The Civil War in South Carolina: Selections from the South Carolina Historical Society Magazine

The Civil War in South Carolina: Selections from the South Carolina Historical Society Magazine



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ISBN-13: 9780984558025
Publisher: Home House Press
Publication date: 04/11/2011
Pages: 608
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About the Author

Lawrence S. Rowland holds the chair of the Distinguished Professor of History at the University of South Carolina at Beaufort. He is the author, with George C. Rogers Jr. and Alexander Moore, of The History of Beaufort County, South Carolina: Volume I, 1514-1861 (1996).

Stephen G. Hoffius is a freelance writer and editor in Charleston. A former editor of the South Carolina Historical Magazine, he co-authored with Susan Millar Williams Upheaval in Charleston: Earthquake and Murder on the Eve of Jim Crow (2011).

Table of Contents

Introduction ix

The Secession Convention: "A Night of Bonfires and Music"

"Extracts from the Schirmer Diary, 1860" 3

"Membership of The South Carolina Secession Convention," Ralph Wooster 4

Attack on Fort Sumter: "Rockets' Red Glare"

"Extracts from the Schirmer Diary, 1861" (Part I) 19

"Extracts from the Schirmer Diary, 1861" (Part II) 20

"The Evacuation of Fort Moultrie, 1860," Frank E. White Jr. 22

"Robert N. Gourdin to Robert Anderson, 1861," contributed Samuel G. Stoney 27

"The Battle of Fort Sumter as Seen from Morris Island," F. L. Parker 32

"William Gourdin Young and the Wigfall Mission-Fort Sumter, April 13, 1961," May Spencer Ringold 39

"Eye Witness to Fort Sumter: The Letters of Private John Thompson," Ron Chepesiuk 49

"The First Shot on Fort Sumter," Robert Lebby, M.D. 57

The Occupation of the Sea Islands: "The First Blow Has Fallen in the Rebel Nursery"

"A Michigan Regiment in the Palmetto State," George M. Blackburn 65

"Generals David Hunter and Rufus Saxton and Black Soldiers," Howard C. Westwood 76

"Lowcountry Rail Line Threatened: The Battles of Pocotaligo and Coosawhatchie, October 22, 1862," W. Eric Emerson 93

"Occupied Beaufort, 1863: A War Correspondent's View," P. J. Staudenraus 104

"Laura M. Towne and the Freed People of South Carolina, 1862-1901," Kurt J. Wolf 113

The Siege of Charleston: "Water Was Scarcer than Whiskey"

"The Confederate Diary of William John Grayson," Elmer L. Puryear 141

'"Brother against Brother': Alexander and James Campbell's Civil War," J. Tracy Power 154

"An Affair of Honor at Ft. Sumter," C. Russell Horres Jr. 165

"Battery Wagner on Morris Island, 1863," John Harleston 183

"Morris Island: Victory or Blunder?" John E. Florance Jr. 196

"Roswell Sabin Ripley: 'Charleston's Gallant Defender,'" C. A. Bennett, M.D 206

'"The Bombardment of Fort Moultrie, November 16, 1863' by Conrad Wise Chapman," Ben Bassham 223

'"It Will Be Many a Day before Charleston Falls': Letters of a Union Sergeant on Folly Island, August 1863-April 1864 Edward G. Longacre 234

Sherman's March: "Taking All Her Jewels and Everything of Value"

"Sherman Marched-and Proclaimed 'Land for the Landless,'" Howard C. Westwood 263

"A Confederate Victory at Grahamville: Fighting at Honey Hill," Leonne M. Hudson 281

"The Fall of Charleston," compiled Viola Caston Floyd 295

"An Eye Witness Account of the Occupation of Mt. Pleasant, February 1865" 302

"Sherman's Army Comes to Camden: The Civil War Narrative of Sarah Dehon Trapier," Karen D. Stokes 309

"Sherman at Cheraw," Larry E. Nelson 332

"The Last Officer-April 1865," John Hammond Moore 357

War Without End: "Ravenous for Plunder"

"The Federal Pillage of Anderson, South Carolina: Brown's Raid," Thomas Bland Keys 373

"When the Yankees Sacked Greenville: Stoneman's Raid, May 2, 1865," Nancy Ashmore Cooper 380

"Skirmish on Crescent Ridge: The Last Clash of the War Between the States in South Carolina," John B. McLeod 384

Business: "Mixing Profit and Patriotism"

"A Businessman in Crisis: Col. Daniel Jordan and the Civil War," Henry Carrison 389

"10 Rumford Place: Doing Confederate Business in Liverpool," Wesley Loy 416

Technology: "At the Edge of Modern Times"

"Captain Langdon Cheves, Jr., and the Confederate Silk Dress Balloon," edited J. H. Easterby 443

"David C. Ebaugh on the Building of 'The David'" 451

"Charleston's Civil War 'Monster Guns,' the Blakely Rifles," C. R. Horres Jr. 456

"The Confederate Gunboat 'Pedee,'" Leah Townsend 478

The Homefront: "Hoping for Better Times"

"Exhumation of the Body of John C. Calhoun" 489

"The Confederate Receipt Book: A Study of Food Substitution in the American Civil War," Frances M. Burroughs 491

"Disloyalty in the Upper Districts of South Carolina During the Civil War," James T. Often 511

"Elizabeth Jamison's Tale of the War," David J. Rutledge 527

'"Robbing the Owner or Saving the Property from Destruction?'-Paintings in the Middleton Place House," Harriott Cheves Leland Harlan Greene 553

Errata 565

About the authors 567

Other Civil War Articles in the South Carolina Historical Magazine 571

Index 573

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