The Chronicles of BALTRATH: The DARK WIZARDS

The Chronicles of BALTRATH: The DARK WIZARDS

by Gary Kuyper


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Ten thousand cyclans (years) ago, those who have come to be known as the Dark Wizards fought, defeated and imprisoned the evil Great Dragon, Rava Zool. They were only able to accomplish this major feat by removing the Great Dragon's incredible source of power, his tongue.
With the passing of much time, and under the subtle corroding influence of the Great Dragon's remaining power, the Dark Wizards have become divided in their primary purpose and responsibility of keeping Rava Zool incarcerated for all eternity.
Now, in order to prevent the impending emancipation of the Great Dragon and the subsequent destruction of all known creation, the few faithful remaining Dark Wizards are obligated to unite their forces with some of Baltrath's most unlikely populace; including the brooding Kithian warrior known as The Son of Zemth.

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ISBN-13: 9781448695317
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 10/31/2009
Pages: 416
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.85(d)

About the Author

Gary Kuyper is a South African who began his professional literary career writing self-help and general interest articles for Daan Retief Publishers who produced a monthly book for their woman's club called Woman's Forum. These articles would sometimes require research and had titles as diverse as The Human Brain and Body Painting!

Being a professional photographer on a part-time basis he has managed to have articles on photography (With accompanying photographs) published in books and magazines. He has also done some free-lance photography and photojournalism projects for numerous local newspapers.

Over the past four years he constantly managed to be one of the top finalists in the Nova Short Story Competition (A competition for budding writers of science fiction and/or fantasy).
Last year (2008) He had the pleasure of seeing The Crystal Glow, a children's fantasy story (Written in rhyme) - grace the pages of the local SF & Fantasy Fanzine Probe. This year Probe will be publishing his fantasy/horror story - The Devil's Little Tadpoles.

Gary is also an avid film buff and amateur film maker. A few years ago he took first prize in the SA Ten Best Film Makers Competition with a short film entitled The Crimson Cobra - An action-packed martial arts movie.

Being a qualified prosthetics make-up artist he has used his talent on both amateur and professional productions and has appeared on television in a youth program especially made for enlightening people in the art of special effects make-up.

He has a vast knowledge of music and has appeared on the local Television Music Quiz Show Note for Note.

In 2008 he entered the SF / Fantasy Mini Radio Play Competition and took first prize with The Adventures of Captain Max Power of the Intergalactic Police - an obvious homage to the early Flash Gordon radio series'. A number of skilled professionals are now planning to produce Max to CD and have it aired on a local radio station (SAfm).

All his literary and photojournalistic accomplishments have been done on a part-time basis due to the fact that his full time career is lecturing mathematics as well as engineering science at a Technical College.

Gary is presently working on Book 2 of The Chronicles of Baltrath.

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