The Closer (Ceiling Smashers Series #1)

The Closer (Ceiling Smashers Series #1)

by Shaz Kahng


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The decision was irreversible. . .Vivien would become either the most remarkable female executive in the sports industry, or the biggest failure.

Vivien Lee has spent her entire consulting career helping CEOs look good, so when she finally has the chance to go after her dream of running a business, she grabs it. A lifelong athlete, Vivien arrives at the Smart Sports campus in Portland, Oregon and is introduced as the first female president. It’s one of the highest-profile jobs in an industry inhospitable to women. Principled but slightly naïve, Vivien believes her male peers will give her a fair shot.

Stumbling early, Vivien makes a series of rookie mistakes. With guidance from the Ceiling Smashers, a secret society of successful professional women, Vivien learns to navigate the treacherous business terrain. A tight-knit group of male sports executives is determined to show that an industry outsider cannot prevail. The challenge is all too clear: will Vivien triumph in the sports industry against impossible odds?

You’ll want to stay up all night to find out what happens to Vivien and share her inspiring story with your friends. This is a fresh, riveting tale about a strong woman endeavoring to succeed with smarts, scruples, and style.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780998656601
Publisher: OLOM Press
Publication date: 08/23/2017
Series: Ceiling Smashers Series , #1
Pages: 522
Sales rank: 1,113,042
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 1.16(d)

About the Author

Shaz Kahng has led teams in a few male-dominated industries. She is a retail/apparel chief executive who has previously worked as a research scientist, a global consulting partner, a builder of e-businesses, and a brand strategist.

Shaz was one of a handful of female senior executives at Nike. She also ran Lucy Activewear and made the company profitable for the first time in history.

She graduated from Cornell University and has an MBA from the Wharton School. Shaz lives in the NYC area with her husband and twin daughters.

Table of Contents

Part One

Chapter 1: Shadow Day

Chapter 2: The Giant Stride

Chapter 3: On Your Mark, Get Set

Chapter 4: The Ceiling Smashers

Part Two

Chapter 5: A Series of Firsts

Chapter 6: Surviving the First Day

Chapter 7: Team Encounters of the First Kind

Chapter 8: First Impressions

Chapter 9: Getting the First Get

Part Three

Chapter 10: Together for the First Time

Chapter 11: Countdown the to First Showdown

Chapter 12: The First Signs of Trouble

Chapter 13: Fasten Your Seat Belts

Chapter 14: Just One of the Guys

Part Four

Chapter 15: Keeping Upbeat in the Downpour

Chapter 16: Ho-Ho, Huh?

Chapter 17: Happy, Happy, Happy

Chapter 18: Let the Games Begin

Chapter 19: The Sunday Punch

Part Five

Chapter 20: Faster, Higher, Stronger

Chapter 21: Beneath the Sea

Chapter 22: In Deep Water

Chapter 23: The Big W

Part Six

Chapter 24: The Celebration

Chapter 25: The Game Change

Chapter 26: Unsportsmanlike Conduct

Chapter 27: Playing Hardball

Chapter 28: The Full-Court Press

Part Seven

Chapter 29: The "Touch-Base"

Chapter 30: The End?

Chapter 31: The Great Divide

Chapter 32: A Fresh Start

Chapter 33: Saying Goodbye...and Hello

Part Eight

Chapter 34: The Game Plan

Chapter 35: What Goes Around...

Chapter 36: Flying High

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