The Clean Eating 28-Day Plan: A Healthy Cookbook and 4-Week Plan for Eating Clean

The Clean Eating 28-Day Plan: A Healthy Cookbook and 4-Week Plan for Eating Clean

by Rockridge Press
4.5 105

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The Clean Eating 28-Day Plan: A Healthy Cookbook and 4-Week Plan for Eating Clean by Rockridge Press

Eating healthy shouldn't have to be complicated. When you start a clean eating lifestyle, you'll discover how easy it can be to adopt permanent healthy changes without sacrificing the joy of eating real food. The Clean Eating 28-Day Plan will introduce you to the six core principles of clean eating, to help you choose only the most natural and unprocessed foods, so that you can enjoy flavorful meals that will nourish instead of harm your body.

This simple starter guide gives you four weeks of clean eating meal plans so that you won't have to think about what to make for breakfast, lunch, and dinner--or whether it's good for you. Written with busy people in mind, The Clean Eating 28-Day Plan gives you organized clean eating shopping lists for headache-free trips to the grocery store, and wholesome clean eating meals for even your most hectic weeknight.

This book also contains over 100 easy and filling clean eating recipes that are packed with fresh ingredients and satisfying combinations. Learn how to pair amazing flavors to make mouthwatering clean eating-friendly results, such as savory Roasted Butternut Squash and Black Bean Burritos, refreshing Seared Ahi Tuna with Chili-Lime Aioli, or comforting Bacon-Wrapped Meatloaf. With delicious meals and inventive pairings, you will be able to easily start and stick to a clean eating lifestyle, for amazing and permanent results.

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The Clean Eating 28-Day Plan: A Healthy Cookbook and 4-Week Plan for Eating Clean 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 103 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
At its core, Clean Eating is choosing to consume foods that are as close as possible to their nature-made origins. It’s similar to the Paleo diet, but less restrictive. And this book – with its delicious, 100+ recipes and simple-to-follow, 4-week meal plan – will make “getting clean” a breeze. (And when you can eat something like Whole-Wheat Maple Cinnamon Rolls and do so relatively healthfully, you know you’re onto something wonderful.) - papajbear
ingoodhands More than 1 year ago
If you are looking for a book that will basically hold your hand through the process of changing your eating habits, this is the book for you. You will read about what "clean eating" is, be instructed on ways to cook properly, and be given meal plans and shopping lists for the 28 day plan. The best part about the book is the fact that you have a shopping list written out for you. The meal choices look to  be delicious and actually rather filling. The one facet of the book that I found annoying was the way the author seemed to speak to the reader, as if the reader was a child. It was almost pandering. Also, there are a few occasions where studies are cited, but the organizations behind the studies seem to be ones which I have never heard of, and seem to be small, not exactly reputable organizations. This is not to say that the studies are bad or wrong...more like they don't have the impact that a well-known organization would have. Overall, I definitely would recommend this book to anyone looking to jump start their clean eating diet
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I have been exploring clean eating and Paleo for awhile, looking for new ways to cook, without effecting my weird food allergies. I am really excited about this book because of the amazing recipes. I can carry my nook with me to the grocery store and buy all the ingredients from the list. It's so easy for meal planning because sometimes I have no idea what I want, and I pull out my book and pick whatever I might want.  
willshrout More than 1 year ago
The concept of this book is straight forward: eat foods as close to their natural state as possible. I really like the recipes and meal plans, because they make it easy on me. I don’t have to make a shopping list, because they have done it for me. This diet doesn’t feel as restrictive as others, and has options for meals with and without meat, which is a must in my house.
JudieQ More than 1 year ago
This is a great book to begin eating clean.  Basically it gives you the background of the philosophy and all the tools for preparing and cooking healthy foods.  The book provides a list of what is needed for pantry items.  I really like this concept and the easy preparations the menu items allow for.  The book provides detail on reviewing food labels for nutritional value.  The menu items don't require ingredients that are outrageous..  The menu items sound good and I can't wait to cook.  The grocery list is already done and I have all items in the pantry already!
DanjaWord More than 1 year ago
Great 28 day meal plan to incorporate clean living into your diet. One of the great things about he book besides the recipes, is that it tells you were you can save money and also how to use left overs the next day in different recipes. As a mom I am always conscious what I feed my child and having recipes for condiments to make myself is a great addition to my kitchen. Making things like mayonnaise and whipped coconut cream are great fun and I am sure much healthier than the store bought options. I like that the book is grouped in main courses for meat/seafood and vegetarian but also includes snacks and desserts so you can truly plan all your meals for the month. Having the nutritional information for each is very important to me so I can use my diet app to track my calories.  
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A superb book that includes a nice selection of healthy recipes. The 28 day guideline of how to eat 'clean' is one that I suggest those with interest in a healthy diet try. The recipes are tasty and the direction user friendly. I positively recommend this book.
Dantc91 More than 1 year ago
Clean eating presents a simple and easy way to get on the right track to a healthy lifestyle. With over 100 amazing recipes that look great and taste even better. The recipes are very easy to follow and create. This book is set up so you learn whats good or bad for you like you should avoid packaged food or grabbing whole and natural foods to as well as what foods help promote body wellness.  For example what foods help regulate blood sugar or lose weight. It helps you adapt to better eating in twenty-eight days, whether you're a mom or  health conscious bachelor, this book is for everyone to get on a healthier living style.   
sionainn More than 1 year ago
Clean Eating: 28-Day Plan is a great beginner’s guide to changing eating habits to increase energy and improve overall health. I like the focus is on whole, natural foods, and a balance of protein, fats, and carbs, and it is easy for anyone. With recipes like Goat Cheese and Spinach-Stuffed Pork Chops, how can you go wrong!
HMorris More than 1 year ago
Making a lifestyle change is daunting and overwhelming. I love this book because it gives you the tools and information to easily transition into eating clean. There is a 4-week meal plan complete with links to recipes, shopping lists, and answers all the questions you may have regarding clean eating. There are also mouth-watering color photos included within the chapters to show you what foods you should be eating.
Chris83CV More than 1 year ago
This is the kind of book that is a great benefit for those of us who have a hard time sticking to a healthy diet.  It has a ton of different recipes and best of all the recipes don't seem boring!  If you have a hard time eating clean because you just get tired of the same few ingredients over and over again, then this book is something you should consider picking up.  I really enjoy it and look forward to trying more of the recipes.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Healthy Eating is Always A Good Option! "M" Clean Eating 28 Day plan Rockridge Press I thought the book was good and was practical. Clean Eating is full of ideas and thought that makes the reader want to eat healthy. It is honest and lets the reader know that it may be a bit challenging at first but in time it healthy eating will become second nature. The book predicts that overtime unhealthy items will not appeal to or interest healthy eater. The book offers weekly planned menus with weekly shopping list. The reader should keep in mind that this diet is based on eating fresh food consistently, and that means shopping each week. To make this easier the book provides a weekly menu as well as a weekly shopping list. The menus are developed with the intention that you will have leftovers that can be frozen or used to create new meals, like casseroles, wraps, and or soups. A book bonus is the lists of must and must not have items combined with a list of items the healthy eater is in ranked from good to bad, just in case the healthy eater is in a situation with no healthy options.
Jcoryparks More than 1 year ago
Are you someone who is looking to improve your daily lifestyle but the Paleo diet is too strict for you? Then this is the book you need to read! This book gives great information to the clean eating lifestyle and the history behind it. There are details on how you are to shop in the grocery store, how you are to cook, how to plan, and ultimately how to incorporate this lifestyle change into your daily routine. This book is great as a beginning resource to start clean eating, in that is also provides you with a month of meal plans, which you cannot beat that!
Marjorie7777 More than 1 year ago
This book is a great starter book!!  it covers how to use the meal plan, reading food labels, list for stocking your Cupboard and cooking it!!  The daily meals consist of breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert. There are some snacks that can be eaten  and are mentioned in this book!! I also like the fact that this book has easy ingredients you can find at almost any store!! There is recipes for breakfast. Lunch, Vegan dinners, Fish and Seafoods dinners, Big fan there.. I love Salmon :) and some Snacks... Everyone will find something yummy to make and eat in this book.  The recipes are all based on the items listed from your cupboard Recipes are easy to prepare no fuss!! This book breaks it down In Calories, Fat, Carbohydrate, Fiber, Cholesterol, I have eaten this way for awhile. I was getting asthma so I changed my diet to Clean eating. Added a lot of the food stuff mentioned in this book. Good book!!  razzledazzlestyles.blogspot.comreceived this FREE from a PR Company for review purpose 
Heather Pfingsten More than 1 year ago
I have no idea where this book has been all my life but I am so thankful to have found it. First, I want to note that every single thing that I have to say about this book is positive. Prepare yourself! In addition to housing over 100 recipes, this book also offers a 4 week meal plan which makes it an instant winner in my book. I am always ready to try something new but I never know where to begin. Problem solved! In addition to the recipes and meal planning, this book also provides helpful information on why we should be eating clean and how to do so when dining out. I don’t know about you but this book had me at meal plan. I don’t have to make any plans, I don’t have to spend hours deciding what to eat or what not to eat; it is all right there. I am so in love with this book!
LenaP More than 1 year ago
I found this ebook to be well detailed on the way to eat clean, in a way even I could understand.  Not only did it give you the foods you can eat, it cleared up some misunderstanding on foods I thought were clean and healthy.  And for those of us who have an excuse for every reason why we just can't eat right, the author laid it out for us in a clear 28 day plan which includes breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Not to mention healthy snacks and DESSERTS!  And as if they read my mind, they included photos of the meals to make your mouth water even more!  So I plan on at least giving the plan a try and using the grocery list to make it an easy shopping trip and give  a few recipes a try.  I have to find another way to live other than on junk food.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This  book is extremely  helpful to anyone  who wants to learn more about or start a new lifestyle  of clean eating.  Te clean eating is very clearly and simply defined to the reader. The writer also includes an entire month of menu planning and recipes. I really appreciated  that grocery lists were also  included.  I also appreciate  that the writer plans meals using leftovers so that there's  no waste.
Chloeyskyesfavoritethings More than 1 year ago
So To me after reading through this book it sounded at first like Clean Eating was going to be a lot like the Paleo diet you know, no garbage meaning no processed refined caned type of crap, the fresh natural stuff that pretty much grows in the ground or you can pick off a tree or well, we won't go there with the meat. But maybe I misunderstood about what exactly the Paleo diet is, because reading with the clean diet it is not as restrictive where you do just that but can have beans and Legumes and Dairy, which I didn't realize you coudln't have with Paleo. I am learning with all of these books that I have been reading that it is the processed easy to make crap that is harming us and putting weight on us, and really making me think about the food choices I am making, I learned this all in the first chapter!. It tells you about foods to enjoy and serving sizes of stuff  you can have. explains what Transfats are.  Has Recipe ideas,  If even gives you a 4 week planner.  It doesn't seem like the recipes are too hard to follow either. I would recommend this to anyone wanting to try to eat organic and fresh.  I am new to this dieting clean idea and I am going to printing out this list to see what I can do with it. I hate the weight I gained and the migraines I get and I have heard wonders about how this is supposed to help them. This is on the right track to getting on healthy foods!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book defimetly gives great advise to eating clean, eating food that are at the freshest of food in great tasty recipes, my mom and my daughter both are now using the great recipes from the book . I highly recommend this book to those looking for a very healthy clean eating plan.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book is great for anyone wanting to eat clean. Most people think clean eating is expensive so choose not to do it but this book gives you tips like planning meals ahead and buying in bulk. It offers everything to help keep you on track with a 28 day menu including breakfast, lunch, dinner and even snacks!  I really liked and found the list of encouraged foods/ food to avoid for clean eating helpful.
JessicaJones89 More than 1 year ago
If you are looking for a new way to start eating clean and learn about health benefits of eating clean, this book is definitely for you. I really like the recipes and I also really like all of the information the book provides. I am not really knowledgable in the area of healthy eating and what fruits and vegetables are best for my body, but this book has shed a lot of light on that and I plan on taking on the 28 day challenge and seeing where it takes me! 
Mommybay12 More than 1 year ago
What a great find this book is, I am trying so hard to eat healthier this year, and want my family to as well.  I am so busy I don't have time to figure all of this out for myself, so having a book that plans it out for me , that is amazing!!! It tells you how to clean up your eating habits, and then takes it farther and gives you 28 days worth of meal plans (breakfast lunch & dinner) and even made a shopping list for you!!! This is just an amazing book, and I am starting on my 28 days tomorrow, when I take my list and go grocery shopping.
AcroGodess More than 1 year ago
I'm trying to feed my family healthier especially since my son and I are overweight and my grandmother is diabetic. I love the banana bread, the Apple walnut bars, and the chicken and white bean chili. So much taste. Who says clean living means no flavor? I'm definitely keeping this ebook on the carousel of my kindle to use as I'm in the kitchen.
ShannonHaze1 More than 1 year ago
This is a very clear and concisely written introduction to the "what" and "why" as well as basic principles of clean eating.  It provides so much information that even beginners can find success with it.  The recipe section is my favorite, and I look forward to the tasty healthy items it details.   The weekly meal planning and pantry stocking tips make this a no fail option for those wanting to start on a clean eating lifestyle. I received this book for free.
RainaLSmith More than 1 year ago
This book explains to you that clean eating shouldn't be complicated as it looks. If you read this well written book you will understand as I have what it means to "clean eat". I know it sounds terribly hard but it's not. It comes with help of making you a shopping list and just about all meals are a 30 minute prep and cook. If you're ready to take control of your life and eat healthy this is the book for you.