The Chronicles of Koa: Netherworld

The Chronicles of Koa: Netherworld


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Angels protect us from the escaped creatures of the Netherworld.

Demons seek to destroy the balance and treaty between vampires and humans.

One half-blood vampire is torn between the two worlds in this action-packed paranormal thriller.

Introducing Koa Ryeo-won, a half-blood vampire with an enchanted sword and a membership to the most elite vampire castle in Europe.

A vengeful demon threatens everything Koa has worked hard to protect. Not even Halston and his legendary infinity gun can stop him, but Koa's mother might be strong enough to do it--if only her curse can be broken.

There is one vampire that can help.

First stop, the Ivory Tower, where only the most notorious supernatural beings are kept. But even that won't be enough. Koa must prepare herself to return to the place that nearly killed her.

The Netherworld.

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ISBN-13: 9781484993255
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 05/21/2013
Pages: 218
Sales rank: 995,100
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.46(d)

About the Author

K.N. Lee is an award-winning author who resides in Charlotte, North Carolina. When she is not writing twisted tales, fantasy novels, and dark poetry, she does a great deal of traveling and promotes other authors. Wannabe rock-star, foreign language enthusiast, and anime geek, K.N. Lee also enjoys helping others reach their writing and publishing goals.

Her works include, The Chronicles of Koa: Netherworld, Dark Prophet, A Gifted Curse, Wicked Webs, Empty Your Heart, Pixie Dust, and the paranormal collection of short stories, Thicker Than Blood. Her short fantasy story, The Last of the Jinn, is in the anthology, A World of Worlds and The Ticking Ring is in A World of Joy by ASMSG authors.

Author, K.N. Lee loves hearing from fans and readers. Connect with her!

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The Chronicles of Koa: Netherworld 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 14 reviews.
morganjane More than 1 year ago
After reading the first couple chapters online, I knew I had to read more about Koa! The author has created a engrossing world with vampires, angels and other mythical creatures. And not just any mythical creatures, her creations were... awesome! I could really see this being a movie with all the action and amazing imaginary. More than anything, I appreciated the creativity of this book, traveling in the Netherworld was a fascinating journey. Also, the story surprised me. At one point Koa had killed everyone fairly easy with her magical sword and I thought that was the end of it but then what happened next had me on the edge of my seat. Koa also made some choices after separating with the handsome British accented Halston that astonished and pleased me, I felt like the story was getting better and better. I like when an author isn't afraid to create and K.N. Lee really kept her story interesting. There are so many things I loved, Raven, Wren Castle, the Netherworld Division, Ian, the alchemist, the oracle, the shadows, the discs (cool), the possiblities with Jax... Plus the end, I really didn't see it coming, when Koa remembered what she was made to forget, what a twist! This book introduced a wonderful world, compelling characters and plenty of conflict for the story to continue. Now I can't wait for the next installment.
morgankwyatt1 More than 1 year ago
I like fantasy and books that walk on the opposite side of ordinary.  Netherworld:The Chronicle of Koa has the feel of ancient Greek myth.  Koa has to perform the impossible to save not only her mother, but little girls everywhere.  Impossible tasks are seldom easy and  demons are a nasty piece of work. This story is a fun read and should appeal to those who like paranormal, mystical, and fantasy tales.
dianneharman More than 1 year ago
I stand in awe of anyone who can create a world on paper and make people want to enter it. And so this author does, and beautifully so. It's a testimony to what the human mind is capable of. Utterly enchanting. This is superb!
sheryl1 More than 1 year ago
Netherworld (The Chronicles of Koa) by K.N. Lee is a wonderful dark paranormal book! Highly engaging for this reader, with a powerful story-line and characters that were exciting and fun to read about! This author has an imaginative artistic ability to keep the reader interested and turning pages and with all the twists and turns in 'Netherworld' there was never a dull moment. I highly recommend this book and cannot wait for more from this author!
AnnoulaAO More than 1 year ago
A fantasy adventure and action read a coming of age vampire story, an epic storyline with a twist… The Chronicles of Koa is a wonderful story full of likeable characters, a clear world, and a fun mission. Koa, a headstrong, willful girl captures you immediately. An adventure to find the key to her past, and to her future. The author has created an engrossing world with vampires, angels and other mythical creatures. Her creations were amazing !!! (Read In June 2014 in exchange for an honest review)
MurielleC More than 1 year ago
Enter K N Lee's NETHERWORLD, an enchanting world of demons, vampires, and  other weird creatures from this paranormal realm, and you will be hooked. I was gifted a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review and I intend to read more of her. Great characters and a creative plot development will make you come back for more.
ChristophFischer More than 1 year ago
“The Chronicles of Koa: Netherworld” by K.N.Lee is a great and very original demon and vampire story written by an author with a vivid and wonderful powers of imagination. The Netherworld of the title is an excellent creation. Lee has an eye for a good story and fascinating characters. I don’t often like Vampire stories, but this one is different and different in a good way. Enjoy.
DPW1967 More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed this book -  no hesitation in recommending - excellent.  
bookworm_gp More than 1 year ago
A wonderful, enchanting story!
Kelly1A More than 1 year ago
K. N. Less's second novel will bring you right back to where the last one ended. Seeped deep in the lore of the Netherlands, dark and opressively sinister, you will be suck right back in to Koa's plight. Again beautifully written (as if the author dewelled there herself) and perfectly edited. Have no fear about kicking back and enjoying this book. Unless the vamps frighten you.....
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Synopsis: Koa is half-vampire, half-well, you will just have to read and find out for yourself.  Along with her best  friend and mentor, Halston, she hunts Netherworld creatures on Earth:  Vampires, Syths . . . if it's evil,  Halston and Koa are fighting it.  When Koa discovers Halston has been keeping secrets about her  past (and the years of memory loss that goes along with it), she takes it upon herself to find answers  that are destined to be painful, both emotionally and physically.  An unlikely team comes together to  help Koa reverse the curse on her mother and find out the truth about her past. That truth may be just the thing to kill her. Opinion: I made a TON of notes as I was reading about Koa.  Everything from "What the deuce is happening?"  to "Oh, I get it." to "Kiss him already!"  K.N. Lee has brought something amazing to a character type  (i.e. vampires) that has gotten to be . . . well, boring.  She has introduced us to an array of characters  that are nothing short of a melting pot in the world of Fantasy Adventure/Paranormal.  It is a bit like  Cassandra Clare's The Mortal Instruments in that sense, but nothing like it in every other sense.   Is that confusing?  Wait . . . wait.  I just confused myself. Okay, I'm good. Koa is so fascinating and descriptive that one of the notes I kept making was "What was going through  her head when she wrote this?!"  The character and place descriptions are unlike anything I've seen  before.  Castles made of stone and bone, giants made of metal, child-like monsters, fallen angels  who kick more evil booty than a little bit . . . too many for me to mention without giving spoilers.   These descriptions are what I like most about this book and what is going to make me purchase  the next installment.  I cannot wait to see where the author takes these characters next. Now . . . for the part I hate doing the most:  The Cons.  There aren't many cons for me.   Koa's emotions go back and forth from a** kicker to girl in love with  her boss to woman who has insecurities about both of those things while kicking some major booty with her Lyrinian sword. The end is semi-depressing because we have to wait until the next book to figure out where everything  and everyone fits in.  But that's always a good sign of a great story, right? For some reason I can only post anonymously (user error fail) so: Reviewer: Maria G. Cope, Lions and Lambs Blogspot
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This debut novel from K.N. Lee is such a wonderful way for her to introduce her writing skills to the world!! Her writing has a way of getting people excited to read something and it is infectious. This is a fantasy novel full of Vampires and other mythical creatures that are so popular right now in books. Sometimes stories about Vampires can get repetitive and stale, however Ms Lee manages to find a way to create a fresh take on it. Her characters have depth, growth, and they are the kind of characters you can get attached to. Her vision and imagination really comes through on the page and I'm so excited for the second installment of the Chronicles of Koa as this one left me wanting more! I don't want to give any spoilers on the book but it centers around a young woman (who is an anomaly as a half human/half vampire) who is determined to reclaim her memory and her life. She is full of strength and determination and you want to cheer her on. If you like books such as The Hunger Games, or The Mortal Instruments series etc. then this is definitely a book you will enjoy.
ThomasRayMann More than 1 year ago
The Chronicles of Koa: Netherworld is the debut novel of K.N. Lee. The story follows Koa, a mysterious hybrid vampire who thirsts for blood, but can walk in the daylight and fly. Yes, I said fly. Due to circumstances that are unknown to us at the beginning of the book, Koa is special, not only because of her power of flight, but because she is wanted by creatures of the Netherworld. As you read this book, you'll be entertained and thrown from left to right with the various revelations and plot twists that are revealed throughout! K.N. Lee developed a wonderful cast of characters and creatures for her novel. Vampires take the center stage in the story, but they're not in any way the bland, overused vampires you see in other books. Besides vampires you'll read about a fallen angel seeking redemption, demons, and even creatures created by K.N. Lee herself. She did a great job designing these creatures and the world they inhabit. Despite some noticeable grammatical errors, K.N. Lee has done a fantastic job with her debut novel. It has a fantastic story, twists and turns throughout, and some mysteries you won't see coming. I'm looking forward to reading more of her books as she writes them. The Chronicles of Koa #2 will certainly be a day one purchase for me!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Just when I thought there was no where else to go with the fascinating mysterious stories of vampires, this book takes it where no one else has went. I was hypnotized by the vivid imagination instilled in K. N Lee. Once I started reading instantly I felt like I was apart of Koa it makes you wonder to the extreme every flip of the page what's next, what's to come!?? Read this book I guaranteed you will not be left disappointed. I'm excitedly awaiting the sequel expect some sleepless nights of wondering what's to come once you finish the book. I'm finding myself creating my own variations of how it will end, keep it coming Koa you're the bomb!!!