Christmas Remedy By Cindy Woodsmall and Erin Woodsmall Holly Noelle Zook is determined to prevent any needless Amish deaths, not when they could be prevented with basic medical care and knowledge. The loss of her father has driven her to help out in the nearby English pharmacy for years. And she hopes to further her own education so she can help her friends and neighbors even more. When an emergency threatens everything she's ever worked and Greene's Pharmacy could be shuttered Holly Noelle has to accept help from Joshua Smucker. Josh is everything an Amish girl could want unless she's Holly Noelle. Working outside the home is not an option for an Amish woman should she marry and Holly is determined not to marry. EVER! So dating is out of the question - though if she and Josh could just be friends... Brandon Greene is just this close to having his pharmacy license when his dad needs him. Not that his dad would ask but Holly Noelle let him know. And once again his life is on hold thanks to the unexpected. He had been happy to leave Raysburg behind but now it looked as if he was back at least for a short stint. With time counting down Holly, Josh and Brandon have their work cut out for them if they are going to get to the truth of what happened before everything went wrong. Where was the paperwork they so desperately needed or had Doc Greene truly done something wrong? This is a nice Christmas read, one that has the Amish and English life woven together in a mutually caring community that is just starting to break down the barriers and mistrust that have divided them. There are characters that one can connect with almost instantly and see the varying viewpoints from each one's perspective and sympathize accordingly. Maybe everything doesn't work out just how everyone would have hoped but that could be a good thing in the end. If you want a feel-good read, pick this one up, curl up in your favorite corner and while away a few contented hours. I received this book from the publisher through their book launch program. All opinions expressed are my own.
ecclecticnurse More than 1 year ago
The cover on this book gives me ALL of the feels. I feel myself getting into the Christmas spirit just looking at it. On a different note, the writing was good and made for an easy read. It is kind of like a Hallmark movie in book form. It had a good yet predictable ending, lovable characters, and a relevant story. It did seem a bit far fetched how the authors were tying in the Old way and the modernizing of the Amish. I was given and advanced readers copy to read and review. All opinions given are of my own accord.
ChatWithVera More than 1 year ago
I always thoroughly enjoy reading a book by Cindy Woodsmall and was really looking forward to this novella in which she collaborated with her daughter-in-law, Erin Woodsmall. Framed in the confines of a small town and situated within the charm of a "corner drug store" the story reeks with charm, love, tenderness, care, family tension and the almost lost treasure that is a caring local pharmacist who stands his ground with courage, wisdom, and a caring heart. I live in a small town. We have a local, corner drugstore; it is still a caring institution that delivers prescriptions, especially to the elderly and assisted living homes. It is situated opposite two giants in the American Pharmaceutical World (I won't name them). So The Christmas Remedy rather hit close to home. The Amish and their unique approach to life does not take too well to the regimented medical profession and to taking prescription medications. A young Amish lady in our story has dedicated herself to working with this small corner drugstore, Green's Pharmacy, to delivery and encourage her people to take care of themselves and their families by taking the prescriptions they need and properly. But back in the pharmacy, Lyle Green is the owner and he experiences a major medical emergency which really puts a strain on running the pharmacy. His son returns home to oversee his health and assist as he can, but he has not finished his education and lacks his PharmD degree and license. The story packs in a lot of regulations and laws regarding how a pharmacy is operated and by whom. This detail is important to know that because the mystery hinges on that aspect. A sweet read with a touch of blossoming romance that is squeaky clean. A bit of suspense and mystery. And a peek into life among the Amish. I highly recommend this Christmas novella. DISCLOSURE: I received a complimentary copy from WaterBrookMultnomah to facilitate a #sponsored review. Opinions are mine alone and are freely given.
KrisAnderson_TAR More than 1 year ago
The Christmas Remedy by Cindy Woodsmall and Erin Woodsmall is An Amish Christmas Romance. Holly Noelle Zook has an unusual profession for an Amish woman. She is a pharmacy technician at Greene’s Pharmacy in Raysburg, Pennsylvania and studying for admission to nursing school. Holly wants to bring better health care to the people in her community. She wants to make sure they have access to medication and doctors. Holly is determined that what happened to her father ten years ago will not happen to anyone else. Holly is aware that to achieve her goals she must sacrifice having a husband and children since Amish woman quit working once they get married. Holly returns to Greene’s one morning after her deliveries to find Joshua Smucker standing outside. She enjoyed socials and other youth events with him for six months until he began to get serious. Holly is attracted to him, but she will not give up her goals. Inside the pharmacy, they find Lyle Greene on the ground after suffering a stroke. Lyle’s son, Brandon, who is close to becoming a licensed pharmacist, moves home to help care for his father until he is back on his feet again. Lyle and Brandon do not have the best relationship, and Brandon does not plan on working at Greene’s after graduation. He wants to work at a large chain pharmacy where he can earn more money. Then the pharmacy board inspector pays a visit bringing a serious matter to their attention. Holly and Joshua with help from Brandon and Graham have six weeks to resolve the problem. If they do not succeed, the community could lose Greene’s Pharmacy forever. The Christmas Remedy is a unique Amish story. Holly Zook is a spunky, intelligent and determined woman with one goal in mind. She is a progressive thinker for a baptized Amish woman. Holly is willing to give up a future with Joshua to achieve it. But is there another way? Brandon is estranged from his father, and he plans on working at a large chain pharmacy to earn a bigger paycheck. Time at Greene’s Pharmacy and in Raysburg gives Brandon a different perspective. I found The Christmas Remedy to be well-written with with a lovely small town. The thoughtful characters suited the story. The author explained Holly and Brandon’s motivations, and we see how circumstances as well as time can alter their viewpoint. I like the mystery that is included. It adds more interest and depth to The Christmas Remedy. Readers get to see how the Amish view healthcare and how they manage without insurance. I have insurance and can still barely afford to visit a doctor with the high co-pays. Many Amish prefer herbal remedies over modern medicine. Holly wants to educate the Amish on their options and know when to visit a doctor. Preventative care is important to staying healthy and finding a serious illness in time. Readers also get to learn more about pharmacy operations. They are governed by rules and regulations just like any business except they have more oversight and reporting (the laws vary from state to state as well). There is Christmas tidings and romance as well in The Christmas Remedy. I hope we see more Amish books like The Christmas Remedy with females in unique professions. Cindy Woodsmall and Erin Woodsmall created an intriguing Amish novel in The Christmas Remedy.
homeschoolmom24 More than 1 year ago
**Disclosure**This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from the publisher. All opinions are my own. About the Book: When an Old Order Amish woman takes a job at a small-town pharmacy struggling to survive in a world of "big box" stores, her motive is to help her Plain community. But the advent of the holiday season brings an unusual mystery to the surface--and possibly love. Twenty-four-year-old Holly Zook lives a unique life for a young Amish woman. Years ago, her bishop allowed her to continue her education and become the lead technician for Greene's Pharmacy, an old-timey drugstore that looks out for the Amish community--a group largely without secure healthcare plans. She knows she can't marry and hold onto her professional job. She's Amish, and she can only have one or the other, so she spurns love and works toward addressing treatable diseases--like the one that claimed her father's life. As long as Holly continues to avoid Joshua Smucker, the one man who draws her like a warm hearth in winter, she should be fine. When something unexpected threatens Greene's Pharmacy, Holly and Joshua must work together to unravel what's happened and find the "missing" patient before the Board of Pharmacy shuts them down. As the snows of December arrive, with Christmas in the air, will Holly succumb to the generous spirit of the season? My Review: As close as Lyle and Holly have become nothing could of prepared her for what was about to take place between the two of them. Soon she is thrust into something she was never made aware of until Lyle's pharmacy appears to be in some financial trouble and then his health comes into question. Holly sees a mysterious looking bill that is quite large early on in the story but Lyle's response to it after being brought to his attention is to just brush it aside. But Holly still keeps it in the back of her mind and with the doubt about it comes a lot of other lingering questions. Poor Holly has a choice to make when it seems that her life comes at a crossroads. Isn't it funny when you feel like you have your life all figured out and then God puts a tiny kink in your plans? That is exactly what happens to both Holly and Joshua and soon their lives intersect in a most interesting way, a way that they will be forced to make a decision. The dynamic in the story between Lyle and Holly and then between Holly and Joshua seem to blend so well. The characters give you a family feeling and a warmth that is perfect for the holiday season. I love Christmas fiction and I absolutely love The Christmas Remedy!
Becky6 More than 1 year ago
“The Christmas Remedy” is the second book I’ve read from Cindy Woodsmall and Erin Woodsmall, but it is the first of their Amish novellas that I’ve read. I’m not usually into Amish fiction, but since I enjoyed “As the Tide Comes In‘, I figured I would give this one a chance. Boy, was I not disappointed. In fact, I loved this novella so much that I have added all of their other books to my TBR. So what makes this one this different and unique? For starters, our main character is an Amish woman who is working as a pharmaceutical technician at a small town pharmacy. It isn’t unusual to find Amish women working, but usually not in a profession like this one. Holly Nolle Zook has a passion for bringing better health care and preventive methods to her community. Another thing that I found unique is that typically Amish women give up their jobs after getting married and having children. Holly loves what she does so much that she doesn’t want to lose that when and if she marries. We also have a bit of a mystery on our hands. While some of this is predictable, it was still entertaining and fun as everything played out. It was a nice touch to the story. I especially loved the small town community. Even the side characters are special and meaningful. Although the town is completely fictional, I enjoyed the descriptions of the town and wish I could actually visit it. This is a story of family and what makes a family which doesn’t always mean related by blood. It’s charming, heartfelt, full of laughter, and something I’d love to see as a Hallmark movie. If you’re looking for a light cozy read to curl up near the fireplace this Christmas season, you won’t want to miss out on this one. Highly recommended! Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from the publisher for my honest review, which I have given. I was not required to write a positive review and have not been compensated for it in any way. All opinions expressed are my own.
poodlelover More than 1 year ago
From the welcoming and inviting cover that lures you into a delightful story, you will fall in love with a cast of endearing characters. When a crisis occurs at Greene’s Pharmacy where Holly Noelle Zook works, she partners with Joshua Smucker to uncover the truth. Holly’s plans include bringing better health care to the Amish and there is no room to be a traditional Old Order Amish wife and mother. Will the growing attraction between Holly and Joshua complicate things? When choices must be made will Holly discover grace within her Amish traditions and find the desires of her heart? Faith and forgiveness with a hint of suspense make this a must-read and a great gift for a friend. I received an ARC from the publisher. All opinions are my own.
poodlelover More than 1 year ago
From the welcoming and inviting cover that lures you into a delightful story, you will fall in love with a cast of endearing characters. When a crisis occurs at Greene’s Pharmacy where Holly Noelle Zook works, she partners with Joshua Smucker to uncover the truth. Holly’s plans include bringing better health care to the Amish and there is no room to be a traditional Old Order Amish wife and mother. Will the growing attraction between Holly and Joshua complicate things? When choices must be made will Holly discover grace within her Amish traditions and find the desires of her heart? Faith and forgiveness with a hint of suspense make this a must-read and a great gift for a friend. I received an ARC from the publisher. All opinions are my own.