The Chronicles Of Air, Water, And The Source

The Chronicles Of Air, Water, And The Source

by Etaniel Ben C. Yehuda


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ISBN-13: 9781462072910
Publisher: iUniverse, Incorporated
Publication date: 01/16/2012
Pages: 100
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.24(d)

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The Chronicles of Air, Water, and the Source

(Words as Poems)
By Etaniel Ben C Yehuda

iUniverse, Inc.

Copyright © 2012 Etaniel Ben C Yehuda [E as Poetlove Water]
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4620-7291-0

Chapter One


        Web's Opposition

    We are all roaming
    Looking and not looking
    Searching and not finding
    Finding and not finding
    In this atmosphere
    It roams
    Making friends and victims
    Hurting, disappointing
    Destroying, Enlightening
    Bringing a false feeling of completion
    Grab the nucleus of the atmosphere
    Prey, being the hunted
    It lies and deceives
    Engulfs and embellished
    Then attacks and doesn't let go
    Guard and love your soul
    It won't be returned
    The vulnerability of the heart
    Exercise, utilize its strength
    Deconstruction will be administered
    We need each other
    So you think
    It comes
    And have a soul out there
    Grab the nucleus of the atmosphere
    Don't let it destroy the nucleus
    Fate is yours
    Take it
    Make it
    Nurture it
    Love it
    It'll love you
    The power, the source
    Dissolve the strands, bonds
    You are you are the finale
    Then there's peace

        IF YOU CAN SEE,

    Do you see the water?
    Do you feel the water?

    I do
    Because it's me

    The tides
    The calmness
    The initiator and mediator of storms

    The perfect tool for the perfect settings and backdrops
    Vengeful, if not respected

    It has its own mind
    Necessarily essential
    The center and foundation

    It knows
    A message is always delivered
    Alpha and Point A
    To Omega and Point Z

    Holding the universe
    The moon is god
    Director, Editor, Omniscient

    Crying for you and
    Protecting you from and
    Being endlessly loyal and devoted and
    Knowing what's happening on the surface and at the core and

    Give, as always, a
    Helping, open hand

    Seduction and sensuality draws its intense desire
    Controlled and convinces with appearance
    You are so attractive and attracting

    Can't predict the moods
    A public always willing to sail along


    Help and enlightment
    This cause has sought
    My effect has grown
    It has bled upon many souls
    I focus on one in particular

    Day 1

    Did you feel the cool, calm breeze?
    Did you see the trees sway peacefully?
    Did you know the sand laid content?
    Did you imagine the birds flying over and landing on the sea?
    Did you touch the wild animal that obediently and respectfully
    allowed you to rub its coat?
    And, the crab went forthright to its target
    A place of tranquility
    Are the rules etched in stones that we must abide?

    Day 2

    Your eyes are so bright
    Your insight has sharpened
    Heart beats inhumanely
    The blood still flows
    Your synapses give more signals than ever to that brain
    Your brain begs for more

    The core is overwhelmed, yet, asks for seconds, thirds, and
    "I am full, but, let me erupt with all this love and knowledge"
    "Give it to me"
    "Enslave me and nurture my all"
    "I have succumb!"

    So you are taken away by this soul
    You go into the chambers
    It's warm
    And peaceful
    Very quaint
    You rest upon its chest
    Your mind is blown
    Your heart explodes
    It catches the pieces
    Holds it and mends it for you
    At this point
    Why should you think?

        Extremities Constant

    Near, Far
    Join together
    Loving, marriage
    Bobby, Christina
    Joy, hope
    Peace, Love
    Happiness, smiles so gleeful
    Allure me to the trap
    Cage me, whip me
    Control me, please?
    Go to the innermost place in my soul
    Be defiant—go against my wish
    Seduce and entrap with all you have
    I have a secret!
    Let's disclose
    I got you!
    Keep you there forever
    Feel my claws?
    You are so good inside
    The feeling must stay
    Wanting to scream all 30 hours in this day

    Ones that follow
    In an unfamiliar galaxy
    You love it
    Putting you on reserve
    Spot and meet another one
    There's the ultimate surge again
    I want the two of you to do what you do best
    Reap double
    Excluded ecstasy
    Slaves and servants
    Performance dedicated to 1
    That's the wish
    That's the grant
    I shall not die!
    No products, no repercussions
    As told, "I ALWAYS GET MY WAY!!!!"

        Succumb, Be Patient

    Optimistic outlook sustained
    Time, you are killing me
    My only option
    Respect you
    Keeping my faith in you
    You have the highest regard for me
    All I think....
    Keep me in mind, OK!
    Being utterly and exquisitely precious
    I waste you not
    If I row down the Blue Nile
    Or burn it
    You will be the governing body
    When I engage in any activity
    You are the ultimate truthsayer
    Ebb of flow—which is unending
    Where did you begin?
    When will you end?
    I respect you
    And you are killing me

    The continuing cyclic motion
    Can I photograph you?
    Capture the essence of the moment
    Will you allow that?
    Never staying still
    Is it possible to manipulate?
    To my advantage
    I burn candles
    Are you gonna blow them out?
    I burn fragrant, invigorating incense
    Will you extinguish the stick?
    Take care of me, would you?
    Know what?
    You are
    But, it's killing me
    Time—release me
    Set me free
    Into the path of destiny
    Aspirations, goals
    Exploration, Enlightment
    Satisfaction, Dedication
    Mutual love
    Mutual love
    Mutual respect
    I will be free to soar
    Very soon?
    Yes, very soon
    Give me the confirmation
    Of the manifestation
    I am constipated
    With immobility and unfruitfulness
    Set me loose!
    Has resurrected me!

        This Crab

    Created for the reason
    To be content
    I am, ultimately

    When I see a little too much
    It knocks a few points off
    Seeing through the 3rd eye

    And feeling through the channel of intuition
    I travel to the core

    I move on
    I'm happy
    It's a must—a necessity

    Delve into the problem and the solution
    You're at the surface
    I'm at the nucleus

    You're miserable
    I rejoice and travel to the next step
    Then I get frustrated

    The traits I have been handed
    Take control
    But, I always see

    To the next five steps, at least
    Physically, I am the statue in the corner
    Spiritually, 150 miles ahead on the road

    Trust me
    I've been granted a lot
    Give me 2 minutes
    I'll prove it
    Believe me, I'm extremely grateful
    You know

    May not admit
    While I'm gracing your presence and path(s)

    You will
    I need accreditation
    For strength and inspiration

    I may continue
    Continue and succeed
    Continue and enlighten
    Continue and assist

    You dig the aura
    Let it guide you
    Won't be the same
    No arrogance/ego

    Awakened assurance

          The touch

    i see and feel the central
    the basis of mankind
    discovering ways and paths to react
    vision impaired
    darkness cease
    pure light and understanding rush
    never overwhelms
    just relax
    i am true
    i want to touch the spot you failed to know exists
    caress and nurture
    faith unending
    you feel it?
    bliss and climax
    excitement and discovery
    awareness and love
    You've entered the next realm
    just take my hand
    this is familiar ground
    never doubt
    ecstasy and fantasy
    lust is impure
    love is pure
    why are you wanting?
    why are you touching?
    why do you seek?
    how can you find?

Chapter Two

1999-2001—The Journey Presents Many Paths, Many Choices

        Destination: Arrival

    Where I am going?
    What am I doing?
    I need you to need me
    I need me to need you
    If it's one or four
    let it be
    confusion wants to encompass
    semi-constant feeling
    goals and aspiration eclipse
    but that passes as time moves forward
    When am I going to?
    I ain't perfect
    He has a lot of good things in my possession
    Some can visualize
    Some can feel
    Some can be/are blind
    But they see
    Justin needs you
    If it's one or four
    Hunger is almost taking over
    Then I become a ravished beast
    Why is it not going?
    I deserve
    I have preserve
    I won't settle for less
    He knows my expectations

    Justin knows
    You're there
    I'm here
    We must cross
    To satisfaction
    Going, going—I've arrived
    No need to know

        Above & Alone

    Honored with scholar
    It was cool and delightful
    Feeling different
    My peripherals
    Caught the glimpse
    Of the Star that awakens
    Minds of intrigue and lethargy
    Honors w/Scholar and Exclusivity

    Next stage
    Needful fears arose
    The pain of the present
    The visions of the future and the now
    Mayhem and discord
    Discontent and famished souls
    Here's the second glimpse
    45 degrees of showing
    Okay—you've discovered
    Destiny and will
    The establishment took pauses
    My abode—I developed

    You hear me
    I hear you
    There goes the unsettled
    Black as always
    Acquired strength
    Immeasurable power and grace
    Sought, touched
    Breathed, sighed
    Know, Patience

    I couldn't fit in
    The path was set
    Do your thing
    Mischief for lack of better
    The key stayed close to the heart
    Tried to lose it
    The key wouldn't be misplaced
    Pitch it
    Experiences not so far
    Annihilate unconsciousness
    Dug so deep
    Tossed the dirt
    Thinking there was no hole
    All that space
    True and complete existence
    You got it

    Explosively normal
    Look at all of this
    Many avenues and chapters
    So much to read
    Lighten my path
    The Star stares me directly in the pupils
    Avenue of interest
    Chapter of heaven
    Verses of hell
    Books of peace
    Lines of earth
    Love and bread
    Gaining obesity
    Distribution of the knowledge is event
    The deeper eye
    Protection and guidance
    Boy! You just don't know
    So he shares

        The Distinction

    Classification and opinions of significance
    Illusions and facades
    Wishes beyond reality
    Yearnings from the loins and the bosom
    Cause: without
    Effect: blood, sweat, and tears
    Disappointment due to lack of accomplishment
    Holes and sore spots that seek comfort
    Wounds that need one kiss from heaven
    Restoration of faith
    Then, for what reason?
    We are spoiled and delusional

    Go back to the heart and soul
    Let's be natural and primitive
    No imagery fueled by deception
    Release through the fingertips
    Stars and galaxies play carrier
    And messenger
    And deliverer
    Never tainted
    Earnest in operation

    Continuity on right feeling
    The distinction waits around the corner
    Take the steps
    Take the steps
    Take the steps at normal and focused pace
    What do I need?


Excerpted from The Chronicles of Air, Water, and the Source by Etaniel Ben C Yehuda Copyright © 2012 by Etaniel Ben C Yehuda [E as Poetlove Water]. Excerpted by permission of iUniverse, Inc.. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


I. Foreword....................vii
II. Personal Statement To You....................xi
III. 1996-1998—The Self Exploration Has Begun....................1
IV. 1999-2001—The Journey Presents Many Paths, Many Choices....................19
V. 2002-2004—The Light/Rebirth Has Come....................33
VI. 2005-2007 The Knowledge of Living....................45
VII. Special "Pieces"....................63
VIII. Acknowledgements....................83

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