The Classic National Lampoon Box Set

The Classic National Lampoon Box Set

by National Lampoon


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The Classic National Lampoon Box Set

This four-CD set offers a little something -- actually, a lot of something -- for everyone, though not enough of the actual best of the National Lampoon. Essentially a packaging of four existing CDs -- That's Not Funny, That's Sick, White Album, and Sex, Drugs, Rock 'n' Roll, and the End of the World, along with Greatest Hits of the National Lampoon -- it has too many unfunny moments on discs one, two, and three, representing the downward spiral of the organization, and not enough highlights of the true best material represented on disc four, the greatest-hits volume, which covers the Lampoon's earlier history. Disc four is the highlight, containing as it does the best moments of the Radio Dinner album -- "Deteriorata," "Those Fabulous Sixties," and "Magical Misery Tour" -- plus bits from Lemmings, Missing White House Tapes, and Goodbye Pop. The other three discs don't hold up nearly as well, representing a newer (and decidedly more uncensored) generation of writers and performers who aren't half as clever. As it happens, at least part of Sex, Drugs, Rock 'n' Roll, and the End of the World, with its barbed look at the politics, morality, and hypocrisy of the early '80s, holds up well today, including the song "Cocaine" (no, drug czar William Bennett wasn't blowing his money up his nose with cocaine, but he was shoveling it onto the gaming tables of casinos at Vegas, while debating publicly whether his was a cabinet-level position). And with the actress' re-emergence in 2005, "Jane Fonda Speaks Out" is newly topical, with its vicious digs at its subject and her ex-husband Tom Hayden. But there aren't enough moments like that on the first three discs, and not quite enough of the truly great parts of the Lampoon's best years on disc four, to make this more than a partly satisfying overview. Now, a three-disc set of Radio Dinner, Lemmings, and Missing White House Tapes, on the other hand -- there you're talking greatness, and an indispensable collection.

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Release Date: 05/10/2005
Label: Uproar
UPC: 0706442386022
catalogNumber: 23860
Rank: 43680


Disc 1

  1. The Squalor Show
  2. Confession
  3. Dick Ballentine Phone in #1
  4. Disco Hotline
  5. Dick Ballentine Phone in #2
  6. Love Birds/Flash Nova
  7. Listener Sponsored Radio
  8. For $25,000
  9. Gymnasty
  10. Dick Ballentine Phone in #3
  11. Yiddishco
  12. Listener Sponsored Radio #2
  13. Pulp
  14. For $15,000
  15. Rapeline
  16. Mr. Roberts #1
  17. Stereos and Such
  18. Listener Sponsored Radio #3
  19. Height Report Disco
  20. Mr. Roberts #2
  21. Dial-A-Curse
  22. Humpback Whales
  23. Listener Sponsored Radio #4
  24. 2,015 Year Old Man
  25. Fasten Your Seatbelts
  26. Listener Sponsored Radio #5
  27. Monolithic Oil Commercial

Disc 2

  1. Perrier Junkie
  2. At the Bar
  3. What Is God?
  4. Fartman
  5. Discoleptic
  6. Steak
  7. The Sounds of Physical Love
  8. Gay Alliance
  9. Robert Caucasian vs. Squab
  10. What About Reupholsterers?
  11. Shakespeare Knock Knocks
  12. Nude Figure Model
  13. Couple at the Door
  14. Christopher Street
  15. California Hot Tub
  16. What Turns Women On
  17. What Were You Expecting -- Rock and Roll?

Disc 3

  1. An Introduction
  2. Annie
  3. Firing Line
  4. Cocaine
  5. Jane Fonda Speaks Out
  6. Firing Line 2
  7. Sushi Riot
  8. Godspeak Suite: Porkbucket Place
  9. Godspeak Suite: Born Again Bob
  10. Godspeak Suite: Godspeak
  11. Godspeak Suite: My Bod Is for God
  12. Godspeak Suite: South Bronx Is Burning
  13. Godspeak Suite: Byz Talk
  14. Godspeak Suite: Abe Shenkle's Rock Show
  15. Godspeak Suite: Sidewinders
  16. Godspeak Suite: Byz Talk 2
  17. Godspeak Suite: A Walk in the Park
  18. Godspeak Suite: Best Friends
  19. Godspeak Suite: Mr. Reagan's Neighborhood
  20. Godspeak Suite: Apocalyspo Now!

Disc 4

  1. Deteriorata
  2. Save the Whales
  3. Colorado
  4. I'm a Woman
  5. Well-Intentioned Blues
  6. Mission: Impeachable
  7. Kung Fu Christmas
  8. Mister Roberts
  9. Gymnasty
  10. Pizza Man
  11. The Immigrants
  12. Those Fabulous Sixties
  13. Magical Misery Tour

Album Credits

Performance Credits

National Lampoon   Primary Artist
Gilda Radner   Track Performer
Chevy Chase   Track Performer
Barry Diamond   Track Performer
Norman Rose   Track Performer
Phil Proctor   Track Performer
John Belushi   Track Performer
Christopher Cerf   Track Performer
Rhonda Coullet   Track Performer
Rory Dodd   Track Performer
Christopher Guest   Track Performer
Tony Hendra   Track Performer
Mark Horowitz   Track Performer
David Hurdon   Track Performer
Fred Jones   Track Performer
Tony Kisch   Track Performer
Bill Murray   Track Performer
Laraine Newman   Track Performer
Alice Playten   Track Performer
Harold Ramis   Track Performer
John Weidman   Track Performer
George Agoglia   Track Performer
Shelley Barre   Track Performer
Richard Belzer   Track Performer
Tia Brelis   Track Performer
Pat Bright   Track Performer
Rodger Bumpass   Track Performer
Steve Collins   Track Performer
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Suzy Demeter   Track Performer
Teresa Ganzel   Track Performer
Wendy Goldman   Track Performer
Garry Goodrow   Track Performer
Sylvia Grant   Track Performer
Elizabeth Kemp   Track Performer
Jeff Mandel   Track Performer
Michael Simmons   Track Performer
Anna Uppstrom   Track Performer
Gracie Whitebread   Track Performer
James Widdoes   Track Performer
Geoffrey Holder   Track Performer
Mike Griffin   Track Performer
John Dunn   Track Performer

Technical Credits

Jim Rasfeld   Art Direction

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