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Classical Kids Collection, Vol. 2

The Classical Kids Collection, Vol. 2

by Classical Kids

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Disc 1

  1. Lost in the Opera House: Oh Help Me  - Nils Brown
  2. Papageno and the Birds: The Best Birdcatcher  - Russell Braun
  3. The Queen of the Night: You Must Free My Daughter  - Barbara Budd
  4. Pamina Arrives, Papageno's Magic Bells: A Girlfriend  - Russell Braun
  5. The Castle of Sarastro: O Endless Night  - Nils Brown
  6. The Magic Flute: O Listen  - Nils Brown
  7. The Escape: Let Us Hurry /What Tinkles So Brightly ... [Schnelle Füsse/What  - Russell Braun
  8. Sarastro's Welcome: The Gods Above  - Richard Binsley
  9. The Attack of the Queen: The Powers of Night /This ... [Der Hölle Rache Koc  - Barbara Budd
  10. Pamina's Lament: Oh, My Heart Is Broken  - Monica Whicher
  11. In the Labyrinth: Seekers of the Light  - Nils Brown
  12. Papageno and Papagena: Ring, O Bells  - Adriana Braun
  13. Conclusion: Our Journey Is Over  - Nils Brown

Disc 2

  1. Piano Concerto #1, MVT 1/Danse Napolitaine  -  Studio Arts Orchestra
  2. Trépac  -  Studio Arts Orchestra
  3. Swing Low, Sweet Chariot/Turkey in the Straw/Waltzes  -  Studio Arts Orchestra
  4. Tea/Coffee/Chocolate  -  Studio Arts Orchestra
  5. Danse des Cygnes, Allegro  -  Studio Arts Orchestra
  6. 1812 Overture, Excerpt  - Nils Brown
  7. Silver , Ragtime  -  Studio Arts Orchestra
  8. Overture Act II  -  Studio Arts Orchestra
  9. Girls' Chorus  - Nils Brown
  10. Coda, Act II /Rag on Tchaikovsky Theme  -  Studio Arts Orchestra
  11. Marche Slav  -  Studio Arts Orchestra
  12. Violente /Sugar Plum Fairly  -  Studio Arts Orchestra
  13. Le Sommeil, Panorama  -  Studio Arts Orchestra
  14. Long, Long Ago/Girls' Chorus /Waltz Op. 20  -  Studio Arts Orchestra
  15. Amazing Grace  -  Studio Arts Orchestra
  16. Serenade for Strings, MVT 1/Serenade for Strings, Finale/1812 ...  -  Studio Arts Orchestra

Disc 3

  1. Orchestral Suite #3, 1/Minuet in G+/Gigue in G+  - Ned Hanson
  2. Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring/Chromatic Fantasy/Prelude in B-  -  Toronto Boys' Choir
  3. Introducing the Orchestra/Organ: Chorale Preludes, "Allein Gott"  -  Toronto Boys' Choir
  4. Brandenburg Concerto #5, MVT. 3  -  Toronto Boys' Choir
  5. Flute Sonata C+, MVT. 2/Organ: "Es Ist das Heil"/Orchestral Suite ...  -  Toronto Boys' Choir
  6. Prelude in C /Orchestral Suite #2, MVT. 2  -  Toronto Boys' Choir
  7. Bist du Bei Mir  -  Toronto Boys' Choir
  8. Orchestral Suite #2, Badinerie  -  Toronto Boys' Choir
  9. Orchestral Suite #3, Air for the G-String  -  Toronto Boys' Choir
  10. Orchestral Suite #3, Gigue  -  Toronto Boys' Choir
  11. Adventure in Music  -  Toronto Boys' Choir
  12. Goldberg Variations/Art of Fugue  -  Toronto Boys' Choir
  13. Liebster Jesu/Flute Sonata in C, MVT. 4  -  Toronto Boys' Choir
  14. "We Hasten, " Cantata #78  -  Toronto Boys' Choir

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Classical Kids   Primary Artist
Tracy Moore   Actor
John Arpin   Piano
Lenny Solomon   Violin
Susan Hammond   Piano
Adele Armin   Violin
Richard Armin   Cello
Walter Babiak   Conductor
Melvin Berman   Oboe
Niles Brown   Vocals
Mitchell Clarke   Bassoon
Richard Cohen   Horn
Charles Fowler   Vocals
Erica Goodman   Harp
Scott Irvine   Tuba
Ronald Laurie   Cello
Brian Leonard   Timpani
Susan Lipchak   Viola
Virginia Markson   Flute
Stanley McCartney   Clarinet
Joseph Orlowski   Clarinet
Victoria Richard   Violin
Wendy Rose   Violin
Mark Skazinetsky   Violin
Stanley Solomon   Viola
Kent Teeple   Viola
Mark Childs   Viola
William Richards   Violin
Maurizio Baccante   Cello
Young Dae Park   Violin
Marianne Pack   Cello
Katharine Rapoport   Viola
Agnes Roberts   Violin
Suzanne Shulmann   Flute
Diane Tait   Violin
Vera Tarnovsky   Violin
Lesley Young   Oboe
Maureen Moore   Soprano
Maria King   Violin
Paul Widner   Cello
Derek Boyes   Actor
Jon Granik   Actor
Stuart Laughton   Trumpet
Robert Occhipinti   Bass
James Spragg   Trumpet
Ray Landry   Actor
Kate Powers   Choir, Chorus
Marjorie Sparks   Vocals
Elaine Thompson   Cello
Marie Peebles   Viola
Stephen Pierre   Clarinet
William Findlay   Cello
Gerald Isaac   Vocals
Gerald Johnson   Bass Trombone
Nils Brown   Track Performer
Ned Hanson   Track Performer

Technical Credits

Peter Ilich Tchaikovsky   Composer
Patrick Godfrey   Engineer
Gary Gray   Producer
John Naslen   Engineer
John Newton   Composer
Brad Haehnel   Producer,Engineer
Martin Lavut   Director,Writer
David Burnham   Engineer

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